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So Long, Grade Six!Category: Just Another Crazy School Day
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
05:10:57 PM (GMT)
7:55-10:30 day is epic. <3 Anyways, today was the last day of school. ;D I brought my video camera and camera to school today. I was using the video camera and I let people use my retarded camera. They only took, like, a few pictures. -_-" But at least I videotaped A LOT of stuff in class. <3 On the downside, I need to find the wire that connects my video camera to my computer, or else I won't be able to upload any shit to YouTube! D8 I GOT SECOND HONORS. NO, THIS IS NOT HAPPY CAPS-ABUSE. D:< I know I should totally be happy that I got into honor roll at all, but STILL. IT RUINED A RECORD I WAS KEEPING. GAH. I feel so bad for Craig. :[ After school Mr. Skater Boy was just hanging out with his skateboard. He was standing on it and Zarr stepped on the opposite side of what he was on and it snapped. Yeah, it BROKE. Mell was like, "HOLY COW!" Zarr feels so bad. :[ BUT WE WERE ALL LAUGHING SO HARD. But we all feel sorry for him. He went outside the gate and more pieces fell off, and then he just slammed the skateboard down in frustration and anger. Aww- hahaha. We got yearbooks two days ago. <3 We have this page at the back for autographs. Some of the autographs "I♥U Desi have Fun Bisexual girl" From Desi, the boy who ridicules my bisexuality. :B "Have a good summer <3 Fito" Yes, he literally put "<3". Fito is his nickname. "Ivo your awesome you emo person" From Ivo. xD I like that guy. He hugged me hella tight today. :'D I love autographs. I usually put "Have a great/good/awesome/cool summer. ILY, Rey". ;] People put I♥U or something like that a lot, like Kenny, Tweek, and Lola. Tweek put it twice on mine. ;D Fran and Will hella messed up my yearbook! They wrote their names HELLA big, several times. It looks like my baby sister scribbled on it. You can still see all the other autographs, BUT STILL.
I live in NoCal, so I can say hella. >:[ STFU.

‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   3 June 2009   781699  
Your school just barely got out today?
We got out May 15!
Conspiring says:   3 June 2009   431542  
‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   3 June 2009   595782  
*laughs my evil genius laugh*
Bootheghost says :   4 June 2009   615371  

British schools get out in freakin' JULY.


I finish on 16th of July.


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