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Tuesday, 23 March 2010
06:30:10 PM (GMT)
Today the strangest thing happened. I regrettably live in kind of a southern town,
so of course everyone's you know. Eh. Christian. Not that there's anything wrong with
it (trust me I'd have a hell of a time trying to make friends here if I weren't
tolerant of the religious), but it's kind of extreme. I'll save the little stories
that piss me off. Right now I just wanna talk about something that happened today.

To make a longish story short, we were supposed to share stories of depression in
this one really lame class. So finally this one kid tells about his uncle dying and
how he was all boohoo sad. It might have been a nice sad story if he hadn't randomly
said in the middle something about also finding out his uncle was gay and did drugs.
Yeah okay, cool. But he said it in the most disappointed,
lost-all-respect-for-dead-uncle-way. Can't say I have an opinion on drugs 'cause a
lot of my friends mess around with that shit but, UHM MOTHERFUCKER EXCUSE ME?! GAY?!
The fuck is wrong with that? I just kinda sat there uncomfortabley while everyone was
like "ohhhhhh we understand, that must have been terrible to find out. </3" I mean he
just acted so disappointed at that part.

Listen, I wouldn't make such a big deal about it if I knew nothing about the whole
class but I've known everyone in there for a year now, it's established that God is
their entire life and it's brought it almost every subject/project/ect. that the
class is assigned. I dunno, am I weird for letting that bug me? :c

Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing but it could be that all the little things
have just been building. The asshole guys I sit behind in Geography class, who think
everything's funny until their sweet jessis!!!!1 ^-^ is brought into it, then you're
a sick motherfucker for even joking about such a thing. Maybe it's the stupid bint
sluts who go around calling themselves Christians and somehow get off with more
credit for being a better person than I am. Maybe it's all the teachers, or maybe
it's all the friends I've lost because of them not being able to stand being friends
with an atheist.

Ennnngh, how does this relate to me being offended by the homosexual comment? I
dunno. But I'm mad at myself for letting a certain group of people that I live near
shape my opinion on millions of people. My friends, my family, and the religious in
general. I know you're not all like that, so don't throw a shitfit, k?

Sorry I'm spewing diaries out of my anus.

branches says:   23 March 2010   588617  
Try explaining to daft kids in the Bible Belt that you worship the
sun and are not a crazy hippie satanic cult fruitcake.
It's a gas.
salsabuffalo says :   23 March 2010   582997  
You know, I just might do that. c:

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