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CrackerJackedFromClare~Category: Surrvaayys.
Thursday, 8 October 2009
06:56:48 PM (GMT)
Name : Jayden Roseliina Valeriii G. :P Suck it. Status: PANTS Age : 13 Religion : Cristianz Eye Color: Brown./Black Hair Color: BAHH-ROOWWN Partner: CASPER DA FCKING SQUIRLEZ Vehicle: You. NOW GET DOWN & GIMME A PIGGY BACK RIDE ♥ Overused Phrase: Lmfao/ KABOOM & THE STAIN IS GONE/ SUCK IT UP LIKE A HOOOKER WITH A VACUE CLEANA ;D Sexual preference: I'm a bloddy line yo. A LINE. ---- STRAIGHT FAVORITES Food: HUMMAANNZZZ Pub/Disc/Restaurant: AppleBees♥ Candy: Blow Popz DAMN IT Number: 8. YUSH Color: WHITE/PINKEY/GREEN/THE BLOODY FREAKIN RAINBOW. Animal: Rocks :x Drink: Orange CRUSH mofo./ TEA Body Part on Opposite sex: Those things on his face :x iike yeah uh-huh EYES. Thats it :x Perfume: Parriss Hilton one :x TV Show: BLEACH. Movie: Bleach Diamond Dust Rebbelion. Symbol: & THIS OR THAT Pepsi or Coke: Coke. McDonalds or BurgerKing: Neither :x Chocolate or Vanilla: NILLA. Hot Chocolate or Coffee: HOTTZ CHOCO Kiss or Hug: Rape Hugglez Dog or Cat: DOGGY Rap or Punk: Damn it. HARD. Summer or Winter: WINTUUHH♥ Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scury. Love or Money: Love♥ Quiet frankly. YUSH YOUR... Bedtime: Whenever the hell I want. :P Best phyiscal feature: HAHAHA. -Non-Existant- First Thought Waking Up: DAMN IT STFU GRANDMA Ambition: Voice Actress ferr anime/Graphic desighner/ DOCTAAHH Best Friends: ON KUPI??? It bee. Lexxii/Alexx/Alee/Clare/Anthiny-Senpai/Kotaa/Jixx/CheckMahFriendsListFoo Weakness:WTF IS THHAT? Fears: Ehh, don't really have any. Dying alone? Longest relationship: NON-EXISTANCEE. HAVE YOU... Cheated Your Partner: Cassppaaaahh is sexaayy so no. Ever been beaten up: HAHA maybe. Pain Fetish Ever beaten someone up: LMAO NOO. Ever Shoplifted: YUSH. I'M SO SORRY WAL-MART :x THE TIC-TACS JUST LOOKED SO YUMMEH Ever Skinny Dipped: Nuh-Uh Ever Kissed Opposite sex: HAHAHA no. Ever Kissed Same sex: Psshh. NOOZ Been Dumped Lately: Dummpy dummpy. No wait yush. I WAS ON CASSPYY DA SQUIRLS BACK AND HE DROPPED ME THE MoFo IN A GUY/GAL Favorite Eye Color: Like it mattahs Favorite Hair Color: THE COLEERRR SEXXAYY Short or Long: Long? ♥ WINWINWIN Height: Taller than me? Style: Sexxaayy. Nuff said. Looks or Personality: HUH. WELL, BOTH. Hot or Cute: AWW CUTIE PIE Muscular or Really Skinny: Neithe :x RANDOMS What country do you want to Visit : JAPAN DAMN IT. ♥ How do you want to Die: Faling off a building♥StruckByLightning♥Asleep♥ Been to the Mall Lately: UH HUH. Get along with your Parents: HAHA NO. Thats why I live withh Gannmmaa & Grannnppaaa Cuz old pplz are sexxay Health Freak: HA. Yush Do you think your Attractive: HAHAHA. FUQQZ 2 the noope. Believe in Yourself: I CAN DO ANYTHANG YOU CAN DOO BETTUHH I CAN DO ANYTHANG YOOH CAN DOO TOO Want to go to College: YUSH Do you Smoke: NOOO. EMO AIRR Do you Drink: DURR. -JuiceBox- Shower Daily: YUSH 3 timez a day♥ Been in Love: HA HA NO. Do you Sing: LALALA. SAYY WHAAUTT? Want to get Married: Uh-Huh Do you want Children: YUSH B'UT Only 9948484847493797797989897843784564839362382623769347 Age you wanna lose your Virginity: Whenn he stickzz that rang on mah finger andz like 'BBY TAKE MEH NOOWWWZZ' Hate anyone: Nahh. No onez worthy of mah hatred
Last edited: 8 October 2009

‹Poison♥Pops› says:   8 October 2009   663693  
‹✁HaruDesü™› says :   8 October 2009   238384  
Lmao. It's weird. o.e 
When I edit it. 


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