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Wtf is wrong with men? (or boys in my case)Category: (general)
Saturday, 14 November 2009
12:38:13 PM (GMT)
what is it about guys that they find it so amusing 
if they take your phone and dont give it back?
Cause last night, being the only girl with a group
of guys, one of my friends thought it would be 
funny to take my phone that i left on the table
when i went to get some food. okay yeah, i laughed
but he wouldnt giv it back. i thought "okay, yeah 
whatever hes just dicking around" but the twentieth
time it gets really annoying, then they hid my phone 
and wouldnt tell me where it is. i got pissed off.
as much as i love my guy friends, cause i am one of the
guys, stop being assholes to me! i can only take so much
before i get mad.

‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   14 November 2009   331564  
Haha, they just want to see if your talking to other boys.
Or any pictures.
Its therer way of flirting
MiSSxMoLLYxLoVE suggests:   23 November 2009   187866  
The  next time  to  go  , try  having  a  few  girlfriends  go with
don't   want   try to   make  yourself   look  like  a  whore  to
seriously  if   your  one  girl , with  a  bunch  of  guys ,  There is
going  on  than  just   talking  okay ,  The  guys  are  getting 
you  are  also  setting  a bad  example  for  others  online  too
dont  say  all   you do  is  hang out with a bunch of guys  O come on
my dear
DevilishPixie says:   23 November 2009   147915  
madam, im srry to say but in this town, the guys are
more trustworthy than girls. all the chicks here acre about are how
many blowjobs they can give in a week. Not to mention they backstab
alot. I find guys are more trustworthy. and plus i can say anything
the guys and they'll laugh and not be offended. 
MiSSxMoLLYxLoVE wonders:   23 November 2009   962185  
I  just  am  glad  to know  the  guys  respect  you
Please  accept  my  apology  cause   I was thinking
You  with  all  these  guys , that  you  do stuff
With  them , Serioiusly  it's  none of  my business if ya do
But  becareful   cause  someone might  not know  who the
daddy is  to her baby,  If  the guys are nice  cool  But
If  their  looking  for  pussy , than  you better becareful
MiSSxMoLLYxLoVE whispers:   23 November 2009   111967  
Yes some girls  can be real  bitches 
I  do  agree , Its  a  shame  when 
some  girls  do  put  them selfs  out
like  that    You  got  to wonder why
it's  not right  for   the good  girls
who  got  to suffer?
DevilishPixie says:   23 November 2009   745042  
thats fine i can see where your comin
from. and just to bring it up, if they
did (or still do) want pussy, then it wouldnt
be from me, cause y'know. i respect myself.
haha. im just the gamer nerd guys love to 
up (; 
MiSSxMoLLYxLoVE whispers :   23 November 2009   778589  
I'm  glad  to hear  you  are  nice
its  no  problem  hanging  with guys
if  they  respect  you,  Now i am getting
a  better  image of  things xoxo

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