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Thursday, 11 February 2010
07:31:53 PM (GMT)
Maaan, I wrote a lot more this time!

Chapter 7!

Chapter 8: Missing

“Meaghan? MEEEEEEEAGHAN?!” I could easily hear Ryoki call from the other house.
Aww, man, was she gone? Oh wait, I think you need a bit of a recap first.
While the group were out, I couldn’t believe I was just sitting around the house
while the others could be in the line of danger. My hand had stopped burning
immensely, so I put the cloth in the sink so I could wash it later. I didn’t put it
out properly to dry; that’s probably going to be a pain. It was painful finding
things to do while I anxiously awaited their return. I know, Meaghan always keeps her
promises, but the thought doesn’t leave my head that they could not come back. I
kept telling myself otherwise. They will come back, they will! My gut wrenched more
and more with every passing minute. The grey clouds from yesterday lingered in the
sky yet again. Man, why does it have to rain so much here? Sure, it keeps the plants
alive, but it’s incredibly depressing to look at, and that’s the last thing I
needed right now.
The three of them left at 11 o’clock; it was now 3 o’clock. Four hours have past,
and no word. It shouldn’t take that long to check out a family and their condition.
Either they got lost on the way there or...Ahh, Sam, don’t think such dumb things.
Of course they’re fine.
I grabbed another cookie from the packaged snacks and nibbled on it furiously. I
always eat when I’m nervous. It’s a bad habit. I didn’t want to cook anything
though, so I just snacked. I looked out at the clouds getting ready to send their
wrath on earth in the form of rain. It seemed so painstaking, waiting for it to come;
the same kind of painstaking it was waiting for the three to return.
There was suddenly a knocking at the door. I turned from my place on the couch,
surprised. Hoping for the best, I rushed over to the front door, unlocked it, and
opened it a crack to see who was there. I saw a face I knew all too well. 
“Hey, Sam, will you let me in? It’s cold.” I heard Edward say on the other
side. I flung the door open and hugged him tightly, overjoyed to see him ok. 
“Hey, easy there, wait until I’m inside, please?”
I backed up, a bit surprised, but quickly led him in and shut the door, then
continued my hugging. Edward chuckled at my enthusiasm. 
“Glad to see you too, Sam. How’s your hand?”
“It’s gotten better, I don’t need the cold water anymore.”
“That’s great!” He exclaimed, rubbing my head, messing my hair up. It got on my
nerves, but I think that’s why he did it. I looked down at Edward’s other hand,
to see the knuckles bloodied and bruised. I let out a small gasp as I reached for it
to examine it further, despite my intense fear of blood. 
“Ed, what happened to your hand?”
He pulled the hand back, trying to hold back small faces of pain. 
“...Got in a fight. There were lots of them.”
“Lots of what?”
I let out another small gasp.
“You saw Lycans while you were there?!”
“We didn’t even get to see the family. As soon as we rung the doorbell, swarms of
Lycans suddenly appeared from the townsfolk.”
I reached out to see his hand again, but he pulled it away painfully.
“Ed, that needs bandaging! Were you fighting with just your fists again? Ed, you
have that big metal plate on your right forearm, you could easily change it into a
blade. Why didn’t you?” I scolded him while trying to find medical supplies.
“They came too quickly, I didn’t have time!” He debated. I let out a sigh as I
found the bandages and some iodine. 
“Can’t be helped, I guess. Will you let me see your hand?” I said as I brought
the medical stuff to the table, ushering Ed over so I could treat it. He was wincing
pretty badly when I was dabbing iodine on his knuckles. The iodine was to prevent
infection, but it stung a lot. He took it well though, as I bandaged up his knuckles
and lower fingers. 
“How does it feel?”
“It still kind of stings, but it feels a lot better.” He said as he flexed his
“That’s good. What about your right arm? Having any troubles?”
“The joints that connect the fingers to the hand don’t work as well...”
“Ahh, Ed, you wrecked the suspension. I’ll have to fix that.” I said angrily as
I examined his metal hand.
