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Saturday, 15 May 2010
09:14:44 PM (GMT)
Do you listen to alternative music? no
Have you ever met an Amish person? i dont think so
What's your favorite movie with Ashton Kutcher in it? i dont know
Did you listen to Aaron Carter back in the day?i wasnt -back in the day-
Name a friend/aquaintance who's name starts with the letter A. Ashley!

Have you ever seen a Broadway show? yes
Name a brand that starts with the letter B. Body Central
Who's your favorite character on the Brady Bunch? I don't watch the Brady Bunch.
Who is the last person you called a bitch? Joseph
When's the last time you were on a boat? 2 years ago at disney world

Have you ever seen a 'Casper' movie? yupp.
Do you own anything Coach? no
How many names in your contact list begin with the letter C? zero
Have you ever sang in a chorus? choir; yes
Name someone famous who's name begins with the letter C. Chris Brown

Which word do you use more: damn, dang, or darn? dang
Do you ever say 'dude!' before saying something moderately important? yupp!
Did you notice that there was a Disney and Nickelodeon version of the show 'Doug'?
uhm no
Which version did you like better? i dont know what it is
Do you like Dunkin Donuts? probably

Do you live on the East Coast? no
Do you like Elvis Presley? maybe
What about Ellen DeGeneres? yupp
Is Elmo cute or creepy? lol. no comment
Have you ever done ecstasy? no!

Do you believe in fate?uhm naw
Have you ever heard the song "Fuck It" by Eamon? no
When's the last time you saw a relative who's not in your immediate family? Last
Who is the last person you called a freak? I dont know

What's a goal you have at the moment? pass to the eigth grade? 
Do you like things that are grape flavored? no
Do you own a gaming system? If so, what? Wii, DS, PSP, GameBoy, GameCube..
Do you like the movie 'Grease'? love it

Do you think you make a good host or hostess? noooooo.
Do you wear hats often? no
Who is the last person you held hands with? Joseph. It wass a handshake and he said
my hands were soft so he kept holding it.
Name a place you'd like to visit beginning the with letter H. Hawaii
Do you like any Hilary Duff movies? maybe

What's your favorite ice cream place? dont have one
When is the last time you did something illegal? bring candy to school. lol
What was the last thing to inspire you? nothing. i dont know?
Do you take Ibuprofen? no

Is Jennifer Lopez a better actress or singer? Don't listen or watch her.
Have you ever been to Jamba Juice? Never heard of it.
Do you like Jeeps? no!
Is anyone jealous of you? yessss
Which month do you like the best: January, June or July? July!

How many people have you kissed in the past year? uhm. no comment
Do you like kettle corn? no!!
Do you consider yourself kind? yeah!.
What's your favorite song by Kelly Clarkson? cant think of the name

Does it annoy you when people say 'lol' or 'lolz' in a verbal conversation? yes! when
we`re not laughing 
What lake is closest to where you live? dont know
Who is the biggest liar you know? Sarah
What's to the left of you? My Dresser

Do you listen to MGMT? who is that
What was the last thing you received in the mail? Mail lol.
Are you anything like your mother? no!!!!
Have you ever experienced a miracle? yess. being turned over in a truck because of a
wreck &&- not being hurt.

What is the last thing you said 'no' to? One of these questions.
Did you watch Nickelodeon as a kid? I still watch it. 
Did you ever watch 'Next' on MTV? No...
Do you ever use the 'n-word'? iHave Before,
Who's the last person to write you a note? Brianna!

Do you like the color orange? hate it.
When's the last time you were near an ocean? Never been near an ocean... 
Have you ever been to Old Country Buffet? no
What about Olive Garden? no
Do you have a friend whose name starts with the letter 'O'? no

Which pain is wore--physical or emotional? emotional,
Name a song starting with the letter P. Papers
Have you ever seen 'Pretty in Pink'? Nope.
Are you a people person? Not really.

What's the last grade you received on a quiz? An A.
Who is the most quiet person you know?Janeth
Have you ever quit something you've been doing for a while? i dont know..
Do you own a quilt? no

Do you like to run? no
Don't you hate when surveys ask you about religion? no
What's your favorite ride at an amusement park? the roller coasters !
Are you planning on relaxing later? That's what I'm doing now.

What's your favorite soda? dr.pepper 
Who was your last sexual encounter with? there could be many reasons for those
When's the last time you went to a salon? wow like a year ago
Can you sing well? yessss,
Where do you go to school? mjhs.

What's the last thing you watch on TV? Something About -Hot.Water.Corn.Bread Lol
Have you seen Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' music video? yea i didn`t finish it, it got
Do any of your friends run track? yessss,
Do you have any upcoming tests? final exams yupp

Do you think anyone is truly ugly? no one is truly ugly
Do you own a pair of Uggs? no
Have you ever been to Utah? no
Do you like the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna? yupp
Is your underwear cute? wtff!

Do you like vanilla-scented things? depends
Who is the most recent person you know to lose his/her virginity? don`t worry about
Do you shop at Victoria's Secret? not recently
Do you listen to Vampire Weekend? Never heard of em...
Who's the last person you visited? my grandma

How's the weather today? Rain, Rain, Rain..
Do you smoke weed? no!
Do you live on the West Coast? yeahhh!
Do you hate winter? yupp!
White bread or wheat bread? doesn`t matter but iLike White Better

Do you know anyone named Xavier? yupp
Did you play with xylophones in elementary school music class? yupp those were the
Do you know anyone who takes Xanax? no
Do you like X-Men? yea its cool.

Have you ever done yoga? on the wii! lol
What's your favorite flavor of yogurt? hate yogurt
How was your day yesterday? school. it was a boring day
Do you like the color yellow? hate it

When's the last time you visited the zoo? Like, 3 years ago
Do you like zebra-print things? love it
Have you ever heard the song 'Zingy' by Ak'sent? Nope.

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