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STEALED OC quiz XD What is this "stolen"?Category: (general)
Tuesday, 15 September 2009
07:40:59 PM (GMT)
I haven't been posting in Kupika in ages, so I STEALED this from Boo-chan. ^_^ Who
gets the pleasure of being run through this...? 


Choose an OC of yours and take the quiz as them.

OC Selected: Kaylee Jagd AKA Thomas Archson

1) What gender are you? 
Male. :3 

2) What is your age?
Well jeez... Boss-lady (Me: *Ahem* QUEEN-LADY) insists I'm quite young, but I had a
lover for a while, so I guess I'm around a little under twenty years old. 

3) Do you want a hug? 
Of course! (Now let's see what's in your pockets!)

4) Do you have any bad habits? 
It's not a bad habit; It's called a lifestyle! Why buy things when you can just take
them? owo

5) What is your favorite food? 
Oat cakes. Dirt cheap, easy to take along, doesn't spoil, and I keep slim that way. 

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
Strawberry. It's sort of girly, don't you think? You don't see that many guys eating
pink stuff.

7) Are you a virgin? 
I... yes. -_- I almost had a bad run-in with an Incubus one time, but an elf saved
me, so I'm good. ^_^

8] Have you killed anyone? 
I try not to, but it's fair game when bandits try and rob me. I'm just a
thief. If you steal from someone, except to be stolen from. If you take people
hostage and bargain with lives, well...

9) Do you hate anyone? 
It's hard to explain. This one girl... Damn it... I don't want to hurt her, but she's
a cutthroat bitch. I should hate her, but I don't. 

10) Do you have any secrets? 
Yeah, but I tend to rant them out to people I've only met a few hours ago. They don't
seem to care anyways, so it's all good. 

11) What is your favorite season? 
Winter! Everyone's bundled up, so it's easier to hide the fact that I'm a guy. 

12) Who is your best friend(s)? 
There's this absolutely gorgeous ruby I 'liberated' from this fat lord (He was such a
pervert), and I have this nice diamond choker I got- Oh, wait, you're talking about

13) What are your hobbies? 
Helping the world in general by lightening their load of precious items and money
hoard and taking on the burden of greed myself so others won't have to suffer from
it.  I'm making the world a better place, really. 

14) What is your favorite drink? 
A pint of mead. It loosens tongues nicely, and dulls the senses. It tastes awful to
me, but it's helpful and all the taverns keep some. I mean, they wouldn't be any good
as taverns if they didn't have any. 

15) When is your birthday? 
Why does it matter? It makes sense that I don't know my age if I don't care about my
birthday. Boss-lady would make something up on the spot anyhow. (Me: October 14th.

16) What age did you die? 

Time is an illusion, and so are pants!! (Me: I love that Avatar quote)

17) Are you nice or mean? 
It's aaaaaall a matter of perspective, dear. 

18] Are you social or shy? 
Social. If you're too shy when you're trying to sneak around a nobles' ball, you look
suspicious sometimes.

19) What do you think of your parents? 
JERKS. D< 20) What’s your weakness? 
Trying to steal from dangerous people and being easy prey to the unnatural. 

21) How long can you stay under water? 
I do a pretty nice mermaid impersonation, wanna see?

22) What do you do on a regular day basis? 
It always varies. 

23) Do you love someone? 
No. I gave up on that sort of crap after I got back stabbed and robbed. 

24) When was the last time you wet yourself. 
When I was a child, maybe, but I'm grown up. I wouldn't do that sort of thing.

25) What's your favorite band? 
Remus's songs are always nice.

26) Ever worn a dress? 
Of course! 

27) How about eye-liner? 
Yep. If you're going to ask, lipstick too. 

28] What do you consider fun in the daytime? 
Making some guy swoon over me, give me nice things, then run like crazy out of town.

29) At night? 
It's the same, either way.

30) Ever kissed anyone? 
Yeah. I don't care much of it, but it works wonders on hearts.

31) ...Of the same gender? 
Yes, and it was gross.

32) It's clear you're gay. 
I assure you, I am most certainly straight! I just go to greater efforts to get the
pretty things I want. 

33) What’s your favorite thing to touch? 
Coins- Solid, gold coins.

34) Anyone love you? 
Doubt it.

35) What’s your favorite color? 
Yellow. Sunshine, light, MONEY. Gooooold~

36) When was the last time you cried? 
When my parents smacked me.

37) Do you have a pet? 

38] What did you name your pet? 
I had a dagger named Moonshine...

39) Are you crazy? 
Quite possibly so. :D

40) What are you?

41) What's the end of your own story? 
Why are you so fixated on death? ): (Me: Doesn't have to necessarily mean

42) What's your nickname? 
Kaylee, but it's almost like my real name now. Yeah, it pretty much is. No nicknames;
I hate guys who do that. "Kay-kay"? Really? Do girls like that sort of thing?

43) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person? 
Happy. Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy~

44) If you were a superhero, you'd be...? 
Robin. It's either tights or man underwear. I love his unabashed at wearing the
weirdest costumes. A bit like my crossdressing, no?

45) Favorite movie? 
I liked the Dream Oath Opera, if a performance is what you mean. (Me: Medieval times,
but I don't think opera was invented yet. -_-;; )
Last edited: 15 September 2009

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