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Thursday, 16 April 2009
04:59:37 PM (GMT)
Is this the first non- Little Orphan  I haven't made private?

Wow, I think it is.

a shame, since this one will be relatively short.


     The two walked towards each other. Kevin stopped. Immediately after seeing Kevin
stop, Franklin stopped. There was exactly four feet, or to their minds, eight floor
tiles between them. The hall way was half darkened. At the same moment they both
thought 'There's something weird about him... He's seems familiar...'
"Acid fahjinkle." Franklin said clearly, his deep vioce not getting the echo it
deserved. Kevin blinked in surprise but kept his expression impassive.
"Brother!!" They both shouted as they rushed in for a manly embrace. The computer
geeks continued the remaining one hundred forty-three floor tiles to the door, arms
resting comraderily on each others shoulders.
                                        The End.

Comraderily is totally a word by the way.

Anyone who understands what Franklin meant by "acid fahjinkle" please explain in
comments. If you don't get it, say so in comments and I'll explain, thus drawing you
into the computer-geeky world of random observations.

Lyncheh says:   16 April 2009   411976  
Can I offer constructive criticism? :P

When writing speech, there's a comma rather than a full stop before
the closing speech marks, if the character is actually verbalising
something. ^



Kirti says:   16 April 2009   783636  
Usually yes, but I was purposely using fragmented sentences to make
the point that the two characters were using as few words as possible.
All sentences were short and close quickly.
callie11 says:   17 April 2009   727386  
*sigh* I'm going to ask. What exactly does "Acid fahjinkle" mean?
Lyncheh says:   17 April 2009   742594  
I mean this.

This is incorrect. If it were, "Franklin laughed", then yes. But this sentence above is just incorrect. Stop being so proud.
Lyncheh says:   17 April 2009   818176  
And to clarify, in case you still don't understand, it needs to be a
comma rather than a full stop.
‹CosmosxGlitterxLegs› says:   17 April 2009   131733  
Well, you sure have a knack for writing. And for that I admire you.
Though you DID say that if we didn't know what Acid fahjinkle means
then to ask you. And by stateing that comment you can probably come to
the conclution that I don't know what it means. You realy sould write
more. I'm sure you could be a good auther.
‹CosmosxGlitterxLegs› says:   17 April 2009   775111  
Please excuse my horrible spelling problem.....
Kirti says :   17 April 2009   132871  
if you were to try and pronounce the line of keys on your keyboard
that your fingers rest on in touch typing, it would sound something
like "acid fahjinkle", and after the l there's a semicolon. I
considered putting in the quotations, but it made the sentence to

Oh yes Lyncheh, how dare I end a sentece with a period. I
didn't use a coma because I didn't want it to be said as an unfinished


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