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Chapter NineCategory: Book
Thursday, 11 February 2010
10:55:10 PM (GMT)
This Beats My Other Record Of Pages, This One's At Eight O_O I Didn't Mean To Mock
You Sam, I Didn't ! I Get Too Many Ideas =_=

Chapter Nine: Fearless Wrath, Walls Crashing Down

                The sky’s rain pounded down hard as I flew my power out at innocent
trees, I was sure I was somewhere up in the mountains by now, because I kept hitting
rock, stumbling on it, scraping my knees on it and getting large cuts from rocks,
which only meant mountains to me. But that didn’t bug me, or at least my
adventurous side, but my pissed off, as mad as hell, the devil it’s self side was
pissed about this and blasted off chunks of mountain as I climbed to higher ground,
to reach the top of the mountain.
	Before I had reached the mountain I hadn’t been this bad, I had only tarred up
grass and plants as I went, not even hurting the one animal before me that I saw, I
had been better, but as soon as my mind kept flashing Ryoki in front of me I got
madder and madder as I trudged on, wanting to kill something. 
	Once, twice, three times I thought about going back, and just torturing the Lycan
till it begged for mercy, looking at me with defenceless eyes, but I resisted, I was
only part sane, and that sane part knew I needed the Lycan for info, so I walked on,
because normally the forest calmed me, soothed me, brought me to myself again after a
rage, but this rage seemed to refuse to go away, or maybe it was because of the
weather, the way the weather sounded, made me feel. 
	But I know stood before the mountain, my night clothes drenched so much that they
clung to me, but I didn’t care if I caught a cold, I didn’t care about anything
when I was in a rage, nothing could talk through to me, nothing could make me feel
again until I collapsed and dreamt, and that was the strangest thing, my rages never
lasted this long, they usually ended within half an hour, the last time I ever
remember having a rage like this was when four and my father left for his mission, I
had spent five hours searching for him that day, getting madder and madder with each
passing minute. And that was the first time I had ever had a rage, and it had ended
with me collapsing and having a dream of the future, a dream that would shock or
scare me so much that I would wake up being normal, having feelings. But it was being
delayed this time, I was already two hours into my rage, the storm was keeping the
light of day out. 
	I kept going up the mountain though, my body being its own master while my saneness
tried to take control, to make me reason, to stop my body from what it was doing, who
knew how many animals I had hurt by now? And for that, I would feel pretty bad when I
woke up again, maybe so bad that I would try to repair it, which would use up a lot
of my power. 
	I think my wrath became worse as I neared the top, although I can’t imagine how, I
mean I was blasting rock, trees and maybe even innocent animals, how could it get any
worse than that? But it did, and I gotta be truthful, that scared the heck out of me,
this was my worst rage ever to be seen, I was just glad no one was witnessing it, I
knew I’d scare Sam away forever, make Ed want to capture me and have a therapist
look at me, and maybe Ryoki would try to burn me. 
	I strained my eyes when I saw a dark, looming figure above me, standing on top of
the mountain, its eyes gleaming down at me with some kind of yellow light, the sun
struggling to come out behind it as the clouds contained it, but my brain was
thinking, what was that? While my body blasted the rock underneath it, the thing
feel, but after it did, another took its place, followed by more as they climbed up
the mountain, looking down on me, looming over me like a threat, what was this? An
	“What are you? I’m not afraid of you! I’ll take whatever you’ve got!” I
yelled up to them, up it did no use, they didn’t answer, they just kept staring,
before one all of a sudden changed, and now stood on all fours, and that’s when I
understood, these were Lycans, I was being ambushed by Lycans. Great.
	I cracked my knuckles like I always do, cracked my neck, and started blasting the
hell off of the mountain, taking every Lycan in sight down with a single blow, not
caring what happened to nature, damn nature, damn mother nature. This was going to be
the edge of the hell mouth, and I would destroy it, tonight. 
	But to my dismay, they just kept on coming, after I took them out; it was like fifty
more came, what was this place?! This was so crazy, that it made me seem like I was
fully sane again, which I wasn’t, I totally wasn’t. 
