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The Wrost Summer (Part 2)Category: short stories
Tuesday, 7 July 2009
08:45:23 PM (GMT)
I hope you like it, and I hope you read it...LOL

We ate dinner, and talked about the next day. We were going to get even more kids.
The next day, I woke up early. I took a shower, and got dressed. This time I actually
had a pair of jeans to wear. Then I waited until Tommy came to pick me up. This time
we were going to take his car. I heard the doorbell ring, and sure it was Tommy.
	“Let’s go,” he said. I just nodded my head, and locked the door, and grabbed
my keys. We drove in silence. When we got there, there was close to 60 kids. 
	“This is going to be tough…” I said to Tommy. He paid no attention to me
thought he walked up to the kids and told them that we were going down a medium size
hill. It was pretty easy. I mean there were no rocks and no bumps. 
	“Are you sure about this?” I asked Tommy.
	“Yeah,” he said.
	“Wait, first I want to see Lacey do a trick!!!” said the brat, whose name really
was Massie.
	“No way, you don’t want to see that,” I said.
	“Yes, I do!!” said Massie. Then all the kids started chanting for me to do a
trick. Tricks were easy for me, but I haven’t done one since I brook my arm. Tommy
must of saw the worried look on my face.
	“Do you really want to do it?”
	“Sure,” I said not to make Tommy think he was a better skier than me. Now before
I go on with the story…do you remember I fell trying to sneak back into my room?
Well, I did fall…and I hurt my arm (the one I brook), and it still kind of hurt. I
knew if I messed up a trick I would break it, but tricks came easy to me right?
	“OK guys Lacey is going to do a trick down the trick hill, so let’s head over
	“Tommy…” I said I just needed to get it out.
	“What? Now you don’t want to do it?”
	“I do, but my arm…I haven’t down a trick since a couple of months.”
	“My dad told me to be careful…”
	“Really? I heard that tricks always came easy to you.”
	“Well, they do, but…”
	“Let’s just go, before you change your mind.”
	That’s where I was at the top of the trick hill. I was just going to do a 360, and
that would be good enough. In fact that was the first trick I learned. Massie asked
me what I was going to do and I told her that. She seemed kind of surprised. Then she
told me she hasn’t learned that trick, and she really wants to. Anyways, I was
scared, not because I know this trick, but because I didn’t do it in a while. In
fact if I messed one thing up, I would fall. Falling…I really didn’t want to do
that again. I pushed off, and I went down the hill. I little bump was coming up, and
I was going to do my 360 right after I hit it. It was coming closer, and closer. I
took the jump, but something was wrong, and I could feel it. I didn’t listen to it
though. I started to spin, and then I lost my balance. I started to turn on my side.
Now I know what was wrong…balance. I wasn’t right on when I took the jump. I
started to fall, and then I landed on the same arm as always. I must have blacked
out, because when I woke up I was in the hospital and my dad on my side. 
	“Lacey…I am disappointed in you,” my dad said in a soft voice. 
	“Where is Tommy?” I asked.
	“He just left to get some dinner for me and himself.”
	“Like I was saying…I told you to take it easy! I did not tell you that you could
be doing tricks again! I mean did I?”
	“Sorry, dad,” I murmured.
	“No, you are not sorry…”
	“Yes, I am…”
	“Well, I can’t take it anymore…no more lessons…and grounded for the rest of
the summer.”	
	“No more talk about this.”
	“That’s enough.” Then the nurse came in to check on me. Supposedly I fell, and
broke my arm again, and I hit my head on the snow really hard too. Then Tommy ran
over to me, and told the little kids to stay there while he ran to get my dad. My dad
called the hospital, and that’s how I got here. The next day I went home with a
blue cast on my same arm as last time. My dad went back to work and I was home alone.
At noon my dad called me though saying that Tommy was coming over to help me make
lunch and dinner, because he would be staying late at the ski lodge. Tommy came over
five minutes after the phone call. We haven’t really talked after what happened to
my arm, so it felt really weird to be talking to him again.
	“Hi,” I said. He just stared at my arm. “What?”
	“It was my fault.”
	“You heard me! It was my fault.”
	“No, it wasn’t…Tommy…I decided to do the trick you didn’t decide for
	“Yeah, but…I asked you, and I pressured for you to do it.”
	“I shouldn’t even be here…”
	“I should have told your dad what really happened…”	
	“Oh, what?”
	“It’s OK. It was my fault.”
	“Fine, whatever.”
	“I am hungry though…”
	“What do you want?” I had to think, because I wanted it to be really hard for
him to make, so I would have to help him.
	“Um….let’s see…I want…Tacos.”  Tacos are really hard, and you need two
	“Too hard for me.”	
	“I will help you!”
	“No, your dad said not to make you do anything.”
	“How will he know,” I said and gave him a grin.
	“Fine,” he said. I got out the taco shells and all the veggies. 
	“I will do the shells. You cook the meat, and cut the veggies.”
	“Fine, but I do have one question for you.”
