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Monday, 28 December 2009
10:30:05 AM (GMT)
Okay, newest of the newest questions, you ready?

Do you like the idea of promise rings in relationships?
Meh... I dunno. Cause, like, you could break the promise, and that means you gotta
take the ring off.
I like rings...

What was the last thing you drank?

Reason behind the last time you cried really hard?
Oh, I just got real frustrated.

What are you doing at this very second?
T y p i n g   t h i s . 

Do you believe that there's good in everybody?
There could be.
If they tried.

Have you kissed anyone with a tattoo before?
My daddy. ;P

What side of a heart do you draw first?
The left side. <3

Are you the same person as you were at the beginning of 2008?
No. Personality wise, yeah. Physical wise, No. //sigh.

Would you ever get a tattoo?

What will you be doing this weekend?
Uh, well, the weekend's past now.
This weekend coming, who knows. :P

Are you dating the last person you talked to?
//dies with laughter.
But, people say that he likes me. ;o;

If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
Uh, autumn.
I think it's pretty. >3<

Do you find piercings attractive on the opposite sex?
One ear, yeah, probably.

How many people have you had strong feelings for in the year of 2009?
...I've crushed on the same guy for over a year now.
I've gotten closer to some friends. So, yeah.

Let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex?
OMFG. YES. //gasp.

What are you supposed to be doing right now?
Taking tablets, but, I got no juice. ;-;

Anything you're looking forward to?
Tomorrow - Shopping.
Wednesday - Sam coming over.
New Year and going back to school.

Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now?

Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
I dun know.

Do you understand football?
I dun like it. ¬3¬
I used to be on the team at Primary School, but, I dun like it.

Where is the shirt you're wearing from?
Er, I dunno.
It was a Christmas Pressie.

Is your number one single?
I think so. :B

Do you smoke weed everyday?

Can you go a day without music?
I couldn't.
I haven't tried. xP

The person you HAVE the strongest feelings for dies, do you care?

Are you nice to everyone?
To their face, yeh. :B

Have you kissed more than five people this year?
Family. :P

Have you ever cried from being so mad?
Yes, yes I have.

Have you bought any new clothing items this week?
Ohyeah. I can't go a week without buysing something.

Where is your mom right now?
Lying on the sofa. :B

Last time you talked on the phone?
Lastnight. :P

Are you happy?
I'm okay. ^^"

If you HAD to dye your hair a color what color would it be?
Uh, blonde, or blonde with either blue, green or pink highlights. :D

Ever had a girl best friend?
I have many girl bestfriends. <3

What was the last thing you and your mom talked about?
How loud the telly was. ._.

Do you still talk to the person you were dating 4 months ago?
I haven't been dating.

Explain what triggered your last kiss?
My father was leaving the house. :B

You kissed someone Saturday night, didn't you?

When's the last time you screamed really loud?
Eh, when a 'Jenny Long Legs' attacked me.

Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
Hope so. <3

What were you doing right before you logged into Myspace?
I dun got myspace.

Where do you want to live when you are older?
I wunna live in the town I'm in.

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
Oh yeah. Most of my friends are boys, actually.

Are all of your friends in relationships?

Your phone is ringing. It 's your most recent ex. What do you say?
"Hello? Oh, hi. You must be the ex I never had!" :B

Did you stand on your tippy-toes for your last kiss?
No. I hasn't.

Your most recent ex calls, what is he/she calling for?
To see if I have any 'knock-out-gas.'
Or, as Katie calls it, 'Giggle Gas' :B

How long was your last phone conversation?
About 10 minutes or something.

Have you ever seen the last person you kissed without a shirt?
I haven't kissed, stupid.

Who was the first person you hugged today?
My father. ._.

Are you a bad influence?
Ohyeah. Well, not really. I'm just evil.

Are you close to your siblings?
I don't have any.
I have half's, though.
They annoy me.

Can you honestly say you're happy right now?
I'm okay. I've just got a weird feeling in my wrist.