Since his current mechanic didn’t live in Japan, I took over the job when we met at
the Academy. He breaks his metal limbs an awful lot. He needs to be more careful.
I watched Ed pull of his heavy over shirt to see a sleeveless shirt underneath, and
we got the arm off him quickly. That sounds a bit awkward, doesn’t it? Pulling off
someone’s arm isn’t usually a good thing... Ed was different though. His metal
arm took a year of surgery to get to work, and there’s always a metal base on
Ed’s right side to hold it in place. I took the arm over to the table while Ed went
to the kitchen to grab a snack. As I disassembled the hand to get a better look at
the circuitry underneath, I noticed there was a lot of blood caught in between the
cracks and getting in the way. I felt the urge to throw up, but I didn’t as I
washed it out as best I could. It didn’t smell like human blood, so that gave me a
bit of relief to know it wasn’t his or anybody else’s. Once the arm was all nice
and clean, I went and got a wrench from a tool chest I kept under one of the couches
and started fixing the joints on the hand. 
“How did Meaghan and Ryoki handle?” I asked, trying to start up a conversation.
“They’re both good fighters, but they get distracted by each other. They got into
a spat mid-fight.”
“Honestly? What about?”
“Ryoki pushed Megs out of the way of an attack from a Lycan she didn’t see until
too late, and she got mad saying she could’ve handled it herself.”
“What do you have to say about it?”
“They shouldn’t have been arguing at that exact time; I had almost half a dozen
Lycans trying to beat me to a pulp.”
“Yeesh. Meaghan really needs to lighten up. Ryoki helped her, she should accept
that help. Honestly, in the years I’ve known her, I have never been able to
understand why she hates Ryoki so much. Most of the time, he does nothing wrong.” I
explained as I fixed the right thumb of the hand.
“Search me, I have no clue. You were always the one who had to sleep in the same
room with her for two years.”
“Yeah, well, she never told me that much about him. I guess she doesn’t like to
talk about him. I still don’t get it though...”
“I’m not sure if we ever will, Sam.” Edward stated bluntly as he tried to fix
some tea for us with one hand. He always preferred coffee; I’m not sure why tea all
of a sudden has become a new favourite. The suspension on Ed’s hand was easy to
fix; it took no longer then ten minutes for all five fingers. By then, Ed was pouring
the tea into cups for both of us. I stood up and beckoned Ed over.
“I’m done.”
Ed rushed over quickly and sat down so I could reattach the arm. 
“Ok, I’ll reattach the nerves on the count of three. One...” I only counted up
to one before connecting Ed’s arm to the base, causing a jolt in Ed’s system.
After a flash of pain, Ed let out an exasperated sigh.
“You said three!”
“I lied. It’s better to get it over with.”
Ed let out another sigh.
“I hate it when the nerves connect...”
“Just take it like a man, Ed.” I said playfully, getting a weirded-out look from
Ed. I giggled a bit, and got up to get our tea from the counter. I didn’t just
bring it over though. No, I was in a playful mood, and I wanted to mess around with
my partner's head. Deviously, I went into the fridge and got out a quart of milk.
Usually, I have cream in my tea, but I’m also going to sabotage Ed’s tea with
milk. I know for a fact that he hates milk to the bitter core; this ought to be
After pouring the cup more than half-full of milk, but hiding it in a black cup, I
handed the sabotaged tea to Edward, who was oblivious to my plan, despite me not
being able to hold back a devilish smile. I sat down on the couch as calmly as I
could and put my cup on the table as I waited for Ed to take the first sip. Once he
did, the expression on his face was priceless. He looked like he was on the verge of
spitting it out, but managed to force it down. He looked into his cup and got a
closer look at the tea-flavoured milk. (Really, that’s what it was.) After
discovering what was in it, he gave me an evil glare, looking like he was ready to
squash the cup in his hand.
