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Tuesday, 7 September 2010
05:37:41 PM (GMT)
Full name:
Dean Winchester
Date of birth:
24 January 1979
Place of birth:
Lawrence, Kansas
Date of death:
May 2, 2008 (Age 29), (Sam's Birthday)
Date resurrected:
September 18, 2008 (according to newspaper he picks up in Lazarus Rising)
6'1" (6'3" according to the mug shots in Folsom Prison Blues).
175 lbs
hunter, con artist
combat, hunting, driving
1967 Chevy Impala most of the series 1972 AMC Gremlin (4.03) 1976 Dodge Aspen (2.14) 1987 Dodge Caravan (2.02)
Dean growing up
Dean was four years old when their mother was killed. On his fathers orders, he took baby Sam and ran from the house, without having seen exactly what was happening. From that time onwards, he followed his fathers instructions, learning to fight demons and protect Sammy. When he was around 6 or 7 years old, he learnt to shoot, with his father training him by using bottles for target practice. He bullseyed every one of them. When Dean was 10 years old, Sam was attacked by a Shtriga while they were in a motel in Wisconsin. Dean was supposed to have been looking after him, but had left him alone. Luckily John appeared in time to save Sam, but Dean carried the guilt with him for a long time. By the time Dean was 16 years old, John was taking him along on hunts. Dean told this to Gordon that he was 16 when he killed a vampire and later burned his body. This as the time when he embraced the life. He is major fan of classic rock music and heavy metal. He always wears a brass amulet on a long black cloth band necklace.n the episode A Very Supernatural Christmas, the necklace is revealed to be a gift from Sam on Christmas Day, 1991. The amulet was originally meant for John, but after their father yet again failed to come home for Christmas, Sam gave it to Dean instead, saying "Dad lied to me, I want you to have it," and because Dean desperately tried to give him a good Christmas. In addition to the amulet, Dean always wears a silver ring on his right ring finger. He also has a small black tattoo on the upper left side of his chest, it is a protective plated pentagram with rays of the sun surrounding it. Dean also appears to be a fan of Jack Nicholson, and possibly watches Oprah. He tends to make light of some of his and Sam's adventures, and is known to use crude humor and make sexual innuendos. Dean is terrified of flying, and claims that it is the reason why he drives everywhere. Despite his working knowledge of existence beyond death he is adversarial towards religion and does not believe in god. He values his family and their safety more than anything else, even going so far as to kill a demon and its human host in order to save Sam's life, as well as sell his own soul to save Sam's life.
Dean- living and dying.
When Dean accidentally electrocuted himself, he was given only weeks to live by the doctors. Despite this, Sam searched for a way out and took Dean to see a faith healer. Although the faith healer was not actually one (he was channeling a reaper), Dean was still returned to full health. He still feels that he shouldn't have been allowed to live, as his recovery left another man dead. A few months later, he almost died after the car crash that The Demon caused. He was in a coma and encountered a reaper who informed him it was his time. He refused to go, and at the last moment, John gave his life in exchange for Dean's, yet again leaving Dean with severe feelings of guilt. According to police records, Dean Winchester was assumed dead due to the shapeshifter who died while disguised as him. However, his recent arrest for a murder (which he didn't commit) has led the police to change their assumptions about his current status.He was killed by hellhounds in the season 3 finale No Rest For The Wicked ,as his deal's time was up. In the last scene he was shown in Hell.
When Sam was killed, it broke Dean. He did the one thing he could to get his brother back - he offered his soul in a deal with a Crossroads Demon. The deal gave him Sam back, but gave him only a year to live. The caveat was that if they tried to break the deal in any way, Sam would die instantly. Sam tired to save him but wasn't stressful and dean died in season three finale No Rest For The Wicked. In season 4, he was pulled out of Hell by Castiel, who told him that God has plans for him. In season 5, he is on the verge of fulfilling prophecy as the one who will somehow stop Lucifer.
