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Hospital posts, Karma proofCategory: (general)
Sunday, 4 April 2010
01:53:30 PM (GMT)
Part I To begin, I must difne some terms.

Dharma- The duties you must proform according to your occupation, or place in life.

Kirti- Youngest child, female, student, barn helper, human being.

          Duties include: Chores, not being rude even during period, doing school
work, working dillgentally, doing what's right.

Karma- Energy gained or lost from doing good (or bad) deeds, and fulfilling (or not
fulfilling) your dharma.

Part II Recently, I did not fulfill my dharma as a student.

I had a science project, but I was busy with stage crew, so forgot and procrastinated
until long past the due date and thus did not complete the project. I promised to do
it over the three day weekend last week, but was really not interested in
diverticultous, so I didn't.

Part III On the last day of that weekend, my stepfather was rushed to the
hospital at ten to midnight.

He'd been whining about stomach pain for awhile. Turns out he had a severe case of-
you guessed it- diverticulitous. He needed emergency surgery. He's been at the
hospital ever since, and my family is here visting him now. I kinda wish I had just
done the project. 

Part IV On the otherhand...

Well, he is a total ass. I mean, he's been living with my family since I was two, I
actually cannot remember a time when my mom lived with my dad, so you'd think I'd be
okay with him, but he really is just a total ass. He's bitchy, and demanding and
lazy, and then he accuses everyone around him of being bitchy demanding and lazy. 
         Plus he's stupid. I mean really stupid, one of those stupid people
who is under the woefully incorrect assumption that they are smarter then those
around them, and out of the goodness of their hearts tries to enlighten those
around him. *eyeroll*

So, you know, I feel bad that my laziness caused him to allow a possibily fatal
disease to get to the point of him needing surgery and an estimated two months
recovery (even if you don't beleive in karma, I now know the identifiable symptoms),
but it was his own laziness that made it him to get the disease instead of me.

Final Part Back on the first hand-

Mind you, this surgery costs a lot of money, so doing the project would probably have
been better for all involved.

(And he's going to have an exuse for being a lazyass now. "Oh, I can't do my own
laundry, my stomach hurts, I'll be on facebook." as if he didn't do that shi*

‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   4 April 2010   589570  
I have proof on Karma too.
But Karma's just really unfair to me xD

There's this dude I know.
Whenever I'm nice to him I get a cold.
Whenever I'm mean to him I throw up.

If I've told you that, I'm sorry xD
Now we're both Karma victims. :P
Kirti says:   4 April 2010   279754  
That sucks! But wait, what are you sorry for having told me? 
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   4 April 2010   912424  

I was apologising just in case I'd already told you about my karma xD 
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   5 April 2010   341676  
Well Karma's hurting me, not others around me right now.
I've been pretty bitchy around my brother and in my head to everyone.
And I have a sore back, 3 staved toes and my "time of month" during
the holidays,
Yay! :3
‹{☜☏☞}› says :   5 April 2010   159947  
And I gained weight.


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