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Friday, 29 May 2009
04:28:42 AM (GMT)
Tomorrow will be Ashoro's 61st Sports Festival. Everything is ready, the tents, the
dance steps for the cheering and other stuff. Although the cheering squad XD are
having a bit of a problem because the cheering should only be for 10 minutes and if
we go 1 minute past that, they will minus our points. (If 2 minutes, -10 points, if
past 3, -15 points.)

We've also heard that the 3A's order for the Relay has changed because "someone" had
"an injury". But when we requested for us to change our order too, they refused. :/
There's also this story saying that everytime we practice Relay together with 3A,
they memo-ing our order and then they'll change their orders so we won't win. :/

Also, we have a problem with the jumping rope. When we practiced on Thursday (May
28th), we jumped 1 time for 1 minute. It was so stupid and embarrassing. We are THIRD
YEARS, we should be able to jump more than 1 time! Even the 1st years can jump
27 times! But well...there are many reasons why we weren't able to jump, one
of those reasons are the people who are spinning the rope. They were spinning it so
fast and so high! WHAT THE FUCK?!! Do they think we'll win if we hurried ourselves
and jump fast?!

When the results were announced, the A Team (3A) jumped 65 times in 2 minutes,
earning them 120 points. And we jumped 14 times for 2 minutes, earning us 28
points. The A Team were just laughing at us (especially when they heard that jumped
only 1 time on the first round.)!


Today, I was SO fucking tired. We ran here, ran there, go back here, go back there.
UGHH!! XD When school was over, people said that we should practice for the jumping
rope game because we really have to jump at least 20 times or else we'll really

But then, not many people came.

Only 9 people built our tent! (Me included) What are they, seriously?! After building
our class' tent, I had to go over to the other side of the field to build ANOTHER
tent. (The tent for the...Yougu iin, the group responsible for preparing things
needed in the Sports Festival such as jumping rope, batons, goal tape etc.)

After building that tent...I had nothing to do and was able to rest for about 20
minutes. Hikaru then came and said that we should practice with the jumping rope and
I agreed. There were only 6 people present there. We did it, we practiced jumping.
(My guy classmate that was a member of the Student Council was reciting the speech he
has to say at the Sports Festival THE WHOLE TIME WHILE HE WAS JUMPING! OMG!)
I also got to...spin the jumping rope. ^_^  It was pretty hard but it was enjoyable.
Heck, it was better than jumping!

After that, I gave food to the carp in the fish pond at school and went home. :D

AND I'M SO TIRED THAT I CAN BARELY MOVE. (Yes, my fingers can move but not my arms,
my legs etc.) We also have to go shopping and buy the ingredients that are needed to
make my bentou. (Lunch box, there's no lunch at the Sports Festival, you have to make
your own.)

AHH! Long diary is long again. ^_^

‹Luvvy♥› says :   29 May 2009   769789  
Sound really fun!!
I hope our Sports day goes well too.
I doubt it anyway...

Have fun!!!

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