IMPALA Dean's trademark black 1967 Chevrolet Impala bears a Sedgwick County, Kansas (even though they are from Lawrence, Kansas) license plate KAZ 2Y5, a reference to Kansas, the Winchesters' home state, and 2005, the year the show premiered, was passed down to him by his father. It has been prominently featured on the series, beginning with the teaser of the pilot which shows John holding his two sons as he sits on the car and watches his house burn. Dean protects and cares for the Impala with almost the same devotion he shows to his family and often talks to it as though it were human, (Bloodlust and Simon Said). The Impala is nicknamed the "Metallicar". In the season two episode "What Is And What Should Never Be", the number plate was changed from KAZ 2Y5 to CNK 80Q3 as the boys were hiding from the FBI. Weaponry Dean tends to use a chromed Colt 1911 with ivory grips, which John is seen using in a flashback. He also uses a sawn-off double barrel shotgun when he needs extra firepower. Dean has also been seen with a sniper rifle in "Simon Said." He is shown to possess a large Machete in "Fresh Blood" and has used a knife in several episodes.
Skills & Abilities
Due to his father's training and his years of experience, Dean has several notable advantages for a human and is a formidable hunter and combatant. He is superbly proficient in hand-to-hand/close quarters combat and has demonstrated proficiency in knife fighting as well, using a blade on several occasions. He is an exceptional shot, capable of achieving excellent accuracy with most weapons, and is well-versed in the use of multiple types of firearms, although he prefers his Colt 1911 and sawed-off shotgun. He also possesses considerable demolitions training and apparently is knowledgeable in the science of chemistry, as he has been shown to be capable of making improvised explosive devices through the use of common chemicals. Dean is extremely proficient at tracking, hunting and killing various supernatural creatures and has considerable knowledge of these creatures, their habits, weaknesses, appearance, ways of disguising themselves among humans, methods of killing, and where they normally prefer to live and hunt. In addition to his combat skills, Dean is a skilled driver and a accomplished mechanic. He knows the inner workings of the Impala so well that he can often detect when something is wrong with his "baby" merely by listening closely. He also rebuilt it following the accident at the end of Series 1. He has demonstrated great proficiency at reading and manipulating people and assessing a given situation through observation, is a competent con artist, and is knowledgeable in how police, the fire department and various other agencies-such as the FBI, Home Land Security and Center for Disease Control operate and respond to emergencies. Dean is also highly adept at escape and evasion, and can effectively remain unseen and move silently when the situation requires stealth. He is highly resourceful as well, is capable of quickly disabling and hacking various electronic devices-such as home security systems-and can quickly bypass (pick) most standard locks.
* Hector Aframian * Ted Nugent * Samuel Cole * Agent Ford * Jerry Wanek * Dr. James Hetfield * Nigel Tufnel * John Bonham * Father Simmons * Officer Gregory Washington * Kris Warren * Deputy Marshal Billy Gibbons * Dean J. Mahogoff * Detective Landis * Christopher Johnson, Jr. * Dan Hermansen * D. Hasselhoff * Agent Plant * Sigfried Houdini * Detective Turner * Sammy Hagar * Alan Stanwick
Name: Sam Winchester Occupation: Hunter Status: Alive Relationship: Dean's little brother. Dean would do anything for Sam. He is even willing to sell his soul when Sam is killed to bring him back. Dean is killed by hellhounds when his deal is up. Name: Bobby Singer Occupation: Hunter/Junk Yard Owner Status: Alive Relationship: Bobby is like a father to Dean and his brother. He was a close friend of their fathers and would do anything for the boys. He tries desperately to help Dean get out of his deal. Name: Mary Winchester Occupation: Past - Hunter Status: Deceased Relationship: Dean's mother. Mary is killed when dean is only four years old. she died trying to save Dean's younger brother from the Yellow-Eyed Demon, whom she is somehow connected. Name: John Winchester Occupation: Hunter Status: Deceased Relationship:Dean's father. He is very close to his father and John raised Dean like a soldier in order to fight the supernatural. John died when he sold his soul to save Dean. Name: Samuel Campbell Occupation: Hunter Status: Deceased Relationship: Deans Grandfather from Mary's side. He finds out he was a hunter and got to spend some time with him when Castiel sent him back to the past. Name: Deanna Campbell Occupation: Hunter Status: Deceased Relationship: Deans Grandmother from Mary's side who he was named after. He finds out she was a hunter and got to spend some time with her when Castiel sent him back to the past.
* Drinks his coffee black * Likes peanut M&Ms * Wears a necklace given to him by Sam * Has a fear of flying * Listens to Metallica to calm himself down * Is a born womaniser * Fascination and love for pie of any kind.
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