	“Why did you really do the trick?” What does he mean? I did the trick, because
the little kids asked me to.
	“Um…because of the little kids asking me to.” I flipped over one of the
	“Or was it because of me?” Huh? What does he mean? Then I heard the phone ring.
I answered it. It was Nikkie. 
	“Lacey!!! Are you OK?”
	“OK! I got to go, but be careful next time!”
	“Will do.” Then she hung up on me.
	“Answer the question,” I heard Tommy say behind me.
	“I told you the little kids asked me to do it.”
	“I am surprised some one as good as a skier as you, you would still take the trick
even if you weren’t balanced all the way.” 
	“What do you mean?”
	“I saw it…you weren’t balanced.” Then I remembered that once I was a little
girl. It was when I in the hospital and my dad right by me looking at my dead mother.
My mom died, because she was skiing, skiing down the big hill. Then it hit me! 
	“I never heard you say that!”
	“Shut up…I got to go. Drive me to the ski lodge…now!” 
	“Fine…but I know why my dad didn’t like me going down the hill…my mom died
on it…”
	“Oh, Lacey I am sooo sorry.”
	“You don’t have to be.”
	“I am going to bed…really tired.”
	“What about lunch?”
	“You can have something else…not hungry anymore.”
	“OK.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I had to. I went to my room. I
opened up my window, and looked down. I was going to jump down with a broken arm. I
was about ready to jump when I heard my door open. It was Tommy. He knew me too
	“Lacey!” I couldn’t take it anymore, I jumped, but something caught me at my
broken arm right where the cast ended.
	“Tommy, let go of me.”
	“Can’t.” Then he pulled me back up, but he didn’t let go of me. “Don’t
you ever do that again.”
	“You are acting like my dad.”
“Yeah, well I can’t lose you.” Huh? Did I hear him correctly? Then before I
could say anything he leaned down and kissed me. Then he started kissing me really
hard, open mouth. Finally, I stopped him.
	"Before we continue we need to go to the ski lodge," I said feeling kind of sad.
	"Need to talk to my dad...."
	"Fine, but this was not my idea."
	“I never said it was,” I said. Then I started putting my coat on, when I
realized I couldn’t put it on myself.
	“A little help?” I asked.
	“Sure,” said Tommy, while grabbing the coat. He put it through one arm and then
he did the next one, too. Finally, we got into the car, and drove toward the ski
lodge. I looked for my dad, but I knew he would be in his office. I started walking
toward the office, until I came to it. He was looking at the computer, and didn’t
notice me right away.
	“Lacey! What are you doing here?” he yelled.
	“To talk about my mom,” I said.
	“You already know everything I told you,” he said. That was true. Everything
that my dad told me about my mom I knew. I knew she had brown hair, and blue eyes. I
knew she was a great skier. I knew that she moved here after she met my dad on a
business trip. I knew everyone loved her and knew her. I knew that…well that was
it. That was all my dad told me.
	“Not everything,” I said.
	“Well what do you want to know?”
	“Her death.”
	“I told you she died, because she got in a car accident.” 
	“No, you liar! Tell me that she was skiing down the big hill, and then she fell,
and broke a ton of stuff, and then she died,” I said with tears in my eyes. Yes,
now I remember. That is how she died.
	“You remember?”
	“Yeah,” I said, and then started to really cry.	
	“It wasn’t even supposed to happen. You see your mom and I went to ski, because
you were at school, and we both were off of work. Your mom was always depressed,
because she never got down that big hill before, and I had done it before her.”
	“Is that what you were always fighting about while I was sleeping?” I asked.
Yes, I remember that. Sometimes I even heard things being thrown, but only
	“Yes. Anyways we were getting ready when I saw the flag. It was yellow. I told her
that I thought we shouldn’t go, but she didn’t listen to me. She just kept right
on. Then we were at the top. She was checking to make sure her skis were on right,
and then this big wind blew. She lost her balance, and fell…she hit her head, and
blacked out…just like you.” He said the last part really quietly, but I still
heard him. 
	“I just wanted to tell you that mom was a great person, and that you don’t have
to be so hard on me just because I am like her,” I said, while talking really fast.
I mean I knew I should have not said that but I just did. 
	“I know that, and that is why you are not grounded anymore,” said my dad. Wait!
Did I hear him right? YAY! I can finally shop with Nikkie. “Now get out there, and
have some fun. Oh right…well just be careful.”
	“I will.” I said with a huge grin on my face. I ran and found Tommy. I jumped on
him, and kissed him. I didn’t care if people were looking. 
	After that I had a great summer. OK! So this wasn’t the worst summer, but it was
pretty bad at the beginning. Nikkie and I went shopping, because of my arm. At the
end of the summer I ran out of money. Tommy and I are still going out, and now it is
in the middle of the school year. I still see some of those kids that I taught.
Massie is my favorite. I know you aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but she is
really nice once you get to know her. Plus, she is really sorry, about what happened
to my arm since she was the one who asked me to do a trick. Anyways, everything is
all good, and I can’t wait until next summer!

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