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Love Triangle Chapter 1Category: lov� stories� (i� am� living� one� rig
Saturday, 27 June 2009
10:45:45 PM (GMT)
This is a new story I made so tell me if you like it that way I will make more
chapters. Thanks :D.

Sarah walked down the hall to her gym class when her best friend Amy stopped her in
the hall. "Hey I texted you to meet me in the girl's bathroom before gym did you get
it?" asked Amy. "Oh no sorry I had my phone on silent because we had a test in
algebra." Sarah replied. "Oh ok." Amy said and they walked to gym.  Sarah was a
pretty,blonde girl in the 9th grade. All the guys LOVED her. Ecspecially 2 guys named
Sean and Brandon. They were best friends too and they knew they both liked the same
girl. "No dude, I'M asking her out!" Sean yelled. "Whatever Sean." They continued
playing basketball in gym. Back with Sarah and Amy. "Wow, Amy do you see that guy
over there? I think his name is Sean. He is REALLY cute." Sarah told her. "So go talk
to him." Amy replied making a perfect shot in the net. "I don't know..." Sarah said
unsure. "Since when have YOU been afraid to talk to guys?" Amy said and turned away
from the hoop to look at Sarah. "I don't know...because this guy is REALLY cute" She
said with a love sigh. "He's....DIFFERENT." "Well, you should talk to him." Amy told
her. "Maybe later." Sarah replied still unsure. Later that day both Sean AND Brandon
wnet up to ask Sarah out. "Hey Sarah can I ask you something?" Sean asked. "Sure."
Sarah said stuffing some books into her locker. Just then Brandon came up and totally
cut Sean off. "Hey Sarah I was wondering-"  He started saying until Sean vut him off.
"Dude I WAS TALKING." Sean said and continued. "If you wanted to go out Saturday
night maybe to dinner?" He asked. "I would love too!" Sarah replied and handed him a
piece of paper with her number on it. "Call me after school and we can work out the
details." "Talk to you later" Sarah said and walked away. "Oh my god AMY GUESS
WHAT!?" Sarah said plopping down next to her at lunch. "What?" Amy asked sticking a
french frie in her mouth. "Sean asked ME out." Sarah said and squealed. "OH MY GOD!"
Amy screamed. "Im soooo happy for you!" "Thanks" Sarah said and started eating her
salad. At the table with the guy's. "Sean, I cannot believe you asked her out."
Brandon said. "Well too bad dudet here are other girl's." Sean said glancing over at
the table with the girls. "Whatever dude. You will regret it. Teust me." He said ad
walked away.

Oooh. Read more as the drama is unfolding. If you likeit comment and tel me and ther
will be more!


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