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The Mysterious Travels Of Sam,Meaghan&LizaCategory: Collab Book
Wednesday, 6 October 2010
09:08:41 PM (GMT)
^^**Not The Offical Name**^^

Chapter One: The Resolution 

	The sky looked dark once again, but what should I have expected for heaven’s sake?
I lived in London, England after all, one of the rainiest places ever. Pulling my
hood over my head I took another look up into the sky. Damn weather. Looking both
ways before picking up Matella I ran across the street to the other side where a tiny
news shop still stood. Windsor, London, England had truly become a ghost town since
the attack of the viral infection. Well it wasn’t much of a viral infection as it
was a seriously whacked disease. Three days after catching the disease you would die,
and as your family wallowed over your death you were busy transforming into a zombie.
The only good thing about the infection was that it could only be transferred by
magic or being bitten by a fellow zombie. This meant that I had just better stay away
from magical people and zombies in order to survive this whole disaster. So far I was
doing good at that, I hadn’t run into a zombie for the last few hours. Which was
like a record since almost anywhere you went had zombies, except for Windsor it
seemed, god I should’ve never have left home in the first place.
	The cold breeze was finally getting to me, when I started to randomly shake. Today
really hadn’t been the right day to wear my school uniform, but it was the only
thing I had left, everything else had been ripped or torn in my struggle to come back
home. The short black skirt was basically what every fourteen year old who went to a
private school wore in London. The skirt was then accompanied by black leather penny
loafers and high gray knee warmers along with a purple sweater and white button up
shirt. Oh did I forget to mention the hideous blood red tie? Yeah that was a zombie
attraction. The only really warm thing that I had left was this old black leather
jacket with fur on the inside. Sighing once again from the tiredness that threatened
to make me faint on the spot I leaned against the counter of the news stand and
pulled my hood over my eyes. 
	Why had I even dared to leave home in the first place? Was it the fact that I was
kicked out of St. Gregory’s for punching a teacher? Or was it the fact that my
childhood love had moved to Colchester, England? No it was with due to the fact that
my life at home quite wasn’t what I had wanted it to be. My mother always bugged
me, picked on me for my height and oddly enough made fun of how big my boobs
were...there was also the fact that she cared about her own grand children more than
she cared about her own kids. As to my father, nothing was wrong with him at all, he
was the bestest dad in the world, but he was hardly ever at home, he was always at
work, working hard to make a good living for us and to keep me in private
school—let’s just say I wasn’t the smartest of kids and would never get a
scholarship—plus then there was my sister, who stole and like to manipulate me to
what she wanted and also blamed everything on me. Yeah that was probably why. But now
as I stare at the silver ring placed on my middle finger on my right hand—my full
name and little heart in scripted on it—I feel a sort of loneliness. My parents
were gone, my siblings, my nieces, uncles, aunts all my family were gone...
completely wiped out by the disease I just hoped I’d never have to meet them and
have to kill them.  Who would ever want to kill the mother you had brought her into
the world, or the man who had cared for her like no one else would ever be able to
do? Watched over his daughter and made sure she only got the best. No one wanted to
do that, so why should I? Tearing my eyes away from the silly silver ring I turned
around to look at the newspapers lying in the stands still.
	Really no zombies were in Windsor, because if they’re had been zombies you could
sure as hell know they’re would be no news stand right now. Picking up the Telegram
I flipped through the pages to the comics, that’s all that ever interested me about
newspapers, the comics. Laughing at how Garfield the cat looked in a certain comic I
was too distracted to think about what would be happening next. 
	“YARGGHHH!” A sketchy noise yelled, I flung around in time to see a zombie race
across the pavement to me, hunger raging in its eyes as the upside down star on its
forehead glowed red. Oh shit, really did it have to come after me right now? Just
after I had settled down and gotten into a little sad moment, that little bitch. With
a shrug and a deep sigh I flicked on my other personality, the raging mad one. 
	Picking up Matella I ran forward at the zombie. “COME HERE YOU LITTLE WUSS!” I
screamed as I swung Matella in the air not caring if I hit a light pole by accident.
What was more important right now was me living. The zombie gave me a smile as it
limped/ran towards me. What a freak. Without any further ado or hesitation I lifted
Matella up into the arm and swung down hard on the zombie, hearing the gruesome sound
of metal and bone meet as the zombie gave out a final scream and his blood splattered
onto me. Great another outfit wrecked. Well at least the leather jacket was washable.

