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cheater -part 1-Category: (general)
Wednesday, 5 August 2009
10:27:24 PM (GMT)
"Oh, you're here, come in," the man ushered me inside his house quickly. I went into
his bedroom and laid down onto the bed. 
"He-llo," he smiled as he took off his jacket and pants. 
"Hi," I winked at him as he towered over me, his lips centimeters from mine. 
"I hope this will be better than my wife," he smiled again and kissed me hard, his
body pressing against mine. He ran his hands down my waist and to my thighs. Next his
briefs came off. 
"Let's hit it good," he smirked and was about to enter me when I heard the front door
open and shut. 
"David? I'm home!" A woman's voice called. 
"Shit!" David whispered. "Get under the bed! Now!" I scrambled under the bed as David
wrapped a towel around his waist. His wife came in and stared at him. 
"Why aren't you wearing pants?" she inquired. 
"I just took a shower-I put my shirt on first," he said quickly. 

"Oh, well, I thought I heard somone in here." 
"I had the radio on..." 
"Okay, okay." I saw her stand on her tiptoes as I heard the smack of a kiss. I knew
she was wearing lipstick because their lips stuck together for a second. All of a
sudden, sadness overwhelmed me. I knew that I was taught to never get close to the
men I was sent to, but I always somehow did. And some of them were actually really
nice. But most of them were jerks who were cheating on their wives. I pushed my black
hair out of my face and let out a big breath. David's wife hesitated. 
"What was that?" she began to bend down, but David swept her up into another long
"Oh, David," she smiled and left the room. I heard the clank of pots and pans and the
beeping of the microwave. David shut the door and told me to get up. I crawled out
and stood up, stretching. 
"I'm sorry we didn't get to do as much as I wanted to," he said, "but here's your
money anyway. You're a good kisser at least." I kissed him on the lips and he touched
my body one last time. I put on my long coat and left the house from the bedroom's

"Raven?" As I entered the mansion I heard Daniel's voice. 
"I'm here," I called as I hung up my coat. 
"Oh good. How was your appointment?" he asked. As he talked I saw him analyze me in
my see-through nightshirt that I wore over my underwear. 
"Well, just when we were about to get to business, his wife came home, so I had to
hide under the bed until I could sneak out." 
"Hmm. Was he satisfied at least?" 
"He said I was a good kisser." Daniel smacked me on the bottom. 
"That's my girl," he smiled at me and went back upstairs to check on the other girls.
I bit my lip. Did I really want to work in a place where no man really loved me? I
shook my head from the thought. Daniel had been supporting me ever since I was 16. I
couldn't walk out on him now. We brung him the money, he gave us food, clothes,
shelter, and to most girls, a ton of fun. 

"Daniel?" I knocked on his office door and stepped inside, closing the door shut
behind me. He looked up from the papers he was reading and took of his reading
"Um, have you ever really loved somone?"

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