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Monday, 21 September 2009
04:07:37 PM (GMT)
to your own words.
You told me, a long time ago what would happen.
Im just waiting for the hourday to pass.

You're on call to be here.
One and all to be here.
When you fall, to pieces
Lord you know Ill be here waiting.

you know me. i think too much.
well in math were doing some shit with rates and the problem is like fifth grade.
At 8:00am Felicia leaves homeon a business trip driving thirty-five miles per hour.
Half an hour later, Jose' discovers that Felicia has forgotten her briefcase. He
drives fifty miles per hour to catch up to her. If Jose' is delayed by a train for
fifteen minutes, when will he catch up to Felicia?

Ok. Simple math.
But I see hidden messages.
Sure, not all of us are going to use these math equations and science facts and other
things that we learn in shool.
I think that we were meant to be taught these problems that are worthless.
Why? Because. I've clearly seen so many life lessons in all of these problems.
I saw them all last year in science.
English, math, and chorus are the subjects I see most life lessons.
A word in english. It can have so many definitions.
In math, this problem and many more problems, like shapes.
Chorus, the words to the songs.

In the math problem above probably seven eighths of you see a regular math problem.
One eighth of you probably see some life lesson in it.
Like I.
I see so many things in it.

My thoughts about that one math problem.
We can be going at two totally different speeds, but some time, we are bound to catch
Sometimes others drive different speeds.
Sometimes you just have to push to get to where you want to be.
We could be going in opposite directions, but one day.
One day. We will meet. 
We will collide.
Because this world doesn't end baby.
It goes around in a sphere.

In english today we had this journal.
It was about being ever the same. One in the same. Same difference.
I love writing.
What if we were all the same?
What if we made a future devide that could predict the future?
What if someone tried to get out of it all and be different?
My answer was jeggvoiejgoiejgvipej
something like this.
What if. We all ask these questions. What if is never enough for us. If we were all
the same it would be good, but also bad. Good, because no one would get made fun of,
but bad, because we would all be the same. There wouldn't be new ideas. We would all
think the same, or think nothing at all. We wouldn't have any role models. We need
people to look up to. We need role models. We have to have something to look up to.
Predicting the future. Not to bad of an idea, but also a horrible idea. You can't do
that. Sure, it would be nice to know if someone was going to bomb us, but if we did
that, we would never really be prepared. We are supposed to live our lives and create
ourselves. No mant how many twists and how many turns. Breaking free. Everyone wants
to break free. Everyone wants to fulfill their goals. Its a matter of betting. Some
were born to sing. Some were born to teach. We are all destined to do something.
Life should be completely unpredictable ♥

comment or say hi if you read everything
Last edited: 22 September 2009

ashleyAFTERSHOCK says:   21 September 2009   867816  

I read it all! (:
FEARLESSS says :   21 September 2009   681961  


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