	I started backing up, and up, as I blasted my power, sometimes splitting them in
two, which was pretty gruesome, it’d make Sam double over with puke. And it seemed
like they were finally thinning out, and I started a wicked laughter, which was cut
short by me falling into some underground cave, it was like this:
“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA-----AH!” which would sound pretty weird to anyone nearby, if
there even was anyone nearby. 
I landed flat on my back, causing me to groan, and my pissed off side to lash out and
brake down the caves walls, and then next thing I knew, rocks were falling and I was
hit in the head, and everything went into a black abyss. 
	“Ughh, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed in my pissed off tone as I awoke, I was under
a bunch of rocks and could barely see the light above me, my madness was also insane,
not taking a breath, I blasted the rocks away with wicked laughter, watching them
fall all around, away from me, and then I jumped out of the pile of rocks like some
kind of monkey, and ran on all fours out of the cave, well actually ran/climbed out
of it.
	Turning around, I blasted the cave until it fell in on itself, shaking in wild
laughter; I was truly and insanely, a maniac in a girl’s body. Well this was
awkward. And it seemed like I was me, but I was watching me instead. 
	Once the cave was finished, wacked me began running on all fours again, into the
woods, not caring that it’s fresh wounds from last night were bleeding, some were
even opening up again as the creature like me ran. 
	I climbed a tree, surprisingly getting a good hold on it, but instead of jumping off
of it, I started whacking it like it was hiding bananas from me, was I even a
deranged monkey? But my brain was being ignored; somehow the craziness that hadn’t
died earlier had turned me into some kind of human/animal, one that didn’t even
talk at that.
	After whacking the tree like crazy, I moved on, jumping onto another tree, and the
creature me didn’t even notice it was full of dust and that my night clothes were
now partially ripped from all that had happened last night, they were even blood
	I also got to now see the extent of my rage from earlier; I saw many knocked down
trees, spotless grass fields, dead rabbits, deers, and even a bear? And I saw that
the mountain no longer even looked like a mountain, it looked like some demented rock
that had suffered a lot of damage. 
	But yet again, creature me didn’t care, it just kept swinging from pine tree to
pine tree, not caring that the pine tree was pricking its skin and digging in, I even
wondered if a branch would get stuck in me, if that happened, would I awake with a
	I stopped suddenly on one tree, and part of me was whisked back into myself, there
was someone that strangely, looked like me, and that took away the creature, and
replaced me with my cold, evil, insane self, well at least this was better than the
	And then I saw Ryoki heading to the non-real me, what was he? Stupid? Well of course
he was, because that wasn’t me! I swung to the next tree, screaming:
“Ayyy Ayyy!” As I went, my cold, insane self was mad, very, very, very mad. Who
was that thing, and where had it gotten my id? And then I heard a scream, a girlish
scream that cut off short, and I jumped to the next tree and stopped, looking down at
the scene, the thing that had looked like me was gone, but Sam was lying on the
ground, and that’s when the rest of me shot back in, and I fell down from the tree,
blacking out as I hit the ground. 
	It was like cold water was shot onto me, I woke up from my future dream shaking, not
just from the fear of it, but from what had happened to me last night, I was
completely normal now, thanks to Sam fainting, causing me to become me again, but now
I needed to find her, and I had a strange feeling that they hadn’t gone home, but
instead of search for me, but that wasn’t safe, because of all the Lycans up in the
now deformed mountain, I needed to get to them, to save them.
	I ran off in a charge, slipping on my feet because of the injures that I had
suffered from all that rock blasting earlier today, I but I had to keep going, I
needed to save them from the herds of Lycans that kept rising, I was right earlier
today, it was a hell mouth. 
	My cuts hurt like crazy, and I felt faint because I kept letting them bleed, but I
knew I’d find them fast because of my running ability so I kept telling myself not
much longer, not much longer as I ran, I was even following their footprints now as I
	I soon started to see the outlines of their shapes, I could see Ed’s hair
underneath Sam’s face, and Ryoki calling out into the woods, covering his mouth
with his hands, jeez I was starting to feel weak, this wasn’t good. 
	When I finally neared them, I called out, and they immdetly all spun around to face
me, Sam woke up on Ed’s back.
	“Sam!” I yelled, walking forward, I was happy I had reached them, but I didn’t
expect that I would faint right there, right then, why was this happening? Why...