“ my...tea...?” He said slowly, making sure to stress
each word. I stifled giggles for less than a second, and then ended up bursting with
laughter. He suddenly caught on to what I did, and gave me the most cold look I’d
ever seen from him.
“Face it, Ed; you’re not going to get taller if you don’t drink it!” I said,
purposefully getting under his skin as I jumped over the couch to run from his
“WHAT WAS THAT?!” I heard his cry from behind me, only making me laugh harder. He
also attempted to jump over the couch, but ended up getting his foot caught and
falling flat on his face. Shocked, I rushed back to see he didn’t crack his skull
or anything. After crouching down to see if he was alright, he looked up at me with a
defeated look, which only made me giggle even more. This wasn’t my devious giggle
though; this was my sweet giggle, the one that meant that I liked what I saw. It was
distinctively different from my devious giggle, and after hearing it, Ed simply let
out another smile, losing all frustration he had about 20 seconds ago.
That night was hard for me to get to sleep. The rainclouds were pouring rain as hard
as ever, and thunder constantly rung throughout the surrounding area. I tossed and I
turned and did everything I could to help me sleep, but couldn’t. Edward was
sleeping just fine in the bed to my right. How could he sleep so soundly in a
thunderstorm? Whatever his trick was, I wanted to know it.
I climbed out of bed, wide awake, with the assumption that a nice hot cup of tea or
milk was all I needed to get drowsy. As I pulled the milk out of the fridge, I could
hear clamouring in the other house, along with some unidentifiable yelling. Jeez,
they were at it again? I wasn’t sure what it was about, but honestly, didn’t care
at the time. All I was really worried about was getting to sleep. I was a monster
when I didn’t get the sleep I needed when I wanted it; it drastically changes my
mood and personality. As the milk finished heating up, I could hear a very large slam
of a door in the other house. One of them had enough, I guess. I drank the milk down
quickly, and then headed back into the bedroom to try and sleep again. As I was about
to climb under the sheets, Ed shifted in his sleep, startling me. I look a closer
look at him. He looked a lot younger when he was asleep, also much cuter. After
feeling my gut wretch from embarrassment, I climbed back into bed and tried to fall
asleep again. The milk seemed to help a lot, and I think it was the only thing which
permitted me to sleep that night.
I woke up the next morning with a start; although I’m not sure why... The first
thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Edward looking right back at me, sitting by my
bedside. I’m sure my face went red, I can’t quite remember though. I can remember
asking why he was lingering at my bedside.
“You were breathing hard, and looked like you were in pain. I thought you were
getting sick, and you wouldn’t wake when I shook you; I was getting worried...”
I sat up quickly, letting out a small sigh. 
“It must’ve been a nightmare then, because I feel fine.” I said, even though I
couldn’t remember any of it, just waking up scared. Edward gave me a look of
disbelief, and put a hand to my forehead. His hand felt cold against my skin, but I
still didn’t feel like anything was wrong. His brows turned upwards.
“Sam, I think you have a fever. Maybe you should stay in bed...”
“I’m fine.” I said again, getting up out of bed. I didn’t bother getting
dressed first thing; I went straight to the kitchen, and absent-mindedly got the
ingredients to make Tamagoyaki for two. Tamagoyaki is basically the Japanese version
of a rolled omelette. Edward left the bedroom a few minutes after, fully dressed. He
kept looking at me, really worried. He had nothing to worry about; I felt fine. I was
just a bit hot from being bundled up in all those blankets. I sleep with about 6
blankets. Most of the time, I can’t stay warm, but sometimes, I heat up at night.
As I worked on the Tama, it was only then I noticed that it was a bright sunny day
out; not a cloud in the sky. That relieved me, no more rain. Finally, some nice warm
When the omelettes were done, I was already about halfway done when Ed reached the
table. I felt incredibly starved for some reason, and I had half a mind to eat the
whole flippin’ thing whole. Edward just looked at me wide-eyed as I tried to eat as
much as I could as fast as I could. I guess it was a bit out-of-character, but I was
hungry. Once I had stuffed it all into my stomach, I heard a cry from outside.
