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Monday, 22 June 2009
03:39:39 PM (GMT)
Well I'm in a complete mess! I dont know what to feel when it cames to my dad- angry
and total deisre to kick his ass are vey common ones though. He think's he's always
right even though he is not and he uses my age against me! It's totally unfair and
coz he hit's below the belt then I do to- I bring up things from his colourful past-
and he hates it! Mabey what he hates the most about me is that he see's so much of
himself inside me. Who knows? He's nearly died on ( well I lost count now) occasions
and he thinks trust gets comanded not earned?! Where the hell is he coming from? HE
LIKES TO SEARCH MY FONE!!!!!!! Yes you read correctly he goes through my fone even
though I'v never given him a reason not to trust me. God I Have no idea as to how he
can have such a big ego?! What does he think he is?  Whether he know's it or not he
psses me off more than any other human being alive! He does'nt like hearing that he's
wrong yet he wag's his big mouth?! I feel as thougha dragon withn me is stirring and
it's breathing out a molten hot- white fury that will stop at nothing to destoy my

I Have to go now....Better go and find a punching bag quick or else some ones gonna
get hurt.....
Last edited: 23 June 2009

‹DeathRay› says:   23 June 2009   147215  
I think you're right. He probably DOES see himself in you...that's
probably the reason why he does the things he does!! I've met your
dad, and you two might as well be twins!! That is of course, apart
from the HUGE age difference, the gender thing and that in his day,
the cool things were probably the first televisions(BLEUCH!!!!) and
the cool things of our day is Mxit. So, just keep chilled, DON'T kill
him no matter how much I know you want to, you are after all Aron
Hunter!!! And just accept the fact that he cares for you deep, deep,
deep, deep, deep and I'm talking oceans here(Just Kidding you know!!=P
;D) deep......down inside. Hope that helps!! Now, please excuse me
while I see a shrink.....on BEING a shrink.XO
Hunter20 says:   23 June 2009   626811  
LOLz you crazy chick! But you would make an excellent shrink! LOLZ
Thanx you always make me fel better when Im down! Best freinds
‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   27 June 2009   558657  
hunter, do NOT kill ur dad. coz if ur caut il be witnass. LOLZ.
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   27 June 2009   334317  
I feel this way about my family every single friggin day of my life.

That's why I'm going to estrange myself when I'm 18 and go to

I'm really sorry about your situation though. Searching through your
phone is an invasion of privacy.
Psh, adults. They always think they're right. -_-
Hunter20 says :   27 June 2009   697892  
I know it's totally fucked up and well thats the way it is! I'll live
with it til I get out. 

Createpueen- please piss of and go and shit on someone elses anger

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