	I awoke to urgent shaking and the face of Sam, she looked really worried though,
extremely, and then I remembered that I had fainted, well god damn shit.
	“It’s okay, I’m fine.” I said, getting up and sitting with my legs out. Sam
shook her head in understanding.
	“I know that, but there’s millions of Lycans Meaghan! Look!” Sam cried, I
looked past her then, seeing the army of Lycans, and then I immdetly tired to stand,
but I couldn’t my body would not permit it, so I just slumped back down. “Don’t
move, you’ll open some wounds again, you’ve already lost a lot of blood.” Sam
	“But I want to help!” I complained, staring her down until she sighed. And then
I heard the yelling of Ryoki as he called something to Ed, why were they fighting?
Just the two of them.
	“But you can, remember? You’re blasting power; we’ve seen the evidence
Meaghan.” Sam said, while sitting down beside me, sighing. Why wasn’t she
helping? What had caused her to faint? And why was I worrying all of a sudden? 
	“Right.” I said, and then I blasted full power, knocking down a tree in front of
us and a whole crowd of Lycans, causing Ed and Ryoki to look back at us, and that was
when I recovered fully, like a zombie I got up, a devil like grin on my face as I
went to join them in the fight, like hell they’d fight without me.
	“Hey guys, I’d like to help.” I said as I blasted another crowd that was
coming toward us, Ryoki glared at me and snapped his fingers, setting fire.
	“Like hell you will! You’re wounded!” Ryoki yelled at me, Ed looked at him
like he was crazy, he knew they needed the help. I sighed.
	“Look, I know this type; I took on a crowd like it last night, so just let me help
okay pedophile?” I said, and then I turned away from him and boomed more crowds of
Lycans. I watched with carless eyes as they fell to the ground and another larger
group descended.
	“What do you mean you took them on last night?” Ed asked me, but he didn’t
turn to look at me as he said so, but I knew he was thinking that was how I got my
wounds and my clothes got ripped.
	“I was climbing the mountain, blasting it to pieces when a dark figure came
forward, I asked what it was, and when it didn’t answer, I started to think, and
then it transformed into something that stood on four legs, and I knew, so I blasted
the rock underneath it and it tumbled away unconscious, but then another one took its
place, and then all of them raised up behind that one and I started blasting like
crazy, laughing as I did so, and then out of nowhere I fell into a cave, which I then
blasted the walls of it and passed out from the rocks hitting me, but they didn’t
come looking for me.” I explained as I shot another group. I felt Ryoki and Ed’s
stares and even Sam’s stare on me, and I turned to look at them.
	“That’s what happened to you last night? How are you even alive?!” Ryoki
yelled, as he blazed another group to smithereens. 
	“I was in a rage, nothing can stop me when I’m in one, I guess you could call
that an explanation.” I said, Ryoki just shook his head in disbelief.
	“I do admit, that is surprising, like we knew you were strong, but we didn’t
know you were so strong that you could take on something like that by yourself!” Ed
called to me; he sliced two Lycans with a blow of his metal blade. I shrugged.
	“People always think I’m not that strong, I always show them up.” I said. But
by now I had had enough of fighting, with a final blow, I took down a pack of trees
to create a barrier between us, and Ryoki set flame to it.
	“What was that for?” Ed asked us, Ryoki kept blazing up the trees so I would
have to answer.
	“A barrier for now, hurry up, I’ll grab Sam, and then we have to run to our
houses as our safe places and set up some kind of wall behind us.” I instructed as
I bent down and hoisted  the taller than me Sam onto my back, but the height didn’t
matter, as long as I could carry her, we’d be okay. 
	Ed picked up a stone and made it into some kind of stone weapon and threw it into
the fire before he came beside me, Ryoki and Sam on my back. We nodded at each other,
and then we all began to run.
	Even with Sam still on my back I was the fastest which made Ryoki exclaim things
behind me as we ran, but I ignored him, because Sam needed medical care, she was
burning so bad with a fever that I could feel it searing onto my own skin, causing me
to burn up in temperature, and I liked it when I felt cold.
	“Sam, stay here, I’ll bring you an icepack okay?” I said as I closed the door
to her room, I walked awkwardly back to the living room where Ryoki and Ed sat, but
only because I was wearing heavily wrapped bandages on my right calf and upper thigh,
as well as my left forearm and right upper arm, bandages sucked, you sweat too much
in them, and I hardly ever sweat.
