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ahh today will be boringCategory: (general)
Monday, 26 July 2010
12:54:20 PM (GMT)
Are you the type of person that adds oil to the fire?
is this in a, like.. metaphorical sense?
if so, i guess it depends on the situation
depends if i want to be amused or not haha

Do you enjoy looking at pictures from years ago?
not pictures from like 3 or 4 years ago,
i like baby pictures better!
i was so cute rofl

Would you keep a picture of your friend even if you look stupid in it?
depends, i could always take more

Would you panic if you were surrounded by 4 ghostly white walls for a week?
.. randomly? heck yes

Do you like to look up quotes out of boredom?
no lmao

What type of weather makes you feel at ease?
cool, windy weather

If a dear friend of yours ignores you, what do you do?
eeerrm.. wait for them to stop ignoring?

Do you like Anime?
lmaolmao no not really

Are you close with your family?

What do you believe in (In terms of after-death)?
okay so i don't believe in heaven or hell,
i kind of believe in reincarnation,
and ghosts. i don't know what to make of this haha

What is the best ice cream flavour?

Are you addicted to the Internet?
somewhat, ahhaa

Favourite store to shop at?
bluenotes, stitches, forever21, campus crew, VALUE VILLAGE HECK YES BAAHA

Favourite genre of movies?
uhh.. i'mma count zombie movies as a genre

Do you usually watch movies?

Have you ever lost someone that you thought of as "True friend"?
not sure

Do you look like your age?
i've been told a little older

What hairstyle do you fancy most? (ex:Long,Short,medium,up,choppy,etc)
.. long >:I

The last picture you were in: were you smiling, making faces, etc.?
half smiling/talking
i looked retarded

Is anything aching on your body right now?
my neck and the right side of my ribs lol

When's the last time you talked to someone you haven't talked to in a while?
uahhh.. idk haha

When's the last time you danced?

Ever had someone that was incredibly too clingy follow you around?
yeah this girl in grade 9
i remember hiding because if she saw me,
she was going to follow me

What age, if any, do you want to start having children?
i don't think i want children

What's the website you visit the most?
facebook, here, and tumblr

Do you think dragons and fairies are gay or cool?

Do you think saying "gay" is very insulting?
meh, it is but i use it anyways

When was the last time you played Hide n Seek?
.. Victoria Day at marissa's house lmao

Do you file your nails or bite them off?
bite bite bite

Are you an outgoing person, or are you more reserved?
mehh uhhm, a little inbetween

Did you do anything exciting today?
absolutely nothin

Did you see your bestfriend today?
nuuur D:

Do you believe that highschool relationships ever make it?
depends if you want to make it work or nottt

Are you ears pierced more than once, if at all?

Have you ever gotten flowers from a significant other?
yas lol

Do you think dances (prom, homecoming,etc) are fun or lame?
they're fun because i like dressing up, buuuut
the whole dancing part of it isn't that fun haha

Do you wear pants or skirts more often?
a school, i usually wear the kilt more often than pants
but atm, i wear pannnts

If you wear skirts, are you more likely to wear leggings, or go bare?

Do you drink tea? Hot or cold?

Have you noticed that EVERYONE is 'bisexual' these days?
eer, maybe not everyone?

Are you a vegetarian?
i tried

Do you like being single? Or rather be in a relationship?
being single is fine, but right now i think i'll remain in my relationship C:

Are you dependent on relationships to find happiness in your own life?
that's terrible lmfao

Iraq war: fighting for freedom, or killing for oil?
killing for oil, obviously

Abortion: murder, or a woman's right?
woman's right

Gay marriage: abomination of god, or love is love?
fuck god haha, love is love!

Are you online 24/7?
naahh maybe like 4/5

Does it bother you when people never answer their cell phones?

Are you wearing shoes?

Have you ever painted? Do you like painting?
it's alright

Everyone thinks they're a photographer. Do you like taking pictures?
i love it, and maybe if i'm lucky, i'll make a career out of it

Do you have a favourite brand of pop?
mountain dew is yummy, and coke

What is your all-time favorite movie?
i have a fewww, 500 Days of Summer, Zombieland, Inglorious Basterds,
Uncertainty, annndd.. yeah that's it lmao

Not everyone can afford an iPod. Can you?
at the moment? no, but i did get one for christmas

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
i love boooth!

Are you addicted to texting?
no, lmao

Do you text and drive? You know that's completely irresponsible, right?
damn this survey is judgemental! 

What would happen if you found out you were pregnant?
k..kind of uh.. not possible, but err.. i'd skip to the abortion clinic LOL

Do you have a favorite aunt or uncle?
yyyaaaa, aunt jen and uncle keeeith

Are you wearing anything you've borrowed from a friend?
no haha

Out of all your friends, who is the most obnoxious?
jesus christ that's not nice lmao

Which is more annoying: scene/emo kids, or snobby/preppy cheerleaders?
labels in general are fucking annoying

What's the most expensive item of clothing you own?
i dont know haha

Whopper or BigMac?
whopper plz lol

Do you even like fast food?

Are your nails painted at the moment? If so,what color?
nude lol

What would happen if you found out you were being cheated on right now?
i'd be a little pissed

What time is it?

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