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Who Said What? *naruto style*Category: weird randomness that i came up with a second ago
Monday, 11 May 2009
03:45:24 PM (GMT)
basically, i want to do a whole series of these things, from different anime and
manga i read/watch... 
up first is porbably the most known manga/anime on here.... naruto!! ^w^

also, i will write down the guesses that people make.  i just wont tell you until
later >w< 1. "those d*mn eyes!"

2. "shut your mouth.  I won't be patronized, do you understand me?  I'll kill you."

3. "enjoy your time on the stump."

4. "I can't back Down when they show me no respect."

5. "You sad little pawn."

5. "You're not as special as I am."

6. "You probably hate me."

7. "For my name to be known all the way down to a kid like you... is an honor" 

8.  "We're both of the same breed, after all... motives for war are of no concern.
Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love, or just because... no matter how
pathetic the reason, it's enough to start war"

9 hmmm... maybe i'll give you an easy one.... "I am an avenger" 

10  another easy one... -_-; . "Dattebayo!"

can you guess?

‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   18 December 2009   405966  
What do we have to guess? The name of the character that said those
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   18 December 2009   700178  
Oh, nevermind, I just figured it out, (I didn't concentrate much on
the title :P)


1. Ino, or Sakura? O.o I must be very far XD
2. Uhm.. Uhm... Kakashi/Itachi/Sasuke Another very far answer :D
3. n/a
4. UHM.Tsunade? Naruto?  And ANOTHER far answer.. -_-
6. KIBA?? DX
8. Iruka-Sensei? Jiraiya? Kakashi? Tsunade????
9. ...

I probably only got the last two right! YAY! *sarcasm*
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   12 July 2010   466776  

*sighs* I'll play anyway.

2. Itachi? I dunno
3. Kakashi/4th Hokage. Bah.
4. I dunno
5. Itachi
6. I dunno
7. Jiraiya?
8. Of course, TOBI/MADARA
9. Sasuke.
10. Naruto

Bah. I'm not much of a Naruto Fan
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says :   12 July 2010   729830  

1. I dunno


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