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Chapter 6Category: (general)
Tuesday, 9 February 2010
07:42:22 AM (GMT)
This one is reeeeeeeally short.
Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Burned

I sat impatiently in Ed and I’s bedroom, thinking about what had transpired over
the few days. Meaghan had pulled an all-nighter, but for what reason, I’m not sure.
 That woman, Mrs. Tsukimiya, something was strange about her. I mean, sure, having
psychic powers is weird, but there was something else...I couldn’t put my finger on
it though.
I knew Meaghan was in the house over, taking a nap. I think she needed it. I found
myself gazing into the mirror on the vanity in the room. My hair was greasy, and my
face was mucked up with dirt. I don’t think I should face Master like this. I
walked out of the room and into the bathroom. I was going to take a quick shower,
just to freshen up. I felt all grimy, especially after meeting with the red ninja
creepers, and even more when sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. The shower made me feel a
lot better; it was nice and hot, just how I liked it. I forced myself to get out
after 10 minutes. I’d usually take a half an hour, but I didn’t want to waste
time; Master could come again any minute. When I got a towel and rubbed my thick hair
dry, it was only then I realized that I had forgotten to grab a change of clothes in
with me. Now I had to walk out of the bathroom, lock the bedroom, and get dressed
there. Since the house was so small, it was inevitable I would run into Ed. In a
TOWEL. I kept telling myself to walk fast; he would barely notice. I opened the door
and walked quickly, not bothering to look and see if he was there. I grabbed the door
to the bedroom, but I didn’t realize I wasn’t the one pulling the door open until
it was too late. Edward was opening the door at the same time on the other side. When
I realized I was looking eye-to-eye with him in a towel, I let out a little yelp; my
face feeling like it was on fire. Why does this always happen to me?! Edward stepped
back a bit, also letting out a yelp and going red. Before anything else could be
done, I rushed past Ed and shut the door, holding on tight to the towel. Why do
things like this always happen?!  I locked it hastily, and slipped on clean clothes
quickly. I put on more layers than usual, I felt a bit bare after that. When I walked
out of the bedroom, me and Ed avoided eye contact for awhile. I grabbed one of the
teas in the cupboard and put some water in the kettle and put in on the stove. Those
next few minutes waiting for the water to heat up were silent and awkward. Both of us
were waiting for the other to speak first. Nobody ended up talking as the kettle
started whistling. I rushed over and turned off the burner as I put the tea in the
teapot. I grabbed the kettle and proceeded to pour water into the pot. The water
wasn’t coming out for some reason; I tipped it further. The water suddenly poured
out, some of it in the pot; most of it on my hand. I let out a cry of pain as it felt
like the water was burning the flesh off my left hand. I could see Ed rushing to my
side, not sure what was wrong. While I desperately tried to tell him what happened, I
also found the chance to shortly apologize for the whole face-to-face-in-a-towel
thing. He nodded in response as he first finished pouring hot water into the pot,
then clapping his hands and placing them on the kettle, and pouring the rest of the
water into a bowl, telling me that cold water is best for burns. It wasn’t
steaming; I guessed he changed the water from hot to cold. When I placed my hand in,
my hand went from one extreme to another, from burning to frostbite. I let out a gasp
as I first pulled my hand out of the water. 
“Geez, that’s cold!”
“Keep your hand in there for as long as you can bear. It’ll prevent
I hesitated, but stuck my hand in the bowl again, wincing as the cold water subdued
my hand into numbness. I looked over at the kettle to see why it burned me.
Apparently, being all flustered, I forgot there was a cap on the spout of the kettle,
and the water spilled out of the cracks. That was probably one of the most stupid
things I’ve ever done. I let out a sigh as I heard the front door open. Meaghan and
Ryoki walked in the door, with our master right behind them. Well, this was even MORE
wonderful. Now Master will be able to see that I was being a stupid klutz, and I’d
be ratted out. The three of them stared at me with my hands in the freezing cold
bowl. I stared them down, trying not to look too weird. Edward played it cool; he
grabbed three more cups from the cupboard and poured the finished tea for all of us
without saying a word. Master smiled from where he was standing.


