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Exhibit A. ♥Category: (general)
Thursday, 14 January 2010
02:59:35 PM (GMT)
I received a sms from a stranger 2 nights ago. Stranger: Hi... Can i know you? Stranger: Pls... I really want to know you. Esther: Who are you? Stranger: Someone trying to know you la. Can anot? Esther: How you got my number? Stranger: Can intro...? *calls stranger directly because it's troublesome to sms. stranger doesn't pick up call* Stranger: Why you call? Esther: To ask who are you and how you got my number. Stranger: Aiya. Does it matter where i got your number? Esther: Yes. Stranger: I anyhow press one. Esther: You are male or female. Stranger: You leh? Esther: When i ask you question, u just answer. i dont like draggy people. Stranger: But u answer mine first... Esther: Suan ler. Dont sms me anymore. Stranger: ok la ok la. im a guy la. u leh? *blah blah blah* Esther: You alot patience hor. You dont know who i am, what's my gender, i so unfriendly you still can reply hor. Stranger: sorry sorry. dont angry la. what's your name? Esther: Esther. Stranger: O... Sweet name. Mine's ****. Can we be friends? Esther: What's your age. what's your friendster email. I see already then say. Stranger: Wa. Want to see picture then can be friends ah. Esther: Why would i want to be friends with a 30 plus uncle or a 13 year old xiao di di?? Stranger: Sure... but im 19. So dont worry...? Esther: You go around anyhow sms random number ah. What if im a 54 year old aunty? Stranger: that's why i need you to tell me your age ma.. Esther: Age 54 (: Stranger: O my god! Esther your're so young! Ur're at your golden age leh! Esther: Go random sms another person la. *stranger continues being interested in 54 year old me* -.-"
Last edited: 14 January 2010

likeaskeletonkey says:   14 January 2010   239882  
this is freaky. :|
a girl i knew's boyfriend (now an ex, apparently), keeps sending me
nasty texts ever since summer, dude. he probably got my number from
her, and now i think he's even married or something. he kept asking
for pictures, and meeting points, and saying dirty shit. i kept
telling him off in the harshest way possible, i even got serious about
it, but he didn't give a fuck. this still goes on and i don't know
what to do. i told her, she just told me to ignore him. lmfao. you
didn't really need to know this, but i'd advice you not to speak to
him, whoever he might be. 
themiracleseason says:   14 January 2010   522221  
That's the thing.
At least you knwo who you're talking to ._. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   14 January 2010   739017  
exactly, at least i know. and you don't, which is why you shouldn't
even reply unless he gives you detailed information. although i'm no
one to speak, since i've replied to strangers before. the thrill is
good. .-.
themiracleseason says:   14 January 2010   160406  
I know.
But it was just weird.
likeaskeletonkey says:   14 January 2010   325193  
has he told you anything else, lmfao? D;
themiracleseason says:   14 January 2010   406867  
After that night he more or less stopped. XD
Thank God. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   14 January 2010   804068  
all for the better, then.
you could track him down, though. if it becomes more serious. :B
themiracleseason says :   15 January 2010   809690  
I could try.
But I won't.
It's all done with now :P 


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