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~Forbidden Love; Chapter 7~Category: Stories
Friday, 2 January 2009
01:19:29 AM (GMT)
Please read the previous entires(if you haven't read them) before reading this. Thank you. The next morning, I met Ren outside the gate. "Hey, I've come to pick you up" he said to me. "Good morning" I said. "Fine, fine. Good morning princess" he said. "Thank you" I said before smiling. "Ate breakfast yet?" he asked. "I have. Have you?' I replied. "Of course" he said. "Good. Let's go" I said. "What about William?" he asked me. "Who cares about him?' I asked. "Yeah. Good point. Now, we had better go" he replied. While we were walking on the way to school, I suddenly thought about William said to Ren. "Don't you know servants can never be with their mistress? What are you, an idiot?" William said. We can never be together........ "Hey, don't you think we should keep our status a secret?" Ren asked me. "I agree" I replied. "Maybe not at home but, maybe in school" he said. "What about William?" I asked. "Yeah, I don't think he's the kind of guy who would tell" Ren replied. "Yeah, I think so too" I said. He put his arm around me. "Hey, who said you could do that?" I asked. "I say" he replied cheekily. "Silly boy" I said before playfully hitting him on his head. "That's rude" he said. "No it's not. You're my bodyguard" I replied. "So, are you going to treat me like a slave or a boyfriend?" he asked. "Both" I replied cheekily. We were walking so close........ For the first time, in a very long time, I've never walked this close to anybody I've liked. "Um hey Ren....Can I hold your hand?" I asked. "Of course. Anything that makes you feel comfortable" he replied with a smile. I slowly put my hand in his. His hand.....was so warm and soft.......I loved the feeling of it...... "Are you okay?" Ren asked me. "I'm fine. It's just that I've never held a guys hand for a long time" I said while bushing slightly. "Huh?" he asked. "Never mind" I replied. "No, tell me" he said. I told him the story about my first boyfriend and my secret pledge never to fall in love again. "Wow" he said. "Yeah" I said. "That's really horrible" he said. Ren felt guilty. All of us know why. Since Chiaki's first boyfriend also hid the fact that he was from a prestigious clan and his father made him make sure to take all of my property, he felt guilty. "I'm glad your not like that" I said. "Yeah" he replied. Guilt, Ren felt guilt. He put his hand on his forehead. I noticed. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine" he replied. "Let me see" I said. I took my hand and placed it on his forehead. He grabbed my hand. "Don't Chiaki, don't fall in love with me" he said. "Um...is this some kind of trick?" I asked. "No! It's not. I don't think it's the right choice. Can't we just remain as friends?" he asked. This is a joke right? There's no way this could be possible. He just said he loved me the other day and now he says don't love him? "I won't accept this. I'm going now" I sad before running towards the school gates. Tears flowed down my face. "Why would he say that?" I thought. "Maybe he's just not ready yet. Never mind. I'll give him a chance" I added. "Shoot" Ren thought. He walked silently towards the school gates. .:END;FORBIDDEN LOVE;CHAPTER 7:. Shirley Hong
Last edited: 3 January 2009

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