“An attack?” Edward asked, almost spilling his tea. The five of us had moved to
the couches as we drank our tea and Master explained the situation. Master nodded,
adding a cube of sugar to his tea. I honestly lost track of how many cubes he put in
that stuff; it made me sick. Too much sugar on anything ruins it. 
“Apparently, the village west of here has seen Lycans in the area. One family
claimed they have been attacked. I want you four to check it out. Taking any Lycans
we can out is our top priority.”
Edward looked down. I understood his thoughts. He didn’t want to kill anything.
He’ll fight for what he wants, but he won’t kill anybody to do it. I felt the
same way.  My burnt left hand strayed to his metal right hand worryingly; he looked
up at me, and smiled, attempting to hide his inner feelings. I heard Meaghan get up
loudly and hastily. 
“What are we waiting for, then? Let’s get over there!”
“I’m glad you’re eager to get to work, Meaghan. Edward, on the other hand,
looks ill. Are you alright?”
“...Will I have to kill anything?” He asked quietly. Master stared at him.
“I thought you agreed to the consequences of becoming a warrior.”
“I did, but I’m just wondering if it’s absolutely necessary. I’d prefer not
to if it’s avoidable.”
“...It depends on what you see when you go. If someone’s been infected with the
Lycan virus, then yes, it’s necessary you kill them, if they start transforming
into a Lycan.”
“Is there not a way to save them; a way to reverse the venom?”
“Once the disease takes hold, there’s no way known to save them. Once the
physical transformation starts, their humanity is lost.”
Edward looked away, with frightened eyes; eyes I hadn’t seen on him often. My hand
reached out to his again, although I didn’t realize it until he looked at me a bit
surprised. My face asked him to stop being worried, and his heavy expression
lightened a bit. We all slowly got up then, and started getting ready to leave, when
Master placed a firm hand on my shoulder.
“Are you sure you want to go with that burnt hand, Sam? I’m sure it will do
nothing but torment you while you’re out, and it might affect your performance as a
“But, they need me, Master, I wouldn’t live it down if they got hurt while I
stayed behind!”
“You might only burden them with your injury.”
“Listen, you have nothing to worry about. Those three have good heads on their
shoulders, especially your partner. They’ll be fine.”
I wanted to protest more, but I stopped and gave in to him. As much as I wanted to go
and keep them safe, I accepted the fact that I would indeed be a burden, and if
caught in battle, I could cost them dearly. I said nothing more after that and walked
off to the bedroom, a cold cloth pressed against my hand. I sat on the bed, defeated.
I just pray that they come back in one piece...
I noticed something shine on Edward’s vanity. I looked and saw his silver pocket
watch glistening in the late morning light. An idea suddenly occurred to me...a bad
one. I heard a rumour that if you cut off a lock of hair and keep it near a boy you
like, they’ll think about you the whole time you’re apart. It’s silly, but I
felt it was necessary. I pulled a pocketknife from one of my vanity drawers and
painfully cut a small lock of my sun bleached hair off. Not enough to be noticeable,
but enough to be useful. I then rushed over to Ed’s pocket watch and opened up the
back – where the battery was – and placed the hair in there and closed it up. Ed
took the pocket watch with him everywhere; he’ll no doubt take it this time. I sat
back down on the bed, a bit more at ease. No more than 10 seconds later, Edward
rushed through the door and stuffed the watch into his pocket.
“Are you sure you won’t be coming, Sam?”
“....Master convinced me better. Ed, I...” I wanted to start a sentence, but
decided against it. I wanted to get up and hug him badly then, but I restrained
myself. I was not sure how he’d react.
“...Just come back safely, please.”
He stared at me a for a second, but ended up smiling.
“C’mon, Sam, have I ever let you down?”
I thought for a second. There wasn’t any time I could recall where he hadn’t come
when he said or anything like that. I smiled at him, still trying to restrain myself
from getting up and hugging him. He gave me one final smile before turning around and
going through the door. I finally couldn’t hold it back anymore. As soon as he was
out of the door to the bedroom, I rushed over and hugged him from behind tightly. He
stopped dead in his tracks as I clung on. I could feel him let out a sigh, as he left
my grip and turned to me. I could see a slightly exasperated smile before he took me
and hugged me.
“You really worry too much, Sam.” I could hear him say softly as I felt like I
was going to melt in his arms. I returned his hug slowly, and before I knew it, we
were done and he was on his way. I watched the doorway for awhile after that. I’m
not really sure why, maybe I expected Ed to come back for something. Well, he has the
watch, so that should account for something. I went to the cupboard and slowly
grabbed a snack before returning to the bedroom to impatiently wait for Ed’s

Have fun writing that, Meaghan.

CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   9 February 2010   654034  
MAHAHA I already KNOW What I Want To Do If We Find Lycans, MAHAHAHA
*Evil Sinister Laugh*
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   9 February 2010   192628  
Beat them to a pulp? That'd be my best guess. xD 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   9 February 2010   849746  
Mahahaahahaha Maybee.....
Maybe Not...
You'll See 


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