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Tuesday, 23 June 2009
11:41:53 PM (GMT)
this beat is sick.
I took this quiz on facebook, and this was my result. I'm going to marry an emo guy named Josh. Idc if you guys don't like it. It is one of the most romantic stories I've read. The girl/guy who wrote it needs some spell and grammar checks, but oh well. Enjoy. ;3; How you met: Your mom got a promotion to a better job so you had to move...4 states away! you were totally pissed but thought that maybe you could try it anyways.. When you got there: you had just settled into your new home. "Mom im going for a walk. Ill be back in a couple hours or so" u yell. You walk outa the house thinking 'What are people going to think of me?' You saw what looked like an old abbandoned park..you walked over there and sat on the swings. You heard a noise and turned around to look to see who/or wat was there, when you noticed a really cute emo boy. "Omg!" you yelled, "you totally scared me!" the boy looked at u like u were kinda crazy (lol) "Oh..im sorry i just thought id see who was here.." he said looking down. You smiled and said "its ok"..He looked up at u and said "So are you new here i havent seen you around here before?" "Ya i just moved here..." you said sadly.."Well whats your name??" he asked.."_____" you said "Oh thats cool my names josh, nice to meet you" you smiled and looked up at him. -later- You were thinking about the next school day wondering how people were goin to treat you when you remembered Josh..You started thinkin if he was goin to be there or not, since you hadnt bothered to ask.. -at school- Since you were new there you were late to your first class..everybody stared at you when you walked in..you quickly looked down and found a seat in the far back corner when you felt someone blowin on your ear a lil bit and whisper "psst.._____, glad to see you here" you could hear the smile in his voice.. you sat there smiling and listeined to the teacher till the bell rang. "hey ____ glad to see you here!" you smiled and said "ya its nice seeing you here to, nice knowing theres someone here that i know" "Hey wat do you say we ditch this and go to the old park" you thought to urself and said to yourself..What the heck it wouldnt hurt anybody "Sure I'll go, sounds fun"... You guys snuck outa the school and went to the park. "you know ___ i have something to tell you" "whats that josh?" he looked down when he noticed something on ur wrist..."____ whats that on ur wrist??" he pointed, you quickly pulled down ur sleeve and mumbled "nothing..." he took ur hand when you began to cry "___ why did you do this?" "No one cares for me..I hate my life..I just dont want to be here anymore!" he put his arms around you and let you cry into his shoulder when he whispered in your ear "I care" you say "y..you do?" he smiled and looked at you, "yes ___ i have since the day i met you, it was love at first site" "you love ME???" "Yes ____ with all my heart" you smiled and said "I love you too".. he smiled again.. "thats actually what i was gonna tell you but...Hey ____ will you be my girlfriend" you smiled big "Yes josh! forever!!!" -5 yrs later- After you guys graduated highschool you two went to the same college, you two were inseperable. He loved you and you loved him. one day he called you and said "Hey _____ do you want to go out to dinner with me tonight" You said yes and after you guys hung up you went and got dressed. When he came to pick you up he gave you a rose and opended the car door for you. You get to the restaunt and you were done eating you two were just sitting there talking when he got down on one knee and said "____ I love you so much. will you do me the honor of becoming my wife forever?" He smiled his charming smile. You were crying (ofcourse XD) you couldnt talk you were so happy so you just nodded yes and hugged him after he put the ring on ur finger. -the future- You were pacing around the room when josh came in you looked at him and smiled "Josh...I'm pregnant" he looked at you with a smile "YES!!! im goin to be a daddy!!" he ran to you and picked you up and started kissing you...it was 9 mnths later and you had a baby girl named abby, you three are incredibly happy..you both pass on at the age of 80 and when you get to heaven..its like he just met you for the first time again. :] awwwww

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