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Day 1Category: Life
Thursday, 26 August 2010
01:51:58 AM (GMT)
Hello everyone. I will try to write here every day, promise. It's more of a personal
thing, but if anyone out there cares enough to read and want to say something then
that's just fine too.

It's late here, like 2 in the morning, but I don't care. I'm sitting in my best
friend's basement at a little work station that has been set up for me, typing out
this journal while she plays Fallout 3 on a giant tv right next to me. I have to
admit it's amusing to watch her play for all the funny stuff that happens, but it's
about this time of night when I will probably stop asking her to play and pick it up
for myself while she guides me through the game so I don't screw anything up. I don't
have an Xbox, never have and probably never will so I'm not used to the controller
layout and do need a lot of help from her to get through the game.

I really hate to start things off with complaints, but I feel as if this really
deserves it. I've been at my friend's house for.....Five or six days now, I guess.
I've been going home every other day to shower and visit my puppy. I haven't been
sitting around doing nothing, though. I've been helping my friend do a lot of the
clean up in her basement since it was a huge mess after years of neglecting to clean
anything up. We're still not done, but what's left is mostly small stuff that we're
putting off.

Anyway, my other friend Lilith is supposed to be here helping too. I had an
appointment at my school at 6pm so I had to leave, and I came back around 7:30 just
as Williams (another guy friend) had showed up and Lilith dragged him out for food.
Kozzumel (my best friend whose house I'm at) and I didn't need to go so we let them
leave, and you know what? Little bastards didn't come back until almost midnight. To
top it off, Lilith had done a lot of complaining about missing her cat so Kozzumel
argued with her mom until Lilith was allowed to bring her here, only to then leave
her alone with us for more than four hours. No phone call, and Lilith's phone was off
(later found out dead) and Williams wasn't answering his.

Kozzumel was pissed to no end, I'm telling you. When they showed up they got a mouth
full, and Lilith said that Williams had dragged her to see 'Vampires Suck' and now
she had to go home because her dad was complaining. Tell the truth, I think she
dragged him to the movie to avoid coming back, then when she realized how much
Kozzumel was ready to sock her in the face she made up her dad's complaints and left.
She had apparently been complaining while I was out that she was bored since Kozzumel
doesn't want to do anything but play Fallout, and Kozzumel had told her that if she
didn't like it she could go home because she spent $60 on that game and she was going
to play it all she wanted.

Sounds selfish, I know, but it's just how she is and I can respect that. Besides, I
know when I'm done here I can ask her to save and stop and then I'll be able to have
my shot at the game again.

I'll only be here a few more days, though. Come Friday I'm heading home to stay the
weekend. My puppy misses me, and I have my school orientation on Saturday. Plus my
boyfriend has been bugging me to get our Allegiance campaign back together again.
It's kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, but we set it in the world of Final Fantasy
XII (same world as tactics, tactics advanced and tactics advanced 2) and tweaked the
rules a little. It's kind of an in progress test game, but we still have fun with it.
So I plan on having a meeting Saturday night, which will probably involve us staying
up until some insane hour of the morning as usual before I drive my boyfriend and his
friend home and sleep. I told Kozzumel if she wants me back on Monday I can come, and
while she hasn't given me an answer I think I might because she's not very direct
with her feelings, and I think it would make her happy for me to spend time with

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll see you guys later, and hopefully write more as time
goes on and things happen in my life.

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