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Monday, 24 August 2009
10:05:07 PM (GMT)
check your shirt's tag; where was it made?
Honduras D<

do you most easily tan, burn, or freckle?
All of the above. >_>

what's the longest you've gone without eating?
Uhh two days?

is there a book you keep telling yourself you'll read but still haven't?

would/did you ever go to a third world country?
I haven't, but I would and I plan to eventually.

do you often listen to the radio?
Not really.

did your family ever own a vacation home?

are the stars in the night sky especially pretty from where you live?
D= No, my town sucks. Outside of Lincoln though, the stars are amazing. (:

where did your first kiss take place?

my brother won't travel places with a language barrier; would you mind it?
I don't care about your brother. And it would probably bother me.

do you know who pete townshend is?
Yup. :B

do you prefer headphones or earbuds?

have you ever opened a wine bottle?
Haha, no.

do you like watching music videos?
I guess...?

does your music taste change drastically when you go through 'phases?'
Not really.

have you ever seen the movie 'dazed & confused?'
Never heard of that. xD

variety is good; is your lunch routine at school/work always the same?
Pretty much.

which, if any, drug have you ever abused?

is there someone who has changed your life drastically?
Yes. A lot<3

are you into philosophy, or do you think that stuff's a waste?

have you been inside of a police station?
x] Yup.

are you organized, an organized mess, or just a mess?

do you know your mail(wo)man?
His name's Tom and he has funny hair. He likes my dog and has a Jeep.

honestly, are you often high-maintinence/hard to please?

who, if anyone, is your favorite movie director?

are there any flags flying outside at your home?

what would you never change about yourself?
Uhm... ?

how do you react to a stranger who is undeservingly rude to you?
Ahaha. Depends on how I'm feeling. I'll either try to be nice to them anyway, be rude
back, or make faces at them.

where do you hide things that you don't want whoever you live with to find?
Um. I don't really? But usually in pretty stupid places.

who 'wears the pants' in your most recent romantic relationship?
Haven't been in one, so I can't answer that.

did you ever wear those bracelets made from inside of bottle tops?
I have. It was annoying though.

what do you think of all that '2012 is the end of the world' stuff?
I don't spend my time thinking about that. If I die in three years, whatever. If I
don't, great.

how do you acquire your music?
Or my dad. Or iTunes. But mostly Randy.

why aren't you outside right now?
'Cause I'm not.

think; through what color lenses do you see the world?

will you vote in the next presidential election?

have you ever fallen asleep in a movie theatre?
I don't think so.

do you pretty much have need a car to get around where you live?
Yup. My town sucks.

have you been to australia?
Not yet. D:

do you mind drinking room-temperature water?
Not really.

when did you last use a disposable camera?
A long time ago. I hate those with a passion.

try to count the number of times you took an airplane; how many times?
Uhh, four.

what do you think of the winter holiday season?
It's awesome.

what kind of things are you most likely to doodle?
Literally anything.

do you think covers of songs usually ruin the originals?

are you any good at texas hold'em?
Never played that. xD

have you ever gotten lost alone in an unfamiliar city?
Why would I be alone in an unfamiliar city in the first place?

youtube's 'david blaine street magic's are hilarious; want to watch now?
No. But YOU want to watch some After Midnight Project, I can tell.
Last edited: 25 August 2009

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