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Saturday, 10 July 2010
02:11:54 AM (GMT)
Each Poem Here
Has its Own Special Meaning 
I wrote Them All Myself
Plz Not stealing
I Love Wrighting Poetry 
&& Hope to keep on
Enjoy <3

Dnt ppl Walk Away From the 
Bad Things In Life To 
Get Away From Them? 
Then Why r they still here?
My Memories have faded 
My feelings Are Gone
I Feel Like Something
Important has died inside
Of me
But Something Better Has
Replaced the pain of the death.
The one word i fear the most
Why Must it bee so painful?
Its just a mistake.

I am you best reality 
But your worst nightmare.
The hardest thing to let go
Is the thing you no longer trust.
People stare,
I will ignore, 
And walk away.
They will never know 
What hides inside
I was your fairy tail 
That blew you away
The one who does
As told
The pain that hides
From what you’ve done;
It May never leave
It’s a scar, 
It’s a mark,
Its all you.
“Im sorry” 
Is too over rated 
For what had to happen 
Its just to bad
I’m only a dream

Lost, once again
It may never change.
I trust,
I fall,
I break,
And it happens over and over again
I live my life day by day
But my days are getting harder.
I let you in after 
I told myself I was done
I never let u see the tears I cried 
The day you were gone.
I want tomorrow to come
Cause today holds to much pain.
I climb,
I slip,
I fall.
My life
Will never be the same,
I will be
Forever Broken


I believe in the strength of love,
The feeling of every touch, 
The pain of every tear,
The meaning of I’m sorry,
The way I felt.
Hope, Strength, love.

But I don’t want to hold you if you don’t want to tell me you love me.

I believe in holding on to the wind and seeing how long it last,
I believe in we can live until the end of time,
I believe in never letting go.
Faith, Trust, able to Love.

And I believe in that every time you said I love you, it really meant the world.

Lonely Nights,
Cold Days,
Anything Can make it worst 
But nothing Can Make it better.
I Am no longer crying,
But i am not happy.
A Slight slit of my wrist && That makes my world go round.
I Am not the same anymore
I Am broken 
It dosent Hurt me
But i no it hurts you
I Am gone, After everything
You could say it was it was me
But u never saw the real you 
Unlike me i did
You just burrned yourself deeper && deeper
If i could wish for one thing
It wouldnt bee you
It wouldnt Bee very much
It would bee to thank you
"For fuqqqking up My Whole life && Not making urs any better"

The sky looks like a beauitful painted picture;; 
Colors of gray and fine gold, 
the sound of the thunder brings a smile to my face 
cuz I no I'm still here ♥


i feel like jumping && screaming; 
thinking of the past is the worst thing I can do;; 
I just cant get all of these thoughts out my mind. 
The What "Ifs" 
The "Buts"
The "I love You"
 Its Hard To Believe ur alone when your dead. 
Im in the process Of healing, 
But i still feel the Hurt ♥

Her Life Is Painted An Interesting Picture
Shades Of Black && White
&& The Occasional Spots Of Blue && Red
Some May Say Its Amazing How She Has Lived
Threw it All
But She Still has more barred Deep Down
"Scars are Something We Should Embrace, Its what Make Us;; Us"
So Why Does She Feel So naked
Stepping Out In the open
After adding New Spots Of red
To the Picture?
Light Pale Skin;;
Hazel Green Eyes;;
Auburn Red Hair;;
Its All Still Very Ugly to her.
"The Most important Thing In Life is to Learn How To give in Love && Let it come
To Her Love is More Of a "Thing"
That Should never bee Touched;;
She Could Of Ended Her short Life Long Time Ago
But The Smallest Of People Have stopped her
But the Smallest of people Keep Telling Her to
Continue On word With her Plans Of Death.
She is On the rod To Cracking
Tired Of Voices;;
Sick Of Pain;;
Why Does She Just Keep It all in?
How Do i No So Much About Her?
•Cause This Is Coming From the voices Inside her‹3

_Jocelyn Alexis M./Me7824

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