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Friday, 8 January 2010
09:50:19 PM (GMT)
I'm doing these things called weekly polls every week now... Unless I don't have
time xD
Anyways, the first weekly poll is...

Who's "service" do you think is better...mine or Suigetsu's?
If you know what I mean...>:3

...Let me rephrase that to "who is better looking?" xD

Since I made the poll, I give my vote out to myself~
You have a week to vote, and then I post the results on this same entry

Tobi_chan says:   8 January 2010   503914  
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   8 January 2010   395194  
;D xD
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   8 January 2010   754689  
T_T come on people vote for me~
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   8 January 2010   724283  
no wai!!! I'm so much hoptter!! >w< And chibier!! Is that even a
word?? chibier xD
TemariChan says:   8 January 2010   960732  
but i like both of you
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   8 January 2010   581162  
TTwTT But i'm nicer!~
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   8 January 2010   725027  
But I'm shyer!~
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   12 January 2010   177784  
You know my answer, Sasuke-Kun! ^^
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   12 January 2010   146654  
Yes~ now we're tied >=D
TemariChan says:   12 January 2010   773660  
I hate ties... Okay let try this!
I would trust both of you with my life
But I would be more likely to sleep with Sasuke than with Sui But I
would love to have Sui do Mouth to Mouth resuscitation under what with
me, since he's water, and water is 2 parts hydrogen and i part oxygen
But I would be more likely to bear Sasuke's kids since shark babies
will be awkward...but cute...Teh Heh shark babies
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   12 January 2010   988844  

...*falls out of chair* 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   430041  
... O.e Temari-Chan....

First of all, I bet you would choose Shikamaru. XD Second, it just
says who's better looking, third, You're getting a bit too far..
Oh, and... Yeahh... >.> //dies

You okay, Sasuke-Kun? *giggle* 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 January 2010   419102  

Originally I was talking about who you would
But then I changed it because...well, you can see why Dx

And yes, I'm ok xD 
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   666812  
lol sorry and yes I would choose shikamaru over all
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   913576  
Ohgosh Sasuke, if you did that then nobody would answer.. Except me
and Karin :P

Ooh~ XD 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 January 2010   346241  

Somebody has a crush...>_> just sayin!


And you guys would both vote for me, riight? ...right?
And so wouldn't I win? >=D 
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   810225  
And Ino, don't forget her Sakura, but I think she is falling for Sai
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   750295  
And yes it's a crush, nothing more nothing less
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   891949  
XD Oh really?

Ooh, she is? Nobody told me. DX 
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   402113  
Oh come on don't you remember when those to both meet, at a BBQ
grill? And he called her pretty? And you was all like grrrr and stuff.
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 January 2010   783146  

Oh yeah, you mean that BBQ party that I wasn't there for? T_T
...Thanks guys Dx


Really! because obviously both you and Karin would choose me~ right
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   846423  
Stupid gay mofo Sai. -.-
Calling me an ugly whore... Hmph.. 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   265544  
Hmm... Let me think about it... 
Kidding. :P
But I'll kick her butt if she comments here, I haqte her hairstyle...
Though it's... EHHHH 
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 January 2010   467848  

What does "EHHH" mean? xD that's the best adjective in the world!
I'm going to start using that today...

(Like when I get my math test back today I'm gonna say "EHHHH" xDD) 
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   736315  
Eh... >.>

TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   209139  
Oi, Ino is here next to me reading over me
She doesn't think Sai is a gay mofo, but she still think that you a a
billboard brow Sakura....

And sasuke, I think you went all emo and killed Orochimaru during this
time frame
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   465503  
oh no you got me going "Ehhhhh"
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says:   13 January 2010   425692  
I still thi9nk she's a pig, though pigs are cute if you think in a
different way,
Who am I to care, anyways? 
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   824794  
she says sorry now
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 January 2010   867790  

well the job had to be done sooner or later, because just think of all
those poor little boys T_T

(it was so ironic...Orochimaru died in the anime, and then Michael
Jackson died 2 days later in real life xDDD) 
TemariChan says:   13 January 2010   495785  
well he's gone now...

(yeah really? I blame you)
Oroborus21 says:   13 January 2010   234881  
i vote for one of the asian guys
SakuraBlossom_Haruno says :   14 January 2010   640509  
Huh? O.o 


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