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Sunday, 22 February 2009
10:17:53 PM (GMT)
Chapter Two--Alex Ejit McNahl

I led Nes into the portal to my home. She was now sleeping. I sighed as something
caught in my throat. I carried her to my bedroom and let her sleep. Her breathing was
light and calm. Her eyelids were wet with tears. She whimpered and then shivered. I
puleld the covers up and went to the front room to watch TV.
  The only way to kill a Guardian is tough. You have to have teo powers: ice and
fire. You have to freeze thier outsides and set fire to their outsides at the same
time. Either two things can happen at that point. 1) they could either freeze to
death and not move, or, 2) they are running around screaming and making it harder for
you to catch them. If by chance number one happens, you slit their throat. But,
that;s not it. They can either bleed to death, in which you are lucky. Or, get really
mad at you and kill you, in which you aren't lucky. 
Either way you're still not dne.
  Now that you have slit their throats and they're dead, you now have to repeat the
process 10 more times. Unless they have died before. It's still not as simple as
that. You have to get through the servants first. Plus, you have to have really
surprised them. Not only that, but you haveto be really strong to fight off all six.
 I heard someone come in. Taj. He was alone. "They went to tell the other worlds," he
said softly. "Figured you would want to take a breather. Is she sleep?"
 I nodded. "Finally."
 "Well, go spread the news, also. They haven't reached this town yet."
  I got up reluctantly and then went to check on Nes. She was still sleeping, her
pigtails out. Her curly black hair splayed around her face in what looked like a
hurricane. A single lock fell into one eye. I walked over quietly and removed it
before kissing her cheek. "Pretty," I whispered. Which, was an insult. She was
  I walked back in the front room. Taj smiled. "You love her." He said it not as s
question, but as a statement.
  "We're best friends," I said softly, not waking her.
  "Yeah, right," he contradicted. "Just admit, you love her. Everyone can see."
  "Whatever," I growled and stomped out.
____Nes Nxier Hao____

I woke up. I expected Alex in the living room, but it was Taj. None the less, I
folded myself onto a sofa, empty.
  My sister. Dead. My Guardian. Dead. My family. Dead. Me. Dead.
  Alex charged through the door and flung himself onto me. "Taj, come on!" he yelled,
grabbing me.
  "Alex?" I whimpered.
  "Nes, just shut up right now!" he screamed.
  I flung myself away, legs rooted through the floor. Taj grabbed something from the
closet. I shivered when I saw it. My parents had one of those. They were killed by
it. I started wailing, thinking about death. Alex cursed. "I don't have time for
this," he growled. "Shut the fijj up, Nes."
   I gulped and grasped him tightly.
   We ran outside. People were yelling and screaming at us. I closed my eyes, wishing
myself to a better place. I had an idea. I snatched all our shadows as we ran. Our
shadows were gone. Without any shadows, there was no us. That means we aren't there.
A sudden darkness--also my doing--fell over the town. They started screaming. in
  "Nes, how long can you do that?" Taj whispered.
  "Not much longer," I admitted, channeling my energy toward it. I felt drained.
  "We're here," Alex announced clamly.
  We stepped in the portal. I dropped the darkness, but kept our shadows. I fell

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