“Meaghan? MEEEEEEEAGHAN?!” I could easily hear Ryoki call from the other house.
Aww, man, was she gone? It figures, she does this more often then it seems. She runs
to the forest to calm down. Edward was already up when I had the idea of seeing if we
could help Ryoki. We both grabbed light coats and rushed to the other house. Since I
was still tired, I had a bit of trouble keeping up with Ed, or even just running.
People shouldn’t really expect me to run around next to first thing in the morning.
Ed didn’t bother knocking on the door. He opened it and found Ryoki looking around
the house for her, assuming it might be a prank. He quickly saw us and rushed up.
“Meaghan is gone, I can’t find her anywhere!”
“We know. The whole countryside could hear you calling.” I whispered to myself, a
bit grumpy. Ed gave me a quick glance, before suggesting we go look for her; she was
probably in the woods close-by. Ryoki nodded, and grabbed some shoes and a jacket as
we waited at the door. After we started running into the woods, I found myself having
a hard time keeping up with the two ahead of me, who were eager to find the missing
one of us. Usually, keeping up with them is no problem, but I just couldn’t keep
pace today. I blamed it on a bad sleep.
We actually weren’t running for that long before we saw somebody ahead of us. When
we came to a halt, he came to find Meaghan wandering around. Ryoki started going into
a lecture on her, but he didn’t get any angry responses; he just got a cold glare.
Something looked a bit off about her though... I stood there and analyzed her for a
few seconds to see what was up. It suddenly struck me. She was almost about as tall
as me. She’s barely 5 feet, now she looked like 5 foot 5. That wasn’t Meaghan. Oh
my gosh, this is bad. Ryoki was walking towards her, getting closer and closer. That
was probably what she wanted.
“Ryoki, no!!” I screamed suddenly, holding my hands out and creating a force
field around him in the nick of time.  The imposter showed its true form as a Lycan
and tried to savagely bite Ryoki. The force field made a strange reverberating noise
as it was deflected. A sudden pain went on in my head. Jeez, it was strong! This was
my first time seeing a Lycan; I underestimated its gruesome appearance. Ryoki just
stood inside my force field, shocked as what the girl he thought was there changed
and try to attack him. I then focused my force field on the Lycan to keep it
contained. It certainly didn’t like that. It savagely tried to break through,
causing a lot of strain on me. Each time it struck the force field, I got a large
pain in various places on my skull, sort of like knifes were trying to penetrate.
Once Ryoki was over the shock and ready to fight, I finally let go of the force
field, releasing a bunch of pent up energy. I desperately tried to recover as Ed
joined Ryoki in the fight. Looking up at them, they knew what they were doing, and
were quickly beating it down to size. Before too long, the Lycan fell to the ground
and disappeared into smoke. Ed let out an exasperated sigh.
“Damn, these things are getting smarter. We’ll have to be on our guard from now
All of a sudden, I felt really weak, and fell onto my knees. I was guessing it was
from overexerting myself on that force field earlier. Shocked, I could see Ryoki and
Ed rush to my side. Ed put his hand to my forehead again; I felt too weak to respond.
It was only then when I realized that I could actually be sick. Heh...I must’ve
been in denial. 
“...She’s burning with fever!” I could hear Ed murmur to Ryoki.
“Should we take her back to the houses?”
“We still have to look for Meaghan, don’t we?”
“Well, Sam isn’t going to fare well...”
Ed let out a small growl of frustration, before asking Ryoki to help me onto his
back, like a piggy-back. 
“Damn it, Sam, you can be a pain sometimes...” I could hear Ed say as he wrapped
his arms around my knees and started following Ryoki further into the woods. I, for
one, was glad to get a break from all the running. I was worried about Meaghan,
don’t get me wrong, but the fever I only recently admitted to having subdued me
into a deep sleep.
Last edited: 11 February 2010

CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   11 February 2010   249955  
Mahahaha I Like Where I Have To leave Off XD


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