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Was it Fate or dumb luck?Category: Stories
Friday, 29 October 2010
12:33:00 AM (GMT)
The crisp early morning he was jogging along the trail as usually. Passing people by
he always see and just nodding to or wave to. Suddenly from behind he heard a pair of
foot steps closely pacing him, before Rider knew it a young woman was pacing right
next to him. He looked at her, and notice her smiling face, soft brown eyes and brown
flowing hair in a pony tail. “Good Morning,” He said to her. She smiled, “Good
morning.” They kept up with each other for while, He haven't seen her and wonder if
she was new to the area but before he could ask anything of her, she took off down a
different running trail. Rider stopped and watch her vanish down the trail, and sigh
at himself as he miss an opportunity. A few days later at the mall, he saw this
mysterious woman again. As he followed her he notice that she was with some other
guy. This guy was rude and didn't seem belong with her, She was trying her best to be
nice to him but he was rude and mean. Rider went into the book store to find the
lastest book from his favorite author, he felt a pair of eyes following him. As he
looked up he met those same soft brown eyes that he seen a week ago. “Hello
again,” a soft voice said to him. “Oh Hi. Its nice to see you again.” She
smiled at him, “I'm Allison.” He smiled at her, “I'm Rider.”  She walked over
to where he was at and saw the book he was holding. “Don't tell me that's the last
copy they have?” she said to him. Looking at her, Rider offer Allison the book.
“No, it wouldn't be fair. You got here first and its yours.” she said to him.
Before he could say anything else the guy she was with came over. “Babe! You ready
yet? Don't tell me you picking up another one of those shitty books?” Sighing she
turned to him, “Troy, please.” He looked at Rider, “Are you whoring around?”
Allison looked at Troy as if he was a dumb ass and didn't even respond to him. Under
her breath she whisper, “sorry.” She walked past Troy to get out of the store. He
grab her arm and pulled her out side. Rider didn't like this and wanted to do
something, but as he came to the store entry way, he saw mall security was there to
calm down the situation. A few weeks later, by chance he met Allison again. She was
walking at restaurant where he was having lunch with a few friends. “Hello....You
again?” She said to him. Rider looked up and saw Allison as the light hit her from
behind, making her glow. “Uhm is it fate?” He said to her. She smiled and ask for
their order. A few moments later she came back with their drinks and made small
conversation with Rider. She smiled at him and turned to get another table there
food. He notice there was a bruise on the back of her neck, when she turned her hair
fell to one side and exposed it. And over whelming feeling rush over him, he wanted
to say something to her but didn't know if it was even his place. A few more moments
past and she came back out with their lunch. As she was serving, Troy walked in with
some flowers in his hands. As she turned to take the tray back, she notice him. Her
heart sank and she shutter slightly. “Babe, I thought I would surprise you.” He
said to her. Rider knew that voice and turned and looked. Troy eye's caught sight of
Rider, and then he looked at Allison. His whole demeanor changed. “What is this?”
He said as he throw the flowers on the floor. “I'm working, lets not do this
now.” She said to him. Troy walked up to her, grabbing her by the back of the hair.
“Fucking Whore!” Before he knew it Rider jump up and hit Troy right in the mouth,
knocking him on to the floor. “Touch her again, and that be the last thing you
do.” Troy looked at him and got up. But that time the two plain cloths officers got
up and arrested Troy. A few hours pasted, “I can't go back, If I do he would kill
me.” Allison said. Rider looked at her, “I'm not sure if its fate, a higher power
or just dumb luck. That I keep bumping into you, but if you want you can stay with
me.” She looked at him, and really wasn't sure. But knew that she was along in this
town and didn't know anyone. She took him up on his offer. The management let her go,
from her job. And Rider didn't mind to help her out to find another one. A few months
past Troy was out and was looking for her but didn't know where to find her. He left
town and with some little blond in tow. Rider and Allison jog together each morning
and enjoy the love that developed between them. At nights they read to each other and
Sundays were lazying cuddling mornings.

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