	Relaxing my stance as the zombie fell to the ground with a great gash in its
shoulder/neck the zombie’s head loosely hanging on. I was reckless and fearless
when this personality was on. The only reason why I had two personalities was because
the real me would scream as soon as the weapon made contact with the body so in order
to stop that from happening I developed another personality. You could call it
protection I guess. As for Matella, well Matella wasn’t a person; I think you could
tell that by the way I had used her as a weapon. Matella was my trusty old axe that I
had found on my journey home. Matella had been with me through some tough times and I
had grown quite attached to her. But besides Matella I also had an old fashioned
European purple fan with all kinds of fancy decorations on it along with lace that
held knives inside of it. I could either fling out the knives when I flung open my
fan or pull them out and stab someone, depending on which button I pressed, there
were three just for safety. The first button stood for just normal fan mode, two
stood for the flinging knives and three was to pull a knife out to use. It was a
pretty neat thing, if I dare say so myself, since I had invented it. 
	Picking up Matella so I wouldn’t drag her across the concrete I walked back to the
sidewalk beside the newspaper stand, but this time I walked past the stand and moved
on. Number one rule when fighting zombies: never stay in one place longer than
needed, if you meet as much as one zombie, there will be more. As I passed the shops
along the sidewalk I found a small bakery, picking the door’s lock with a bobby pin
I opened the door to the smell of stale cinnamon and bread. Well at least there was
food here. About to put down Matella I hesitated, not because she was precious but
because of zombie rule number three: at all times have a weapon with you, you never
know what could be lurking in the shadows. Oh! And don’t forget flashlights, just
make sure they’re not that bright, zombies loooveee bright things or anything that
makes noise. It’s like a calling device for them or something. 
	Remembering my fan in shoved in my skirt’s hidden pocket I dug out my small black
flashlight and walked slowly over to behind the counter of the bakery, shining the
light wherever I stepped. Just to make sure there was nothing there. When I figured
it was safe enough I reached into one of the racks and grabbed some cinnamon buns,
the safest things probably. Taking a great bite I sighed in pleasure as the taste of
cinnamon reached my taste buds and my stomach sang because the hunger had dulled. Now
only if I could get some sleep. 

	My feet were literally starting to give up on me, I swear. As I walked across a
field towards a building that looked somewhat decent, well okay maybe it only looked
decent because they’re was planes and I was thinking I could somehow learn how to
fly one all on my own. If anything a spacecraft would be the best of the best because
then I could live in space and not have to worry about fuel running least
you wouldn’t think spacecrafts ran on oil. Shaking my head for thinking about too
many things once again I turned around the corner of the long fence, too lazy to jump
	I had put down my hood long ago when the rain had stopped but now the wind had
become a bother, fussing about my curly hair, strands that had freed themselves I
reached my hands into the air to bring my hair back down and hold it as I rounded
another corner, this time meeting a wall. Almost bonking my forehead into the wall
because my eye caught sight of something from my left side I stopped just in time to
not hit the wall and back up. 
	Backing up and now walking along side the wall I caught sight of the thing again;
sitting on the curb of the road was a girl with soft brown hair and pale white skin
like mine.  She was playing with some sort of thing in her hands and looked very
down, for some reason I had this uncontrollable urge to be near her...protect her.

No Sam Goes Onto Her Part Lol Then Liza Will Soon Go Onto Hers =)

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