How is your hair?
I haven't even straightened it today.
But, I don't even get bed-head.
My hair is always nice. <3

Are you more of a hookup or relationship person?
A whuut? I haven't dated anyone. ._."
So, I wouldn't know.

What's your relationship with the last person you kissed?
My father. >.>

Do you have any nieces or nephews?
No. I dun.

The last person you texted says they want you to be theirs, you say?
'William, seriously?'

When did you last eat McDonald's?

When you trip, do you get embarrassed or just play it off?
Play it. :B

Is there someone you wouldn't mind kissing right now?
Yeah. //wink wink.

Did anyone go to your house last night?
Nuu. I went to someone's.

Do you toss & turn for hours at night or fall right to sleep?
Toss & turn.

When do you want to have kids?
I don't.

Name of the last person to text you?
Duh, William.

Who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?

Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Yeah. I DO have one.

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
Yesh. :D

Have you faced any of your fears lately?
No. Not planning to either.

Have you ever kissed in the rain?
No! I haven't even KISSED.

Who was the last person to comfort you as you cried?
My whole family.

Do you have to plug your nose while swimming under water?
No. I'm a great swimmer.

Are you a heart breaker?
Yeah. I could be.

Is it ever too late to apologize?
Sometimes. :/

Do your computer speakers work?

Which friend are you most similar to?
No one's like me. ;]
If anyone, Kayla.
I mean, Katie and that are my bestfriends, but, I'm more like Kayla.

Would you get back with your last ex if they asked you?
Dun got an exx.

Have you kissed anyone whose name starts with a J,R,D,C?
No. -_-

Camping with a ton of friends or hotel with a few friends?
Tha hotel.
I dun like the dark.

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name starts with P, M, L, T, K or B?

Your last ex died today, how would you feel?
Wow. The air died. ._.

Who can make you feel better in a difficult situation?
Eh, a lot of people.
School, basicly. :B

Do you think your ex will ever want to be with you again?
No. He told me he was gonna dissapeer forever. I would never see him again.

Has anyone told you they don't ever wanna lose you?
Yea. But in a friend-loving way.
But, we WERE talking about getting together. ._.

What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet?
Eh, purses and old bags.

How do you feel about girls smoking?
Nothing to do with me.

Where would you rather live, England or Australia?
But, If I lived in England, I'd get to meet Harriet and Rainy and stuff.

What's your relationship with the last person you texted?
Jesus. -_-
William's my friend. :]

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you
Jesus, look at my face. It's all red. ._.

Do you fall for people easily?
I don't think so....

What do you do when you have a bad day?
Sit on the sofa in a bad mood or yell.

Do you want someone dead?

Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?
If you want.

What would be the first thing you would do with 100,000 dollars/pounds/euros?
...Jewellery, Games, Clothes, Perfume, I'd get really good stuff for my dogs.

If you clone yourself and kill your clone, is it considered suicide?

Are you addicted to cigarettes?

Do you know anyone named Holly?

Is there at least one ex girlfriend or boyfriend you can trust?
..........I dun got one. STUPID DUMBASS.

Have you ever kissed someone who smokes weed?
No. ¬3¬

When was the last time you had a real smile on your face?
Earlier today.

Do you ignore people when you're mad or upset with them?

Do you honestly believe that good things come to those who wait?
Depends. :/

Do you want to see someone this very minute?
Yes. DX

Do you like someone?
I like loadsa people. <3

Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry?
Yah. My father has.

Do you trust all of your friends?
Not all.

Are you happy with the way things are going?

Who was the last person you introduced yourself to?
LollyLovex3, Rachel. :D

Why did you take the last pill you took?
Cause it's my prescription.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone for over an hour?
Eh....... My cousin.

Last person you kissed, saw you kissing someone else, would they be mad?
My father? Idk.

Did you wake up in the middle of the night?
Yeah. orz

Meet anyone new this year?
Loads of people. :]

Would you hug the last person you hugged again?

Is it easy to make you cry?
When I'm with friends, no.

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