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chapter 71: Crime SceneCategory: Skip Beat!
Sunday, 29 November 2009
12:17:56 PM (GMT)
this is what i believe shouldve happened in chapter 71, but it DIDNT!!! so i decided
to write what should have happened 

finally, u can read this haley :P

enjoy readers!!


    I know how it feels to have a woman imprisoned... in my arms... but... the
sense of touch and... the sense of smell... did not heart... like this...
filling me with......longing......
With my arms already embraced around her, my arms tightened. I felt her body freeze,
but I did not let go.    
    “This…” Kyoko spoke nervously, “S-sensei?”
    My eyes shot open. What…what…am I doing…!? This...this is not good!!! If
I intercepted her fall and moved away from her right away, it would have been normal,
but after having squeezed her in my arms, it would look strange if I released her
right afterward in a panic. It would be like saying “I couldn’t help myself from
embracing you.” I can’t do that…I can’t have her…realize how I
feel…my…true feelings.
    Slowly, I released her. My eyes gazed down at Kyoko’s irresistible face fondly.
Tenderly, I caressed her face with my hand and softly brushed my thumb across her
lips. When I did this, Kyoko’s eyes opened wide with bewilderment. I gazed at her
face affectionately and held her chin lightly so that her eyes would lock with mine.
    “Do you...,” I started.
    “Eh?” Kyoko responded.
    “Have any,” I paused, “experience…in kissing?”
    Kyoko stared blankly at me with shock. “Uh…n-n-n…n-no…w-why?”
    I gave her a blank expression, and then smirked slyly. Kyoko gasped with unease.
    “Do you…” I inched closer, “want me to…” closer…, “ teach
you?” I smiled as I inched closer and closer to her lips.
    Kyoko just froze and stared in complete and utter confusion.
    “Well?” I asked as with my face came just millimeters above Kyoko’s
wonderful, frozen face.
    “U-Uhh…” Kyoko stuttered uncertainly.
    Her eyes were wide with fear, but for once, I took no notice to it. She was mine,
and I loved her, no one could take her away from me.
    “I’ll take that as a…” And with my eyes full of affection, I moved my
face until my lips were right above hers. As I looked straight into her eyes, I
finished, “...yes.”
And tenderly I kissed her luscious lips. I felt her freeze, so I enjoyed the moment
only for a few seconds, as to not terrify her. Then, slowly, I separated from our
kiss and looked down on Kyoko’s confused face, her eyes now full of surprise and
    “Tsu-Tsuraga-s-san” Kyoko stammered. She just lay there, completely frozen.
    My mind shook. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My self
control had just been shattered with that one spoken word. Slowly, I brushed the hair
out of her face and slid my hand behind her head and entangled my fingers in her soft
hair. I closed my eyes and once again, gently kissed her lips, but this time with
more passion. I felt Kyoko tense up, but after a few seconds, I felt her give in. I
started to enjoy our kiss more and more. I wrapped my arms around Kyoko's slim body
again, and to my surprise, Kyoko started to kiss back in the tiniest bit. I gave her
quick gaps to breathe between each kiss because i could not bear having our lips
apart for too long. We kissed more passionately as each second passed by. I felt her
hand pull my head closer to deepen the kiss. It seemed as though the kiss was never
ending, but kisses can not go on forever, and by the time we were finished, we were
both gasping for breath.
    It was me who turned red first, the first time I have ever turned red, 
because Kyoko was in immersed in bewilderment at the moment.
    “I-I’m so sorry Mogami-san…I just lost control of my fe-” No… I
couldn’t let her know…although I just kissed her, so how could she not figure it
out? Although…it is Kyoko, who is extremely dense… “Mo…Mogami-san?” I asked
    At once, Kyoko came back to her senses. “Eh?” Kyoko’s face turned an
extremely deep color of red when she looked up at my face, which I had never seen
before. Hastily she slid out from under me and sat up, looking away. “Uhm…that
was…” She paused and glanced over at me with a shy face never seen before. Kyoko
never made a shy face, at least not around me. Slowly she got up, “I uh…have
to…um…go” Hastily she ran over to the door and opened it halfway, then stopped
and looked at me with a sad face. “Um... Thank you for letting me help you with
creating a good Katsuki. Goodnight!” And quickly she bowed and briskly walked out
the door.
    During all of this I had just sat on the floor, frozen in my place.
    I put my head in my hands, I am so sorry Mogami-san, please don’t be mad at

i think i did a pretty good job U_U*huff huff*
Last edited: 29 November 2009

Neurofan says:   29 November 2009   340783  
GAHH!!!! i cant wait till chapetr 149 comes out!!!! >_< its so
they were finally going to kiss but the chapter stopped right before
they did>:O!!
but i think that the chapter comes out december 5th or something!!
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   2 December 2009   854267  

i...i could never have done... have talent woman. talent! TTwTT

i hope those worked. :/
Neurofan says :   2 December 2009   321576  
they worked

and thank u!!! :D i love u niana!!!!


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