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Sunday, 8 March 2009
09:52:31 PM (GMT)
1 Long Good Survey
Basic Stuff
Name: Alice Panik
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: brown (wish it was pink)
Eye color: brown
Shoe size: 7 womens
Hometown: California 
Movie: Underworld and Dragon Heart
Song: This one song that Landon sang, I think it's called Night and Day
Singer / Group: Queen  (but if we're talking about singiners, I think I wouldhave to
be iest to say Landon)
TV Show: Doctor Who
Food: Fried Rice andCalamarie
Soda: Doctor Pepper
Dessert: Baclava... I think
This or
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Tennis Shoes or Flip flops: Flip flops
Hot or Cold: cold
Fall or spring: fall
Winter or summer: Both (summer for no homework, winter for the temputure and all)
A/C or windows down: AC
Preps or geeks: geeks 
Looks or personality: personality
Lights on or off: Why?
Inside or
outside: outside
football or basketball: neither
Boxers or briefs: euh. . . 
Comedy or horror: comedy
Hair up or down: Depends on my hair cut, right now, up.  
Tee shirt
or tank top: t-shirt
Jeans or shorts: jeans
Car or truck: car
or white: black
Rock or country: rock
Love or money: love
Soup or
salad: soup
Cheese or pepperoni: cheese
Chocolate or vanillia:
Random Stuff
Do you like pina colodas: ♪ Something to do with rain ♪
Have you ever been drunk: no
What is your dream car: a bug or a t-bird
Do you have a gf / bf: neither. . . though it would most likely be a bf, if I had
Are you easily amused: maybe . . . . 
Is your name shaliqualanda: I wish. lol!
Are you gay, straight,
or taken: straight
What time is it right now: GAME TIME! . . . oh . . . 6:06 PM
Where are you: in my room
Is anyone there with you:  I hope not! . . . but there is one exceptiong  . . .
hehehe . . . My cat.
Have any
nicknames: Vikki, V, Alice, Queen Vikki the III, Alien form Mars, yah could they be
any wierder.
More Favorites
Color: green
Sport: soccer
Team: ... I don't know.  I don't watch, I like to play!
Vacation Spot: London, or Paris, or New York. . . But some day I want to live in New
Day of the
Week: Anyday with no homework and no school
Number: 32
Your Friends
Best: Cass
Known the longest: Cass and Esther and Dannie
Closest: Cass
Trusts you the
most: Esther, Dannie, and Cass
You trust the most: Cass
Most shy: Melanie
Most outgoing: uh... Esther
Knows the most about you: Cass
Possible bf / gf material:  . . . euh.  Cass, but I'm straight, so that would be
really wierd.  But Landon too, but he's not really my friend.
Have you ever 
Done something illegal: no
Smoked: no
Drank: yes
Been in love: no, inless my obsession over Landon counts.
Skinny dipped: nope
Been in a wreck: yes
Skipped school: yes
Gotten into a fight: yah
Had surgury: no, thank god!
Gotten stiches: nope
fallen asleep in school: almost, inless sleeping after atest counts, we weren't
really doing anthing.  Or sleeping during brake.
Been out of the country: yah
Snuck out of your house: nope
Lied to your parents: of course I have!
Had a broken heart: no
Broken someones heart: yes
Sat on your roof: yes
Prank called someone: HELL YES!
Laughed so hard you cried: yah
Slept under the stars: yes
Done something really stupid and gotten hurt: lol! yes!
time you were out of state: Before I was one.
Kiss: unknown, becuase it hasn't happened yet.
Car: drove one or own one?
Slow dance: In ballroom class . . . but I don't think that counts.
Pet: Calvin
Crush: HA! When I was in Kindergarden!  He was such a jerk! It was only a week
Movie you saw: Funny Girl
Person you talked to on the phone: Esty
Shower: last night
Time you went shopping: a while ago. Like months.
Thing you drank: Crystle Light Pamegranet thing.
Thing you ate: toast
More random stuff
Star sign: Pieces
piercings: ears
tattoos: none
Scars: a lot.
If you
could change your past what would you change: My F
Who do you want to be
with right now: euh . . . CASS!
Do you have a huge secret: Secret . . . not really.
Are You...Smart: no.
Polite: I hope so, some it's it may seem I'm not if I'm annoyed or mad.
Funny: I hope so.
Talkitive: not really
Preppy: Oh god I'd kill my self if I was! Those are the scariest people ever.
Redneck: HELL NO!
What do you notice first about the opposite sex: If they're taller or shorter than
Do you want to have kids: not now, maybe in the future when I find the prefect guy
for me . . . If that will ever happen.
If so what are you going to name them: Ewen, Ciera, Entashn, Anastasia, (note: I'm
not going to have as many kids as I have names!!!), Rowen, Ivana . . . 
Do you have any fatal diseases: I hope not!
Do you antasize about anyone: OF COURSE!!!
Do you collect anything: Porcielan dolls.
 Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute: Yah, while I was planning the
assassination of Jesus.
 Do you like Canadian ppl: Why wouldn't I????
Ever shot anything: hehehe! Yes.
do you have any strange obsessions: Yah, shinny things, and petting anything soft.
Do you like to touch sharp objects: Well . . . 
Are you really bored right now: maybe . . . 
How often to you get on the computer: depends . . . usually on the weekends 'cause
I'm too buizy.
Do your
parents know you have a myspace: yah, but I made it without their permission.

I've given up answering anymore...
Last edited: 6 April 2009

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