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The Weirdness of My FriendsCategory: Sick and Twisted School Life
Saturday, 11 April 2009
07:46:25 PM (GMT)
Okay, so if you don't go to my school, you probably don't know how weird my friends
are.  If you do, sorry, it's not that I don't love you, but you are weird.  So here's
how it goes...  I have two groups of friends at my school.  Firstly, there's Nicole,
Haley, Amanda, Sarah and Ricardo.
   Nicole is that awesome, down to earth one who really doesn't give a crap and
you can basically say anything to.
Haley is the fun one, and the one that can really get on your nerves sometimes,
but you love her anyways.
Ricardo is the one I love like a brother no matter what a fruithead he is.
Sarah and Amanda are just those friends... the one's that there's nothing special
about, but that makes them special?  The ones you just never want to lose? 
That's them.

   Then there's Falisha, Stephanie, Kirsten, Alyssa, Spencer and Michael.  Okay,
okay, I'll admit it; they're probably a heck of a lot 'cooler' and 'more popular' and
whatever than my other friends, but they're really nice people who I like just as
much as my other friends.
Stephanie is that awesome, down to earth one who really doesn't give a crap and
you can basically say anything to.
Alyssa and Kirsten are the fun ones, and the ones that can really get on your
nerves sometimes, but you love them anyways.
Michael and Spencer are the ones I love like brothers no matter what fruitheads
they are.
Falisha is just that friend... the one who there's nothing special about, but that
makes her special?  The one you just never want to lose?  That's her.

   Here's the thing, for some strange reason, the first group CAN NOT STAND
the second group, when the second group NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG to the first
group.  Now before somebody (Kirti... elohel! ) gives me lecture on 'maybe they
just don't like each other,' I realize that, and I'm okay with that.  I honestly
couldn't care less, especially since I don't actually want my separate friends
hanging out together.  What I don't understand is why the first group COMPLETELY
RESENTS the second group.
   The only beef the anyone in the second group has to someone in the first group is
Stephanie's dislike of Nicole, and that's because this one time Nicole was a huge
b*tch to her, but that's a personal story that I don't think Nicole would like me
sharing.  Anyways, the only reason the second group dislikes the first is that the
first group dislikes them (confusing, I know).  Okay, so they do think Haley's a
little bossy, and that Amanda's a little childish, but hey, those things are kind of
true.  No offense, guys, but you know they are.
   Now, I'm not going to say that the second group is perfect.  Stephanie is
really dirty and sexual, but so is Nicole!  Falisha can be bossy and sort of
always needs her way, but it's the same with Haley!  Nobody's perfect!

   The real problem lies within the first group's desire to obey a 'strict social
hierarchy of grade eight' that they COMPLETELY made up.  Not to say that it
doesn't exist elsewhere, but not at our school.  Kirsten and I are proof of that. 
(Kirsten often hangs out with the first group, as well).  Like I said, I'm not going
to reveal personal details about the confrontation between Nicole and Stephanie, but
here's how things really are.
   ~Stephanie DOES NOT think she's 'super hot.'
   ~Falisha DOES  NOT roll her eyes at Amanda all the time.  She pulls her back and
looks down, but she does that all the time.  She'll even do it when she's eating,
it's like my cross-eyed thing (don't ask).
   ~Stephanie DOES NOT stuff her bra.
   ~Alyssa IS NOT a slut.  Is there something wrong with being friends with guys?
   ~Michael IS NOT a d****e bag, and he actually thinks Amanda's really cool.  So
   ~Falisha and Stephanie DO NOT 'think they're so cool' just because they're good at
   ~Stephanie IS NOT 'dirtier' or more 'bad' than Nicole; their sense of sexual
humour is just different.  But they're equally as bad, and I love them both for it.
   ~NONE OF THEM are actually violent, it's a joke.  Nobody actually gets hurt; you
just have to have thick skin when you're hanging out with them.
   ~And, althoguh this never came up in conversation, but I know you were all
thinking it... everybody in that group IS a virgin.  

   Like I said, I don't care if they dislike each other; honestly I don't.  I just
wish the first group wasn't a huge bunch of b*thes towards the second group ALL THE
TIME.  Nicole even admitted that they never say anything positive about the others! 
Can't everybody just be nice?

   Oh, and by the way guys, guess who I want in my cabin at Muskoka?  Kirsten,
Alyssa, Haley, Amanda, and (I actually wrote this) Falisha/Nicole, cause I like you
guys equally.  Don't like that?  Too bad.

Kirti says:   13 April 2009   852428  
Hey! I wouldn't have said that!
... It might come from class differences within the social heirarchy.

wow, you mentioned the term social hierarchy further down! But what I
meant was people who shop at Hoit Topic and people who shop at
Abercrombie are prone to dislike each other for no reason beyond the
two groups appear to be total oppisits and yet everyone within the
other group dresses "exactly" like everyone else in that group,
creating a feeling of being outnumbered or cornered.

I can see it seeming odd for those who stay To The Left (this is
specific to the mall in my area) that Julia's hair is segnificantely
shorter then Humphrey's, or that Mariana and I both have oddly colored
hair. But it seems odd to us that so many people all wear their hair
the same way. We don't understand the appeal of girls having shoulder
legnth blonde hair that they straighten every morning, and them
mocking Mariana for having blue hair only furthers the differneces
between the groups.

In other words- look like us or we don't like you. (an attitude I
neither approve of nor seem to be able to aviod.)
tiggerlemon101 says :   13 April 2009   983132  
I'm glad you wouldn't have said that.  

The youth of today really does not make much sense, I guess.


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