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Tuesday, 30 December 2008
05:39:23 PM (GMT)
Suprises..ohh boy! Chapter FOUR _____________________ I really didn't do anything Sunday, besides waking up when Lisa went home, it was like noon when we actually woke up. But when I got back from walking her home, yeah she doesn't live that far and Bella was being a bitch and didn't wan to give her a ride. I think it's her time of the month or whatever. I basicaly slept and watched tv the whole day, ohh and reading this new book I found in the addic, It's about a vampire that kidnaps a girl and they fall in love with eathother. Yeah, don't ask why I was in the addic and I guess I just love a good romance story. I always loved vampires and all that fantaies crap when I was younger, I still do and I'm not ashamed of it either. Anyway, It's Monday again, can I get an ewwww and an ahhhhh, please! That morning I wkoe up early, that fact that I had to hide the scraches on my face and I couldn't get back to sleep when I tryed. I picked out some pink skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with a rainbow on it. Its says "Don't taste the rainbow, It's toxic!" It was rainning once again, not that I was complaning, I actually love it when it rains. I grabbed my green hoodie that said BAM! across the chest and also grabbed my bag that had so many buttons and patches on it. Before I left my room I turned to my mirror and looked at myself, I wasn't thinking "Gosh I'm gorgeous!" I was thinking about what happen Saturday night and applyed some more cover up to my face, also adding some eyeliner, mascara, and black eye shadow. When I got downstairs, Bella was already in her ugly truck. I put on my pink converse and ran to the truck, even if I wanted to dance in the rain, I could do that after school and then walk home in it, cause Bella would probably leave me there. I'm suprised she hasn't left yet, leaving me to walk in the rain to school, but whatever. It turns out, the guys, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper, came back Saturday morning, scine it was rainning. The school day was going very slow, and I kind of yelled at my science teacher for calling on me, you see I wasn't paying attention and Mr. Lewis called on me and I yelled "What do you want, dumbass!" Alot of kids laughed, even Edward, the mature gentlemen. I got detention. but didn't mind cause I get to walk in the rain after school now, woot, go me! _______________________ Bella's POV: Finally school was over and I completly forgot about Elle's detention and went looking for her, Well, I finally found her and you know what.She was kissing EDWARD!!! They both looked shocked when they stoped. They both turned to see me, and I noticed I was the only one besides them in the hall ways. I ran, that must have been stupid, the fact that Edward and I only talked a few times and weren't really friends, so I had no reason to run away. I started my truck and got out of there quickly. Scine most of the kids were gone now. When I got home, I ran to my room and cryed. What the heck, why am' I crying? I don't like edward! I couldn't! _______________________ Back to Normal POV: Finally the last bell rang for the school day to be over, but then again I had detention. I was talking to Lisa, waiting for her to go home, cause I didn't want to go to detention just yet, will after she left, I made my way to the detention room, but their happen to be a stupid rug in the way and I tripped. Okay, no big deal, I just tripped. But the big deal was I endded up being in Edward Cullen's cold hands and somehow our lips locked. We were both, shocked! We finally parted and I noticed Bella being there. We turned around and she started running, running why I don't know! Could she? Could she like Edward? I turned back around and Edward wasn't there. I didn't mind, but that was weird. We're probably going to be akaward not tomarrow, not menting the whole damn week. I finally noticed Mr. Collins, my math teacher and the teacher that flirts with Lisa and me, I HAVE DETENTION WITH HIM!!! Ohhh great! My life is really starting to suck right now! After dentention got over, I started to walk home, it was like half passed four, but it was a little dark out. I could still see though. During detention I almost died. Mr. Collins was flirting and yet again he tryed kissing me again! What kind of teacher is this! Ewwwww! Then I remembered my kiss with Edward. Wow, that was just wow! I mean I don't like him, at least I don't think I do, I never been in love before so I don't know how you feel. Sure, I've had boyfriends that I liked, but then I dumped cause it didn't feel right. When I got home, bella was making dinner, so I tryed to talk to her then, scine she can't leave. "Listen Bella, I'm sorry about that stupid fight about your ug...trunk and about you seeing Edward and I kissing. It didn't happen like we wanted too to kiss eachother, I triped on a rug and fell on him! Somehow our lips met and thats what happened, I swear!" She looked at me and signed. "I'm sorry for being mad at you this long, but I called mom and I'm leaving in the morning to go to Flordia." I stared at her like she had four heads and a really stupid smile! She was SMILING! I signed, "Fine Bells, be that way, I don't care at least I got the truth out and by the way, your truck is still ugly!" "Ohh and your going to break Charlie's poor little heart, when you tell him or are you not going to tell him and run away like you do to all your stupid problems!" I yelled at her and ran up the stares, changing into some blood red shorts and a black tank top, I put on some classical music and fell asleep. I didn't care anymore about Bella, she could just....She could just get mulled by a bear on her way to the air port. Poor Charlie! He just got her back and he'll think she left, cause of him! Comment Please??

‹Kasey;Theonewhostoleyouroreo› says:   30 December 2008   963382  
tats long to.
TwistedxMind says :   5 January 2009   592899  
well thats how a story is.


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