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Tuesday, 19 January 2010
09:43:25 PM (GMT)
The Little Things

Name: yoshi
Age: 13
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hair color: darkbrown
Natural color: same
Eye Color: Brown/black
Skin Type: white?
Dimples: i dono.
Tattoos: none.

Do you think you are...

Good looking? im decent.
Smart? decent, again.
Funny? people say i am, sometimes.
loving? i try to be 
Giving? i try to be.
Cheerful? today i was :D
A Drama Queen? no. lol, i cant even stay mad at someone for five seconds.
Spoiled? no.
Bratty? no.
Sweet? i hope i am.
Respectful? i try to be.
A good daughter/ son? i hope i am.
A good sister/ brother? lol. 
A good Girlfriend/ Boyfriend? :D i <3 evan.
A true friend? i wish my friends would notice that. most dont.

This or That...

Love or Money: love <3
Boyfriend or no Boyfriend: evan <3
Freezers or Hot Chocolate: ?
Beach or Pool: beach.. i think.
Hawaii or Italy: AAH BOTH.
Children no children: i dont know.
Married or no getting married: ..evan <3
Christmas or New Years: both.
Cell phone or computer: uh.. both.
Music or T.V: music.
Snow or Rain: rainrainrain.
Summer or Winter: winter.
Valentines Day or Birthday: valentines day.

Who makes you...

Laugh? molly/taylor :D
Smile? evan :D
Giggle? amanda/molly/taylor
Cry? ..amanda/chris
Feel Special? evan/molly/monica/taylor
Feel Loved? evan/molly/monica/taylor/kendall/sterling

Your Cell Phone...

Whats your ringtone? vibrate :/
Whats your wallpaper? me, amanda, sarah, and molly at bridges.
What Brand? samsung
Who's first on your contact list? alyssiah times ten lol.
Who's last? zoe.
How many songs did you download? i dono...
Is the one you love on your list? duhrr.

Your past...

Most romantic moment: everything with evan/3:33 AM with amanda.
The happiest moment: penis day. (amanda/evan lol.)
The sadest moment: september 2009.
The Hardest moment: new years 2010.

Your Future...

What do you want to be? singer/actress/comedian/writer/poet/songwriter
Where do you want to live? here ish.
Do you want to get married? evan <3
Do you want to have kids? maybe.
What would you like their names to be? girl: alex/aethel/yoshi, boy: joseph, or no
What type of wedding do you want? i dont know <3
Your Bridemaids?amanda, danielle, monica, molly, alyssiah
Your dress? verywhite.
Where do you want it? i dont knowyet.
What type and color flowers? black and whiteroses? im not sure though. 
Your own vows or no? either. <3
Who will the flower girl be? lol, i dono.
Who will the ring boy be? i dono.


Who was your last love? love you, evan <3
Was your love true? it doesnt get any truer than this, love.
Do you still love them? verymuch, never stopped loving him.
Do you miss them? right now, SOMUCH.
Would you ever consider being with them again in the future? this is technically the
third time <3 lol. i want to stay with him. for..
cough. ever.
What does your heart desire? to be happy. to stay with evan forever, honestly. for
amanda to be the way she used to be. 
Who do you really want to be with? evan <3 somuch.
Are you single or taken? taken by the amazing evan <3
Do you have someone in mind? evan :D
Are you in love? yes sir. somuch.


What was your last dream about? evan.. wow. 
Who was in it? evan, random people.
Your two best friends? i dont know anymore.
Do you love to shop? sure.
Whats your favorite store? the mall.
Your favorite perfume? why does evan always smell so good? lol, im not a stalker.
Are you a purse freak? no.
A shoe freak? i love my shoes, but no.
Your favorite song? right now, loves not a competition cover by paramore.
Your favorite funny movie? baby mama/extract/juno/forgetting sarah marshall
Romantic movie? lol, JUNO.
Scary movie? drag me to hell.
Restaurant?no idea.
Fast food? taco bell.
Drink? mountain dew/monster dew/strawberry soda/coke
Fruit? no idea.
Food type? chinese.
Chips? hot cheetos puffs.
Ice cream? vanillla.
Candy/Chocolate? AH. york/kitkat/boxofchocolates.
Favorite Band? PARAMORE.
Favorite cd? brand new eyes, by PARAMORE.
Favorite singer? christofer drew/hayley williams.
3 favorite songs? loves not a competition cover by paramore/what is love by
nevershoutnever/firecracker by four letter lie
What annoys you? chris/when people constantly tell me how much they hate evan.
What makes you happy? evan/friends/music.
Have you grown as a person in the past year? fuckyes.
Do you think it shows? yes.
Who do you wanna get kissed by at midnight? lol, evan. <3
Who are you thinking of right now? EVAN, douchesurvey.
Who do you want to spend the rest of our life with? honestly.. <3 evan. :D

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