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The truth about Hate Mail.Category: (general)
Thursday, 28 May 2009
02:25:23 PM (GMT)
This, I guess, is kind of following on from my other diary which can be found here. So today guys I'm going to focus on the issue of hate mail - I know it sounds completely boring and a pointless thing to write a diary about but hopefully at the end of the diary you'll understand why I wrote it. Attention Lets start with the people who send you hate mail to get some attention. There are many different reasons why these people want your attention - too many to go into - and to get your attention they will try anything. Think about those little children who throw things/shout/scream/hit people to get their attention, it's completely the wrong thing to do to get people's attention but they're too immature to notice this. The hate mail they typically send - from my own experience - is something along the lines of:
OMG! UR FACE IZ SO ULYG!!!!!!!111!!
The best thing to do? Ignore and carry on with your life, if they keep on sending it just ignore them and blacklist, they'll soon get bored and move on. Revenge There are some people who can't take no for an answer or just hate you for your views - trust me, we've all been there. They're hate mail typically makes more sense, well unless you're both stupid. It happens. Anyway, they'll usually just keep on bashing you about your views or because you said no to they cyber request. Basically, I think these people just either a) want to make you change your mind or b) just annoy you. Either way, it's bloody annoying so just ignore it or if you're feel clever bash them back, however, if you go for bashing them make sure you owned them otherwise it's pathetic. Bash You Now, this is the kind of hate mail I take part in myself. Oops, did I just say that? Anyway, this sort of hate mail normally takes place because of the following reasons: * You're a pathetic scene kid - we all just love bashing a scene kid don't we? It's even funnier when they believe they're orginal, so we bash away. The best thing to do? Stop being a scene kid, you just look stupid and you end up regretting it *speaking from experience*. * You can't spell for your life - it annoys us, plus why shouldn't we bash you? I mean you can't do one of the simplest things. The best thing to do? Spell properly, we then leave you allow and move onto new pray. * You're a fake- do I actually have to explain this one? The best thing to do? Grow up, stop stealing someone elses photographs and either don't put up any photographs or put up your own photographs. This diary is not finished, I just need to do homework. KTHXBAI.

‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   28 May 2009   865865  
I have to admit, you're on to something.

I got bashed for stupid reasons plenty of times. I think I'm starting
to become more cold towards it now.

But you are right. Though I don't think you should bash someone for
color or religion, or opinions, or anything else stupid.
iSpeakMyMind says :   30 May 2009   219548  
It's not long and boring^^
Once again.I agree with you.
What's with these jocks and cheerleaders pretending to be something
they ridiculed a kid about it 2 weeks ago?-_-
Plus.this guy blacklisted me because I didn't want to cyber with
him-or anybody.
And I hate it when people must TYPE AND TALK LIEK THIZZZ.
You sound like a retarded 7 year old>>.
And,we're allowed to have an opinion too!


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