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Monday, 21 September 2009
06:38:52 PM (GMT)
Do you know anyone who can play the bagpipes?	
Ahaha no.

Where would your dream wedding be?	

Are you comfortable with your body?	
What kind of question is that?

If you saw a ghost, would you be more scared or intrigued?	

Where do you go/want to go to college?	
University of Michigan.

Which is better: soccer or American football?	

When was the last time you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Last weekk [:

Do you drink energy drinks? If so, what kind?	
No, they're not all that great.

Which is the best color for a t-shirt: black, white or gray?	
Greey. Or like an off white.

Is there anyone you just can't get off your mind lately?	

'Cause she's a bitch.

Do you try to be a moral person?	
hahaha ?

What's the hottest wing sauce you can handle?	
Like medium.

Have you ever used the bathroom on a charter bus?	
No, but I've been in one, ahah on our way to springhill we fit 12 kids in one of

Do you think people can be overweight and still attractive?	
Sure why not.

What is your opinion of Lady Gaga?	
She's defiantly different.

Has a best friend ever turned against you?	

Is AC/DC one of your favorite bands of all time?	

Do you feel a little thrill of excitement whenever Halloween is mentioned?	
hahaha I like halloween.

Are you easily embarrassed?	
I cann be.

Can you get a tan or do you just burn?	
Like in the middle.

Have you ever dreamed you could fly?	
All the time man!

Have you ever gotten a text from someone and you have no idea... they got your number, or who they were?	
Haha yeah.

Do you care if people swear around you?	

When you see two people of the same sex kissing, do you judge them?	
.. Kinda.

Do you like to light random things on fire just to watch them burn?
Hahahha no.

Do you have any medication you have to take every day?	

Do you have any illnesses or disorders with acronyms? (ADHD, OCD...)	
I belive I have ocd sometimes.

Would you rather own a purebred dog...
a designer dog (Yorkiepoo, Labradoodle, Puggle)...
or a mutt?	
.. a labradoodle!

Have you ever had chicken/pork/tofu/shrimp vindaloo?	

Do you wear more costume jewelry or expensive jewelry?
If you consider pandora expensivee?
Are you jealous of people who seem effortlessly cool?	
Hahah no they're lame.

When someone you have a crush on walks by, do your knees get weak?	

Does that ever cause you to trip and/or fall?	
Hahahha no.

Has anyone ever pointed out that your laugh was unusual?	
Hahha yeah.

Are you addicted to anything that's not considered an addictive substance?	
Joness soddaaaaa (:

Did you ever get stuck sitting alone or with the teacher on a field trip?	

Have you ever donated blood? If not, why not?	
No, because I'm too young.

Are you proud of yourself? Why or why not?	

Do you ever wish you could be the opposite sex for a day?	
hahahha yeah!

Would you rather read fiction, history, or historical fiction?	

Have you ever been in a play or a musical?	

What brand of deodorant do you use?
I don't rememberr, it's gel though.

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