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Thursday, 19 February 2009
06:26:42 PM (GMT)
Ok who has seen CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL?!? it is awsome and funny and a little creepy
at times. my fave song is trapper song and the WE ARE INDIANS! part. they are

trapper song

I can catch a helpless animal, 
Skin it with my bare hands. 
I wake up muddy, 
And I go to bed bloody, 
'Cause I'm a trappin' man.

I can brave the nastiest weather. 
Even if it's 80 below. 
My pa was an elephant, but that's irrelevant. 
My ma was an Eskimo.

I eat rabbits' heads for breakfast. 
With beaver butt on the side. 
The side! 
My mind's magnificent and my body no different. 
I'm full of trapper pride!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! 
Rip their fur, cut their skin with my knife. 
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! 
One thing's for sure, there's nothing like a trappin' life! 

I'm badder than the baddest sailor! 
I make love to women 10 feet tall. 
Good lord! 
I've got a chest of wonder and balls of thunder. 
I can break right through a wall.

I love the sound of metal, 
Snapping on an animal's head. 
Sometimes they scamper 
Sometimes they whimper 
But they always end up dead.

(Interlude by Nutter) 
I've always wanted to be somebody 
Who didn't get pushed around. 
Now that I'm a trapper, 
I'm the meanest guy around. 
(Frenchy interrupts) 
Second meanest!

The blood of a fresh-cut rodent 
Is as sweet as brandy wine. 
And the brain of an antelope 
Tastes like cantaloupe. 
What a yummy life!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! 
Rip their fur, cut their eyes out with my knife. 
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

(Song is cut short, due to the trapper trio's inability to sing in corresponding
[Noon] Oh, Stop! 
[Humphrey] That's sick. 
[Frenchy] I agree. Nutter, you were singing in the wrong key! 
[Nutter] No I wasn't. It was Loutzenheiser. I was singing in Eb minor. 
[Frenchy] The song's in F# major! 
[Bell] I think they're the same thing. I mean, Eb is the relative minor of F#. 
[Frenchy] No, it isn't. The relative minor is 3 half-tones down from the major, not
[Noon] No, it's 3 down. Like A is the relative minor of C major. 
[Loutzenheiser] But isn't A# in C major? 
[Bell] Wait, are you singing Mixolydian scales, or something? 
[Frenchy] A# is tonic to C major. It's the 6! 
[Humphrey] No it isn't! 
[Swan] Well, it'd be like a raised 13th if anything. 
[Frenchy] Oh well. You guys are just a bunch of loser diggers anyhow! 
[Humphrey] Oh see. You know we're right!

see? hilarious


(this goes on while in the background you can see japanese flags)

Miller: Can you tell us what tribe this is?

"Indian" Chief: Hmmm... We are... Indians.

Miller: Yes, I see that, but... what Indians?

"Indian" Chief: You don't think we are... Indians?

Miller: No I just-

"Indian" Chief: We have... teepees...

Miller: I see that, but-

"Indian" Chief: Look... at all these teepees we have. Because... we are... Indians.

Packer: Yeah, they have teepees



[The miners approach the Grand Canyon.]
Packer: Come on, we can just walk around it. It can't be that big.

Humphrey: Wait, you guys. Let me talk to them. I know how to speak Indian.
Bell: We're gonna die.
Humphrey: Weep-wah, weep-wah, surro no happo? (~Not really Japanese.~)
Indian #2: Nani itto n jaa, omee? (What the heck are you saying?)
Humphrey: He says, "Welcome to the land of blue light."
[Humphrey simultaneously signs "Jesus Christ is dead."]
Indian #2: Omai wa sono uchi, sakana to ishoo ni onemu suru koto ni naru, zo! (Keep
it up and you'll be sleeping with the fishes, see?!)
Humphrey: "I am a carpenter, and this is my brother, Tom."

  Cyclops: Are you lookin' at my eye?!!!
Miners: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Cyclops: Are you lookin' at my eye?!!!
Miners: No. No. No. Not at all.
Cyclops: A union army soldier did this to me in the big one. Any of you boys fight
for the union army?
Miller: Shucks no!
Bell: Shucky dang darn!
Cyclops: So, you the boys been killin' all my sheepies with those traps.
Noon: Nawww! We just now gots here!
Cyclops: Where you from?
Humphrey: Nashville!
Cyclops: Damn, it's good to see some southern boys. It's been a long time. Well, I
wish I were in the land of cotton. Old times there are not forgotten. Look away! Look
away! Look away!
[Everyone bobs their head to the beat.]
Humphrey: Ya stupid yank!
Cyclops: You ain't southern boys!
Miners: Ahhhhhhhh!!! 

funny you should watch it!

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