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im a SEXY LLAMA W/ BIG BOOBS!?!?!? :OCategory: (general)
Friday, 30 January 2009
03:15:11 AM (GMT)
WHAT R U??? TAKE THE TEST!!! ONLY 3 ?s!!!!

What color of shirt are you wearing?

Blue= sexy
Purple=a little TOO happy
Black= EMO
Pink= preppy
light pink= sweaty
Multicolored= tree-hugging
Other= cute

What kind of pants are you wearing?

blue jeans- cowboy/cowgirl
Shorts= cheerleader
Skirt/Skort= llama
boxers= cage fighter
tight jeans= emo
Ripped Jeans= skater
jeans= whore
Sweats/basketball shorts/yoga/pants= Gangsta
Bootie shorts=stripper
Pj's= pirate
boxer shorts= prep
Nothing= insane crazy person
Dickies= weirdo
Tripp jeans=goth
dress pants=baller
tight wrangler's=redneck
spandex= hottie

What is your hair color?

black= with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend
red= that flirts to much
auburn= with a nice smile
blonde = with a nice body
brown/blond=with beautiful eyes
brown = with a cute butt
black/brown= that's ugly
dirty blonde = with good lips
strawberry blonde= that is to much to handle
dark brown=with big boobs
you don't remember=that is mental
mix of colors=that is stupid

im wearing blue, a skirt and my hair is dark brown
so im a SEXY LLAMA W/ BIG BOOBS!?!?!? ahhhhh, BIG??? hehehe take the test DARE

‹>FineOMine<› says:   30 January 2009   279653  
I'm a freaky pirate with beautiful eyes. rofl.
Genieinabottle says:   30 January 2009   617279  
lol im a emo cowgirl wit a hot boyfriend. lol
swim_dory says:   31 January 2009   937412  
HEHEHE! thanx 4 taking the test u guyzez!
JoanneCarter says:   1 February 2009   475182  
lol nice
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   21 February 2009   295858  
hot pirate with hot bf
‹xXShaySaurusXx ☺ ☻› says:   21 February 2009   846153  
im a loud pirate with a nice body
swim_dory says :   21 February 2009   929369  

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