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Friday, 30 October 2009
10:27:37 PM (GMT)
Overall mood after playing: Hm. Yeah.



(No, not the Evangelion movie I RLLY RLLY wanted... ;_; ) 

There was a game rental place close by that was moving its location, hence the
"SELLSELLSELL" attitude that came with it. I got Shattered Blade for $9.99- Not a bad
price, considering a brand new shiny version was $20 bucks, which will hardly ever
come my way. 

The storyline... Was pretty retarted, to be honest. 

(Also, it's probably just me, but Byakuya sounds like a twit in battle. >_> "Aaghff!"

So... It was about the Sokyoku Shards, and it took place right after the Rukia Rescue
Arc. Apparently, the shards had a bunch of spiritual energy packed inside 'em. Now,
some shinigami wanted them for their own purposes. For instance, I watched a friend
play through Hitsugaya's story mode. He wanted them to save Hinamori Momo, as she was
in critical condition by the end of the Rukia Rescue Arc.

(By the way, whatever I say here won't be a spoiler. For spoilers, you need a story.
For a story, you need a plot.

Go on. Try to convince me that the "plot" is actually worth keeping "spoilers" from
being mentioned.)

So naturally, you have to play as Hitsugaya, fight other characters and get those

Okay. Sometimes, it's justified, like perhaps some other character picked one up and
Captain Grumpypants is doing it for the sake of Momo.

But then, here's the part that made me nearly facepalm-

Captain Grumpypants is about to fight Hanataro. Dialogue that ensues:

Something along the lines of "You have knowledge about the shades, don't you?"

Hanataro: "W-W-What d-do you mean?"

Hitsu-gay-ah: "I need those shards to save Momo!"

Hanataro: "But I-I'm part of Squad Four, the medical division. Captain Unohana said
that all she needed was time and rest."

Hitsugaya: "Wait a second! If you're part of Squard 4, then those must have been
lies! (Me: "What?") Unohana just wants them for herself, doesn't she? (Me: Hitsugaya,
you bogus little moron...) Well then, I'll fight you for them!"

Fight happens.

....This plot made me feel like a moron and did nothing to make me feel any affection
whatsoever for Captain Grumpypants. Unohana- C'mon. If you've seen the manga or the
anime- Well... Now that I think about it, after the Aizen thing, maybe suspicions
were raised that... Oi, that actually kinda makes sense. I was facepalming in my mind
because Unohana's practically the most trustworthy person EVAH. But then, that's what
the said about Aizen, right?


I'm still not giving the game any credit for that.

Moving on, the cutscenes varied in quality. Sometimes it was just a still picture,
and sometimes it was the 3-D graphics that were actually speaking and moving as the
cutscene went by. I wish for consistency- Doing the 3-D thing in the beginning and
then putting out the 2-D stills just seemed kinda shabby to me. And then sometimes,
in the episode mode where it tells the character's story for the "plot", sometimes
there aren't even any cutscenes at all. Hitsugaya, you jerk, why the heck are you
beating up Orihime when you vowed to save Momo's life? With no explanation, it just
seemed thrown in there.

Graphics weren't too bad, but nothing outstanding either. It's... awkward fighting
against Orihime. (Again, fan logic- It might be tricky finding bras in her size...) I
blame Kubo.

It makes me wonder why I was so hyped up the first time I saw it in Wal-mart. No time
to see its flaws, I guess, and besides, I was an extremely rabid Bleach fangirl back
then. Rewind to last year, I would have knocked someone uncounscious just to have
that game- Now, if I did that and played it, I would go back and apologize while
ranting about the game.

Hanataro is labled as pretty nervous in the anime and manga, but my gawd, with the
graphics and the producers exagerrating this quality of him, he quavered like crazy
every moment he was on screen for a cut scene, to the point where I just wanted to
calm him down, give him some medicine, and tell him everything was going to be okay,
so quit spazzing out quietly. 

Voice acting was alright- I don't know why it makes me so happy seeing Momo on the
main menu. That's a pretty good feature, that it lets you switch characters for the
main menu. But seriously, I shouldn't be so "D'aaaaw. <3" every time I heart her
voice. Weird. (Is... Is this what they call "MOE"? Kind of sick if you ask me;
I thought I strongly disliked Hinamori...) 

Anywho, guesswhat, guesswhat!! :D I defeated Kenpachi with Arrowlad! I feel like a
Speshul Speshul snowflake. ^_^

It's not the greatest game, fairly mediocre, but I recommend it to any strong Bleach
fans. Other than that, to everyone else, go spend your money on Guitar Hero or
something. If you don't like Bleach, this ain't the game for you.
Last edited: 30 October 2009

Bootheghost says :   1 November 2009   860964  
Try Blade of Fate for DS. 8D


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