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Dude, it's a survey. Thing.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 23 December 2009
03:07:25 PM (GMT)
Pretzels or breadsticks? 

have you heard of the crisps called chipsticks? 
Yes. They are my favorite. ^^
Infact, I just had a packet.
Salt&Vinegar FTW.

where do you live? 
In Scotland.

what concerts/gigs have you been to? 
None, actually. ._.

which was the best? 
None, actually. ._.

do you wake up in the same position as when you go to sleep? 
How should I know?
I dun remember what side I go to sleep.

do you wear socks in bed? 

how many push-ups can you do?
Uh, 30 or 40.

have you kissed anybody in the past month? 

what are you up to today? 
Uh, I'm going to bed in about 2 hours.

do you prefer the summer or winter? 
I like Winter.

nevershoutnever! or paramore? 
Never heard of neither. ._.

have you heard mika's new song? what's your opinion of it? 
What one?
'We are Golden'?
I like that song. ^^

what's your favourite nevershoutnever! song? 
Never heard of the people. :D

are you on a desktop computer or laptop? 
I gots a Computer upstairs, though.

what's the craziest thing you've ever worn? 
I've had so many...

have you ever sat on a rooftop? 

do you like to watch the stars at night? 

when was the last time it thundered where you are? 
Uh, a few months back.

do you have any pets? 
Yah. :3

last film you saw at the cinema? 
New Moon <3

did you like it? 

latest band/artist you've gotten into? 
What? I dun get it.

do you prefer big acts, that everybody's heard of or smaller acts? 
Big ones. FTW.

do you like fluffy cushions? 
Laavv them. :D

do you save surveys when you've done them? 
No. I post them as diaries. DUH.

what would you do if your parents told you that you were adopted? 
REALLY?! //gasp.

how's the weather where you are? 

finish the sentence 

love is... pink. :D

what's your favourite kind of flower? 
None. I'm allergic.

what t.v shows do you love watching? 
I has so many! ;o;

last party you went to? describe it? 
Christmas Disco.

how do you type your smiley faces? 
By pressing the keys on the keyboard? :B

last holiday you went on? did you enjoy it? 

can you do a handstand? 
Used to. ¬3¬

what about a cartwheel? 
Again, used to. ¬3¬

could you ever love someone who's stabbed you in the back? 
I stab everyone. ^^"
SO, Yes.

your favourite song right now? 
Micheal Bublle- Haven't Met You Yet.

how many times have you listened to your 'most listened to' song on itunes? 
I dun like iTunes.

what kind of jewellery do you wear? 

what genre of music is your favourite? 
I dun know.

what are you doing next saturday? 
Going to my dad's for 'Boxing Day Dinner'.
How great. ._.

do you like to plan ahead or take each day as it comes? 
Both. :D

do you consider yourself to be daring? 

do you have facebook? 
Yes, but I hate facebook.

do you prefer... 

facebook or myspace? 

crackers or cheese? 

cake or cookies? 
I like both. ;-;

milk or juice? 
I hate milk.

young children or elderly people? 
None. Both are extremely annoying.

socks or shoes? 
Sockies. :3

daisies or roses? 
Roses. <3

simple things or complicated things? 
Depends on the situation.

classical music or rap? 

rock or country music? 
I dun know. D8

running in the rain or lazing in the sun? 
Running Wheeling in the rain. >:D

bags or shoes? 
Shoes. ^^

cushions or footstools? 

punk/alternative clothing or more trendy stuff? 

what time is it? 
Uh, half 8pm.

are you gonna save this survey? (i think you should :D) 

do you think i should do more surveys? 
Do what you want. ._.

can you click your fingers? 

final question.. 

can you use chopsticks? 

‹The Jesus of Suburbia› says:   24 December 2009   388029  
What's wrong with the elderly. You can at least have a conversation
with them.
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   24 December 2009   844394  
Not my gran.
She thinks that I'm my cousin.
And, my cousin's my mum. ._.
She's got dimenture. :/ 
‹The Jesus of Suburbia› says:   26 December 2009   334663  
Dementia. Nasty. Not her fault though. Remember that.
‹WeaponFace♥› says :   31 December 2009   962871  
Duh. I know that! :B 


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