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Really Busy! D:Category: Plz read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, 5 April 2009
10:34:34 AM (GMT)
As some of you guys can see I haven't been on as much as I used to be, I used to get
on very day and now Im lucky to get on every other day! The reason is because I have
been gettign really busy!!! 

From April to May Im going to be extrememley busy on the weekends and soemtimes
during the week.
This is because my teacher gave us a project to do on books we read in calls and my
school has this thing called Project night at my school and me and my friends Emily
and Nick are a group, and we have to works like every weekend because we are doing a
diarama and a poster which will take a lot of work ecspeacially since we want to get
an A.

We are doing it on this book called Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes.
Its a true story! Go in google and look up Sadako Sasaki.

Plus,I also play Clarinet and i have been busy practicing to learn my songs for the
Spring Concert hich is in May! I have lots to work on until then.
Trust me,it may look easy but its NO WHERE NEAR EASY!

Here is the main idea of Sadako.

She lived in Japan and the book started out as it was Peace day a day where they
remmeber the people who died form thr Aom bomb that was dropped on there city 9 yrs
before and some people had the what they called "Atom bomb disease" which is

Sadako was a very fast runner and loved to run! She was in a relay race on field day
for her class and she won.
And she practiced all winter so that when she got to Junior high she coul be on the
track team or whatever.

But then, every time sadako runs she starts to get dizzy. She doesnt tell anyone not
even her best friend Chizuko.
She thinks "Oh it will go away its probably just because im running longer and
farther now and my body isn't used to it"
But that wasnt it.

One day she was running outside her school beofre school started and she fell to the
ground. A teacher rushed over to help.
The teahcer tells Sadako's siter Mitsue to go homr and tell her father,because the
mother is working.

Her sister does and her father drove Sadako to the Red Cross hospital. But as she was
going in she looked around and rembered that this was the part of thr hospital for
people with the Atom bomb disease.

When the rest of her family comes to visit her her parents find out that he might
have Leukimia and Sadako is DEVESTATED!

A few days later he friends comes to vist her and makes her a paper crane Sadako
wondered why and her friend told her becuase she remebered soemthign ehr mother told
that if a person was sick like sadako that if they made a thousand paper crances they
make a wish to eb ehalthy angain and it will come true. So Sadako start making paper

But heres the very vey sad part.

Sadako started loosing her appitite and started gettign very weak. One day seh met a
boy names Kenji witht eh same disease as her but the next day he dies.

Sadako starts thinking that shes going to die soon too.

One day she fells mich better her appitie comes back.

They all thought she was going to be ok.

But they were wrong

On October 24.1955

Sadako's last words were "It's good" reffering to the tea and m,uffin she was eating.

Then her family left and she fell asleep

But she never woke up.

Sadako had died from Leukimeia.

Well lets pretty much the story is sooo sad!

Also im busy this weekend because

Friday:It was my friends birthday so i went to her sleepover party.

Saturday-Had to go to the library and do research with my friends for our project.

SUnday:today my cosuins is having a family party for his birthday but his real
birhtday isnt today.

So i had a busy weekend

I hope you gusy understand if im not online all the time.

Thanks bye!

amethyst21 says:   5 April 2009   377524  
It's all good, Kaylie. I've been sneaking on pretty much all weekend
until just now, because I've been grounded. lol
but everyone gets busy sometimes, so it's not your fault.
Kazol3 says:   6 April 2009   663756  
wow i don't know how to respond to
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says:   6 April 2009   384531  
Tori:Lol Thanks tori! LYLAS!
amethyst21 says:   6 April 2009   434837  
lol yw kaylie! :D
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   6 April 2009   327996  
Uhh tori whats yw? its suppose to be like ya or soe,thing


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