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Tuesday, 11 August 2009
07:16:43 PM (GMT)
^^ Yes I did like it when you tickled me

No I don't get excited when you show me your "bod"

^^That song I wrote for you wasn't written with you in mind.

No I didn't like it when you took me to your friends parties.

^^I do like laying on the ground and looking at the stars.

No, your super hero fetish isn't sexy.

^^I have indeed felt the joy of a better kisser than you

Kitten isn't my fucking name. It's Kitty. get it right.

^^I'm not gonna marry you even though you're convinced I will

Yes your best friend IS hotter than you

^^Having popcorn shoved in my mouth by you at the movies isn't fun

I have a problem with commitment

^^Yes I am an emo kid, since that matters so much to you

When I said I was busy I was actually ignoring you because you wouldn't leave me

^^I loved going to dance with you but no I didn't like you bringing you best "chick"
friend along

Yes I play mind games, no I don't, yes I do, no I don't

^^I do go out all the time without you because you ruin the fun mood

I never tell you anything because I know you'd leave me you knew if I was different

^^Yes I love you but it'll take time for me to be "in love" with you

No I don't trust you, not your promises, not your faithfulness, nothing. Cause you
lied to me once.

^^I forgive but no I don't forget

Fool me once, Shame on you! Fool me twice, Shame on ME!

^^Love is rare, Life is strange, nothing lasts, and people change.

When I said I loved you it was to keep you from asking me why I really didn't

^^Yes I dated all your friends, sorry

When I went to the club you were nowhere near my mind

^^When I held you I never wanted to let you go

I hate seeing you leave because I never know when you'll be back

^^I hated the baby names even though I gave you one too

I never told you it was impossible to turn me on, I just let you think you could

^^No I never wanted to have sex with you or anyone else, hince my virginity

Yes I knew you were cheating on me I just didn't want to lose you

^^I always compared you to the guy i've dreamed about since I was 5

I always said you were different, just like I said to every other guy. Only this time
I was hopeful that it was true

^^I never let you in because you never tried to let me in either

I never took you to my favorite night lounge because I had the hots for the

^^When we weren't together and went out as "friends" I hated you getting jealous even
though I was flattered

I was a clutz around you so you'd catch me when I fell even though you never did

^^I always seemed uninterested because I didn't want you to know my heart was
bleeding when you were near

If you dated my sister you were a fool to think i'd say yes to you, break her heart
for me? I break your face.

^^I hate how you jump to conclusions. If i'm hiding something it's for a reason.

You have no idea how i've wanted to tell you how annoying you are

^^I love emo boys even though i'd never admit it

I crave your attention even though I don't act like it

^^When I sat in the corner I wanted you to come get me

I like guys taller than me so I hated going out with you

^^Yes I did love the corney pick up lines

When I fell in love I was willing to travel so far for one person even though it made
me foolish

^^I know you could find better, you don't have to remind me of my flaws

--To be continued--

Last edited: 15 August 2009

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