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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 11 (Be ready to be shocked)Category: shocked
Thursday, 15 January 2009
10:35:20 PM (GMT)
Next Morning 

The next morning Courtney awoke with Cory tickling her. She giggle and kiss him. He

Cory: After your shower don’t get dress yet I want to help you pick something out
for picture day. 

Courtney: Yes my love. 

She went into the shower. She put underwear, tank top, bra, and shorts on and she
went into her room. She saw Cory there going though the dresses. He picked up  a
green dress with see though sleeves that was a light green. She slip the dress on. It
fit perfectly. Cory hand her green flats. He smile and he sat her in the chair. He
put green eye shadow over her lids then he put a green lipstick on. He add blush to
her face and then mascara .

Mindy came in with strapless white dress. She had white flats on and she had light
make up on. Mindy smiled and waved. Tamika came in with a yellow strap dress on and
she had yellow flats and no makeup. Cory went his room and put a dress pants a dress
shirt and a tie.  They grab there bags and head for Courtney’s car They drove to
school and got out. 
They walked into the school together. While walking Mindy was walking she trip she
was going to fall but a boy name Jimmy caught her. Mindy laugh and said thanks and
looked in his amazing blue eyes. She smile. He walked away. Mindy and he friends kept
walking. When they walked to there lockers a boy was at Tamika’s locker. She looked
at her friends. She walk to the boy and tap him on his shoulder and said 

Tamika: Excuse me are you my new locker buddy? 

Tyler: Yes I am lost and new too 

The look in each other eyes. Tyler said 

Tyler: Oh my you’re the most prettiest girl I ever seen. 

Tamika: My my name is Tamika. Oh my god your so cute your eyes are light the night

Tyler: Hi Tamika my name is Tyler. 

Tamika smiled at him Tyler smiled back and hand her his schedule she drop her mouth
and showed her friends. There mouth drop and Tamika said 

Tamika: Stick with me and my group and you will never get lost. 

Tyler: Who are oyur friends?

Tamika: Mindy is the one in white, Courtney is the one in green, the dude also
Cindy’s boyfriend soon to be husband is Cory.

They said there hellos. They heard a voice on the intercom to put there stuff in
there locker and report to there homerooms now. Tamika and all her friends put there
stuff in there lockers. They all walk Tyler to homeroom. They sat in there normal
spot. The teacher smiled. Jimmy walked in looking confuse and said 

Jimmy: They switch me in here. 

Teacher: Oh yes Jimmy welcome the only space open it next to Mindy. Mindy raise your

Mindy raise her hand putting her face on the desk. Jimmy went and sat next to her.
She said hello. Jimmy lift her face up and smile. Mindy blush.  He laugh and let got
of her face. Jimmy took out his book and read. The intercom speaker called saying
there homeroom was next. They all got up. They walk to the gym and sat in the
bleachers to be call on. After everyone was done they went back to homeroom and
played games to lunch.


At lunch they all had chicken nuggets. They laugh and fooled around. A popular girl
came up to the table. She tap on Courtney’s shoulder and ask 

Popular girl: You look pale. So how far long are you 

Courtney got up before answering her and ran to the bathroom. She got in a stall and
puked. She flush the toilet and she wash her mouth and hand and put a piece of gum in
her mouth. She was going to walk out the bathroom but the popular girl came in and
hand her the test. She looked at the girl. She went into the stall and peed on it.
She flush and walk out of the stall the popular girl and her sat there for five
minuets . They checked it and it had a pink line she was pregnant. She screamed. She
took the test and ran back to her table. She put the test in front of Cory. She shout

Courtney: Did we have sex last night while lying there! 

Jacob: Yes we did baby you ask me to. 

Courtney: Well I am pregnant!

The whole lunch room gasp. Courtney dumped her tray and head to homeroom. Cory and
his friends dump there trays. Cory put the test in his locker and he enter the
homeroom class and picked  Courtney up and sat down and let her sit on his lap. She
lean on him. He rubbed her back and told it will be ok. She started to cry. He rocked
her and held her close. Everyone came in and the girls hugged her and the guys patted
her shoulder saying it will be ok. The teacher came in and when she heard Courtney
crying  she ask her and Cory to come in the hall. Cory got up and held her walk to
the teacher. Courtney said how she was pregnant. 

The teacher hugged and told her it will be ok. They walked back in homeroom and for
the rest of the day the class was silent and didn’t do nothing just think 

When they got home. Courtney  told Cory’s parents and they where happy. She said
she need to rest. She went to her room. She took the dress off and slip in bed. She
lay under the blanket. She drift off to sleep.
Last edited: 15 January 2009

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   15 January 2009   197699  
OHMYGOD!! she's pregnant!! wow! well luckily everybody was nice about
it! hey I g2g2 bed now, g'night
‹Emma Bear› says:   15 January 2009   858655  
Ok bye I know she is like popular liek a godess at that school I am
glade i wrote this chapter
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   16 January 2009   914752  


This is getting better and better. Pleez, write more.
‹Emma Bear› says :   16 January 2009   982782  
Yes I know I adding the juice its starting to sound liek me a little
I so bad wabt to be prego

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