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Rant #4: CD scratches.Category: (general)
Sunday, 15 August 2010
11:33:18 AM (GMT)
Oh, hello there. Today, I will be ranting about something that happens to all of us
and we don't know why. Y'all know what I'm talkin' about (mostly 'cause it's in the
title, but still). I'm talking about goddamn scratches on my brand fucking new Justin
Bieber CD. This just won't do. Hell to the no.

Okay. So, let's just say you're actually a Justin Bieber fan, and you wanna go to
Wal-Mart and grab his new album. So, you purchase the CD, go home, pop it into your
stereo, lie down on your bed and masturbate to it. When you're finished, you take it
out (the CD, I mean...LOL). What's this? A scratch? WHERE THE FUCKING SHIT DID THIS
SCRATCH COME FROM!? Oh my god...oh my god. Justin would be so disappointed in me. You
know what I have to do now? I have to elaminate this CD and put it in a display case
on my top shelf and never listen to it again because there's a scratch on my CD and I
don't fucking know how it got there!

My point is... I take perfect care of my CD's. Yet there seems to be a million
scratches on them. And there's some I've only listened to like twice. How the fuck
does that happen? Do the makers of CD's just take a knife to them and make invisible
scratches that we cannot find until we play the CD? I realize that sometimes the CD
scratches against something in the device you're playing it in, but it seems like it
doesn't matter WHERE you play it...there's just always scratches.

This is bullshit, and the next time my Justin Bieber CD doesn't work, I'm going to go
back to Wal-Mart and cut the first worker I see with the edge of the CD. Nobody will
hear their screams.

/end of rant.

PS. I don't actually have a Justin Bieber CD. LOL.
Last edited: 15 August 2010

branches says:   15 August 2010   319461  
Oh, god, I fuckin' hate that. I got some scratches on this DVD and
now the movie stops all the time and sob sob sob and it's not even
widely available so I can't replace it and you ever tried to
masturbate to something that keeps pausing? It ain't easy to keep up a
hard-on that way, I'm tellin' ya.
goregalore says:   15 August 2010   334267  
I hear ya, dude. What movie is it?
The only movie I masturbate to is anything on redtube. Oh, and any
movie with Will Ferrell or Steve Carell in it. 
branches says:   15 August 2010   689046  
It's Frost-Nixon. Of course.

But what about Bill Murray?
Wait, no, nevermind. He's actually funny.
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   17 August 2010   229980  
No words can express how fucking hilarious and true this rant was.


/gives cookie.
goregalore says :   17 August 2010   860922  
Thanks. :3
/accepts cookie.
But I think I'll save it for a rainy day. 

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