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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 6Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Wednesday, 20 October 2010
04:53:22 PM (GMT)
I looked at the poster for the dance. It was tomorrow night.
     "How am I going to find a dress in time?" I growled to myself.
     "Hi." a girl with short, dark brown hair walked up to me. "I'm Ahiru."
     "Hey, I'm Flor."
     "And I'm Lilli!" A girl with long brown hair ran up to us. "I meant to say hi
earlier. You guys... girls going to the dance? I'm going with James."
     Ahiru nodded, and so did I. I looked at Ahiru, wondering who she was going with.
I hoped it was...
     "I'm going with Jasper Loverdale." laughed Ahiru. "I was waiting forever for him
to ask me!" I smiled at that.
     "That's awesome! I'm going with... Ethan... what's his last name?" I asked after
my bout of excitement.
     Ahiru smiled. "Benningten. And by the way, thanks. For the Jasper thing. Lilli
was going to go with Jordan... But... Well, James' last name is Starling, in case you
were wondering about that too."
     "You're the Lucifer girl, right?" asked Lilli, her eyes shining.
     "Yeah." I said back. Maybe humans were better than I was made to think. Ahiru
and Lilli seemed pretty sweet and cool. Stacie made them all sound quite...
heartless. Humans must have had more to them, she just didn't want to deal with it...
If I saw her again, I would tell her to give the humans more of a chance.
     "Wanna come dress shopping tonight?" asked Ahiru.
     The bell rang. End of the school day! I turned to Lilli and Ahiru. "I have to go
check up with my... parents. I'll be back in a half hour!"
     As I dashed away from them, I felt their eyes on me. I was going shopping with
some humans. My first time. I was so surprised. I thought everyone would hate me to
no end. Here I am, talking with two human girls, making plans to go shopping at a
human mall in an hour. How much better could this get? Truly amazing.
               ~                 ~                 ~

"You're going shopping with humans?!" Vladimir half growled, half yelled. "With all
the money you have at your disposal, you're going to seem like you own the freaking
     I blinked. "I won't take a lot, then."
     "You sound just like a typical human girl, Flor."
     "I think it's a great idea!" interrupted Jasper. "she'll see in short how we...
humans are. Sorry if you think I'm mocking you. I'm used to being around an angel and
demon now."
     "It's fine." I said, smiling at my win over Vladimir in this battle. "I'll take
one hundred. Just enough for food and a dress."
     "Shut it."
     I picked up my small purple velvet purse and walked back to the school.
       ~                         ~                           ~
     Music blared in the store. Ahiru, Lilli and I looked at so many dresses, I
thought we would pass out. Ahiru picked a midnight blue and strapless one. Lilli
picked a sky blue spaghetti-strap one. I still couldn't find mine. I stopped when I
saw a rack of purple. I looked through them, excited at some much of my blessed
     "Flor, are you serious?" asked a wide-eyed Ahiru. "Those dresses are eighty
     "I brought one hundred." I responded, while reminding her. I stopped when I saw
a dark purple dress. It had black lace running down to the mid-back. Lace went all
the way down from the elbows and flared out around the wrists. A red ribbon was laced
in and out at the waist, just thick enough to be barely seen. The bottom of the dress
flared out in black lace, and the dress itself was a mixture of silk and velvet. I
took it and slung it over my arm. Lilli and Ahiru looked at each other and shrugged.

     When we got to the check-out counter, Ahiru started humming a song. As soon as I
figured out what song it was, it came on in the store. Slipped Away, by Avril
Lavigne.  For some reason, I found myself singing along. Lilli and Ahiru joined in.
We sounded lovely, in a three-part harmony. Lilli's voice was higher. My voice was in
the range of second-soprano. Ahiru was like an alto. We sounded like a three-part
chorus, with only three people.
     "The day, you, slipped away! Was the day, I found it won't be the same! No..." 
     Lilli, Ahiru and I smiled at each other while singing, not realizing how loud we
were. Everyone in the store, I saw that it was Forever21, was looking at us, eyes
wide. Some had their jaws open in an O. 
     From the windows, I saw people outside watching us. Eyes were even wider. I
thought they might think we sucked at singing. 
     I was wrong.
     "Are they professional?"
     "They're amazing!"
     "Especially the one in black! She's got a perfect mid-voice!"
     I looked down. I was the one in black. They loved my voice. They thought
I was good. A smile tracked my lips.
     But one voice ruined it all. My moment was shattered with two words.
     "Hello, girls."
     Mr. Flahnerry, The student-teacher who gave me nightmares. The student-teacher
who reminded me of someone. 
     "Nice to see you."
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‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   28 November 2010   775177  
funny at my school, the girls have dresses worth $100 that they only
wear once.
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   28 November 2010   507138  
O_O Ohhhh crud.... >.> *chants moremoremoremore*

‹Green Spring Grass› says:   29 November 2010   135818  
jajajajajajajajaja that dress will be used again...

don't worry... IRL, i'm on chapter 17. lots more to type ^^ 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   29 November 2010   667446  


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