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Leech. [Chapter Seven]Category: Leech.
Sunday, 18 April 2010
06:40:56 PM (GMT)
Viktor stopped by at my house to have a man's heart-to-heart conversation. We
were sitting on the couch listening to death metal at a low volume while sipping
"You look pale and seem to have lost some weight, Beast." Viktor said in a concerned
"The life that I believed to be one crude joke, just came crashing down on me.
Engulfing me in inky depths of bleak memories." I explained poetically, staring at
the stereo in front of me and going straight to my thoughts.
Viktor looked at me with worry in his soft brown eyes as he set his beer can down on
the coffee table then asked, "What's wrong with you?"
"I'm slowly infatuated with a goddess of true beauty but yet, she loves another." I
replied, not even looking at him.
"You mean Ophelia?" He asked, staring at the beer can now.
I nodded whilst crushing my half empty beer bottle and feeling warm blood run down my
hand. I couldn't feel the pain until Viktor wrapped a bandage around my hand.
"Curse this goddamn feeling thats eating me alive. Can you promise me something?" I
said, looking at him.
"Like what?" He asked, staring at me."
"If I ever become a real beast, shoot me in the heart for all the emotions I once
hated will escape and won't torture me in my afterlife." I explained with a hint of
sadness in my voice.
"Anything for you, buddy." He replied, looking more worried.
A tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. I looked at him then said,
"You should go, I don't want you here during this plague of depression."
He just nodded his head then got up and started walking towards the door, as he
opened the door, he took one glance of me and left. I looked around to see if nobody
isn't watching then I pulled out a razor from my back pocket and started to carve her
name across my forearm; I winced as I started to feel my life source suddenly being
I stopped then put the razor back in my pocket; I got off the couch and stumbled into
my room, where a scared Ophelia looked at me with tears in her eyes.
"Please, don't hurt me." She pleaded, her slender body trembling.
"Shh, I won't hurt you." I assured her.
I outstretched my forearm towards her and she looked at it with a shocked expression
on her face. She carefully touched the still bleeding carving, not trying to inflict
too much pain on me. I winced and started to feel dizzy.
"Why, Beast?" She asked, moving her hand.
"Cause I love you." I mumbled, looking at her.
I fell onto onto the bed and passed out, I felt cold arms embrace me while I had a
dreamless sleep.
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