LOL...I read a little survey that some members of DBSK I tried
this out for myself..
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LOL...I read a little survey that some members of DBSK I tried
this out for myself..
Category: (general)
Monday, 16 February 2009
04:35:12 PM (GMT)
1.) Name: Do you honestly think I'm gonna say?
2.) DOB: March 31, 1996
3.) Nicknames: Monkey, "Prancene" (Don't go there man...don't go there...)
4.) Bad habits: I'm over-protective, and I can be a bit blatant..And a bit
5.) Religion: Christian
6.) Fav. Quote: Nothing is good or evil, but thinking makes it so...-Wlliam
7.) Bloodtype: A..I think
8.) Height/Weight/Shoe Size: I don't even remember exactly my weight..or height..but
My shoe size is 6 1/2 women's
9.) Family: Dad, Mom, Little sis, and I
10.) School: Not gonna say..
11.) Hobbies: Drawing, singing, dancing...etc...
12.) Specialties: Arguing w/ just about anybody, drawing..i guess
13.) Sleeping Habits: Using my arm as a pillow, kicking..HARD
14.) Something good about myself: My friends say this...but..I'll go out of my way as
much as possible to help people..
15.) What I think of myself: Needs a good night's rest
16.) Fav. number: 4551765
17.) Fav. Season: Baseball Season? No..I'm kidding..It's Summer
18.) Fav. Food: hmm..never gave it much of a thought
19.) Least Fav. Food: Eggs, Sandwich...(I've never ate a sandwich in my life)
20.) Fav. Singers/Celebs: That could take a looong time...but I'll name a few...Cote
De Pablo, William Moseley, Takahiro
21.) Fav. Sport: Taekwondo, Volleyball...
22.) Fav. Flower: Chrysanthemums and roses
23.) Fav. Colors: Blue, black (wait..that's a shade..and my aura colour...*Shudder*)
24.) Thing I do to pass time: Computer, listen to music, read, write, draw,yeah..
25.) Places I go most often (excluding home): School, Art classes,
26.) Most confident thing I can cook: Ramen
27.) Songs I like these days: Oh.Ah.Oh-Big Bang, Nobody-Wonder Girls, Bolero- DBSK
28.) What do you prefer: coffee, milk, soda: Coffee
29.) Most important being in my life: God...end of story
30.) Person I like least: Not gonna point out names...but...DeNiese!!!
31.) Kinds of people I detest: Idiotic people (DeNeise...), Racist
people..(Darien...) Thieves...( Kitty.....)
32.) Something I'm worried about : Failing my tests and well..getting out of first
round of Spelling Bees...
33.) What I think I was in my past life: I don't believe in that!
34.) If I could be reborn: I don't believe in that either...One life: LIVE IT TO THE
35.) When I want to get married: when I'm ready and my life is in order.
36.) What I do when I'm mad: Listen to music...
37.) Places I want to fix on my face: Do my teeth count?
38.) My dream/goal: Lawyer, detective, one or the other
39.) Dream Salary: I unno...A LOT?
40.) My least liked feature: My height....-.-'
41.) Something that happens everyday: Amanda steals my stuff
42.) I like/love someone right now: Nope!!!
43.) Jinxes: Don't believe in that stuff either
44.) Something I could go back and do: Too many to count..
45.) What I most regret in my life: Losing my PSP....
46.) If I left a will before I die: That's a long list...
47.) Prized Posesstion: My iPod- Music 4eva!
48.) What I want to say to people full of themselves with Prince/Princess Syndrome:
Keep it going like that and you'll be shot before you can make a will!
49.) My ideal mate: Someone that gives me a strong feeling...i guess
50.) -
51.)What do you think of ladies who try and find seats when there are none in Subways
or Buses: uhm...these are none..don't bother..
52.) Do you ever want to beat a small kid: Naw...unless they're evil spawns of doom
like Hunter...*shudder*
53.) What kind of kids scare you: Kids scare me?
54.) If you were to dye your hair, what color would you dye it: Hayley
Williams Decode red...
55.) Most memorable Movie: Memorable Movie? uhm...DoA? FFVII AC?
56.) Most memorable day: Piano Comp. 3rd place
57.) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play: Ziva
David's adopted daughter in
58.) When do you most not like your friend: When she gets hypocritical and lies to me
(ahem, Amanda, ahem.)
59.) What do you think of guys who wear makeup: Don't wear tooooo much..we can always
60.) Makeup vs. No makeup on women: no makeup.
61.) favortie book (comics can be included): Death Note: Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,
The Warrior Heir, Heroes:Saving Charlie..
62.) What can you make with green onions and eggs: I don't eat why would I
want to make something with it?
63.) Country I want to visit most: Korea, Japan, France, and see..I can't
just settle for 1 country...
64.) If I could get any domestic animal: aww..why domestic? Then..I guess dog..
65.) Favorite song to sing at karaoke: I hate singing karaoke.
66.) Things I stress over most: my height..nngghhh.
67.) Someone I want to meet the most in the world: Not gonna say...*Sing song voice*
68.) What would you do if you found 1,000,000 dollars in the street: I'd save it for
University, and Law School, then send the rest to the Philippines!
69.) Something different about it being 2009: 2 more years and I'm in High School!
And my kuya's going to SPAIN!!
70.) Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah, no wait, no I don't.
71.) -
72.) Do you think there's a time in your life when you can be happy anywhere and
anytime: Maybe so...
73.) Do you sleep over at people's house a lot: Not really.
74.) Something I need right now: Ipod Touch...i think...and my original Ipod cord...
76.) What game am I best at: I unno...
77.) What would you say to someone who's about to die: It was nice knowing
you..wasn't it?
78.) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?: When I got a 57 in geo one
79.) What do you do when you can't fall asleep: I listen to music...
80.) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet:
*sarcastic expressions and voice* Nice going Przemyslaw...
82.) Good/bad thing about our country: We stick at most sports...come know
it's true...
83.) Foreign language I want to learn: Japanese, Korean, Spanish
84.) My complex: hmm...I can get annoyed that means I'm moody...
85.) What is there you want to do: DBSK? LMAO! 
86.) Do you find anything wrong with your face or personailty: yeah..too many flaws
with me...
87.) What I do when I'm stressed: Listen to LOUD MUSIC, and throw things around,
maybe draw a picture..
88.) Have you ever wanted to commit suicide: Maybe, Maybe not
89.) What kind of teacher do you hate: It's not really the teacher you should hate,
but rather, the attitute you give him..If you have a mean attitute towards him or
her, they'll revert it back to you
90.) Who's a person who gave you the most hope etc: Nobody really...
91.) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running: Run after
the guy, Tackle him, then punch him or her...and If it's Amanda..I'll grab her
92.) What would you do if you saw a pervert on the street: I'm used to perverts cause
all the guys in my class are pervs
93.) What I think of losers/outcasts: That's mean....Losers and outcasts are just
words for people who are INDEPENDENT...
94.) -
95.) Are you willing to live your life to the fullest: uhm..I think so...
96.) Rain, Snow, Sunshine, Cloudy, Windy which do you prefer: Rain
97.) Have you ever been attracted to someone you've chatted to online: No..
98.) What you want to say to your friends: If you don't study your're gonna
99.) Future plans: Living life to the fullest.
100.) You've finished! How do you feel: GOOD!!Wait..does this count as the 100th
question? 'Cuz's the 98th..two were skipped..

Try this out and message me if you did!
P.S. This is a survey JUNSU did...

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