	Ed and Ryoki stood as I came into the room, they hadn’t gone out to build the wall
yet, they first wanted to know how Sam was. But instead of facing them I went
straight to the fridge and popped out ice from a tray and placed it in a towel and
tied it up.
	“How is she?” Ed asked me, he had come into the kitchen and was standing beside
the counter I was using. I didn’t look up at him.
	“Okay, but she’s pretty sick, it’ll take three days at least before it goes
away, even if I used my healing powers.” I explained, I was now pounding the ice
with my fist so it’d be smaller.
	“You have healing powers?” Ed asked me with confusion in his tone, I lifted an
eyebrow and looked at him.
	“It seems like I get a new one every day. But anyways, yeah, but it can’t handle
severe things, like it can repair wounds, broken veins and things, but to an extent,
and it costs me energy.” I explained, while wrapping the ice in another towel and
tying it again so I wouldn’t freeze her head off.
	“Yeah you do, or maybe it’s every third day. Why to an extent?” Ed asked me as
he played with a bowl in the sink, someone was nervous, what was eating him so bad?
Did he love her? Doubt it, he said he never would, a long time ago, which had caused
Sam to try voodoo tricks on him.
	“I don’t know why, do you think if I did I would tell you that? Jeez I don’t
know everything about my powers. Now go make that wall before those Lycans arrive.”
I instructed, I picked up the ice and moved on into the hall way.
	“Right, we’ll go do that now, but hey do you think you could float some material
over for us?” Ryoki asked as he shoved Edward to the door. I sighed and snapped a
finger. “Thanks!” and then the door slammed as they left.
	I knocked on Sam’s door and then entered, I bent down beside her and placed the
ice bag on slowly, but that didn’t stop her from jumping in shock from the cold.
	“Thanks, that feels better.” Sam said, taking the bag from my hand and holding
it by herself, I smiled.
	“Well I guess I should make you soup right? ‘Cause that’s what you do for sick
people, what kind do you want?” I asked while getting up slowly, it was even hard
to try to stand with these damn things on.
	“Um, chicken noodle.” Sam said. I was actually surprised it wasn’t a Japanese
soup that she asked for, for once. Trudging back to the kitchen I pulled out the
ingredients from the fridge and started to chop up chicken, carrots and other things
for the soup.
	I preheated the stove as I poured the chicken broth into the pot and then the rest
of what needed to be added, and waited for the timer to go off so I could give the
soup to Sam, I didn’t cook a lot so I always wondered what my food actually tasted
like, since I wasn’t in my ‘Other’ mood, I bet it wouldn’t taste good.
	The beeper went off and I poured the soup into a bowl, grabbed a spoon and napkins
before I went back into Sam’s room.
	“Thanks, my throat needs something.” Sam said as I set down the soup beside her,
she got up until she was sitting in her bed, and held the ice pack for her now.
	“I wonder how that walls coming outside, I wonder if Lycans are even near.” I
said as I looked off into the room, not really noticing what I was looking at. Sam
	“Now don’t you even think of going to help, you’ll tear your bandages and
we’ll have to re do them.” Sam mumbled, slurping on her soup. “Actually pretty
good.” Her voice held wonder in it and I looked away.
	“It was a package one.” I made up. But my brain still wanted to hop outside and
see what they were doing; things like this always bugged me to an end. 
	“Right.” Sam said, not believing me, well whatever, as long as it didn’t kill
her, I mean that’s how bad my cooking was when I was normal me, it could kill
someone, it was poison. 
	“Are you tired yet? Need fresh water?” I asked, taking the ice bag off her head
to feel it, it was freezing! Sam shook her head since her mouth was full of soup.
	“Not tired, not yet at least, the ice and soup woke me up, and your healing powers
made me feel better. The water that I have is just fine.” Sam answered. I nodded
not noticing that I was the one that was actually sleeping, I didn’t even notice
that I feel asleep like that, but oh well, it had been a long day, Sam would
understand.  But what was strange, was that I dreamed of having a fight with Ryoki,
jeez my head couldn’t go one day without one.
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