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Tuesday, 30 December 2008
02:52:05 AM (GMT)
The worlds BEST sleepover!! Chapter THREE! I woke up the next morning to a windy and rainy Saturday. I signed, I would be cleaning and watching movies all day, but tonight Lisas comming over! I ran downstaris to see Bella cooking pancakes. "Smells good, Bells." I said hoping she forgot about the stupid fight we had yesturday. She gave me a mad look, yup she remembered. How luckly am I? "You can't be mad forever, bella. You got to talk to me sometime!" I said. She turned back to the pancakes and turned off the oven. Setting the pancakes on the table and grabbing her some and walking to her room. I signed, "Will that went better than I thought." "What went better?" asked Charlie from the door. I signed. "Bells and I had a stupid fight yesturday and shes not talking to me anymore." I said turning to look at him. "Oh. She'll get over it sometime, Elle, don't worry" He said, walking over to the door. "I hope so," I said looking down, then I remembered I had to ask about Lisa. "Hey dad?" I asked. He turned around, knowing I got to him. "Can a friend of mine sleepover tonight? Please?" I asked. He smiled, "Sure, just don't mess up your room or anyother rooms in this house, I'm comming home late tonight again." He said. "Okay, thank you." I said hugging him. _____________________________ "Did you see Mr. Collins today, he was totally firting with us!" said Lisa. "Ewwww! I know! I think he tryed kissing me too. I said." "Yeah, I know. "So, are you and Bella still fighting? she asked, changing the topic. I signed a "yes." "That sucks, but remember what Alice and Rose said, she'll get over it." "I just hope so, cause it feels so weird fighting with her." "What do you mean?" asked Lisa. "We used to fight, but it only lasted at least one or two days. And scine we're in Forks, she could just decide to go to Florida with mom." I said. She frowned. "Lets just forget about Bella right now, okay. Lets watch another movie," Lisa told. During this movie, I got out my make up and some pretty dresses. It might be childish, but hey it's fun playing dress up! We laughed and tryed all different styles. Lisa even let me turn her into a punk rock princess! "Hey this is a pretty cute look," she said. "I think I might try this look sometime!" "Kewl!" I said smiling, knowing I got her hooked. After we watched The Notebook, which their was crying, laughter, and even more crying. My dad came home and went to bed right away, probably doesn't want to deal with girls on a sleepover. I wouldn't either if I was a dad. "Hey Lisa, lets go to Sunrise Park," I said, looking from the window. "Are you sure, that park is really scary at night and their could be people there smoking pot n' stuff," she said. "No worry, I will bring a flash light, my cell phone, and a bat." I said, smiling. "A bat?" she asked "A metal bat," I said with a smirk. We both giggled like that the ideits we are and got our jackets. When we got to park, no one was their. "Thank God!" Lisa said praying to the lord. I laughed. We were their for about an hour, when we seen someone by the bench, the other side though, across from us. Lisa was freakin out, quitely. I was too, but I was still calm. He started walking toward us, it reminded me of a horror movie. You know, the one that the teenage girls are at a park hanging out, and a drunkin', sicko rapes them and skins them alive. "Now what are two pretty girls doing here so late?" "Leave us alone please?" asked Lisa, starting to cry. I had some tears comming out too. He laughed evily, and pulled out a sharp knive. I had the bat behind me already, getting ready to attack. Lisa was behind me, but still next to me. "Why would I leave two girls alone, when some random guy could come and kill you?" he said smirking. He was 3 feet from my face, and brought the knive to my face. I was nerous, but I brought the bat up and knocked him to the ground. RUN! I yelled, picking up my flash light and started running behind Lisa. The guy already got up and ran to get us, he somehow caught up with us and got me. I scearmed, but told Lisa to keep running. She ran, but stoped and ran toward something or someone. Lisa and who ever it was ran toward me, while the guy was sitting ontop of me and cutting my arms and my face. The guy, which happen to be Edward Cullen, hell I didn't even care why he was here at night, at the right time too. He pushed the guy off me and started hitting and kicking him. After two minutes of that, he came to see if I was alright. "Hey, we should get out of here" he said, looking at me to make sure, I was alright. I nodded and ran with Lisa and Edward. We stopped outside my house. "You going to be okay, Elle?" He asked, looking at my cuts and the blood. He almost looked like he was in pain seeing me this way. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just have to put make up on, to hide the cuts from Charlie." I said, signing. "Why were you guys out there, at this time?" he asked. "We were bored and it was a beauitful night," I said "We didn't want to waste it," said Lisa. He frowned. Why were you there? asked Lisa. "Like you it's a beauitful night," he said calmly. We said good bye to Edward and went inside, falling alseep right away in my room. _____________________________ Bella's POV: Lisa and Elle went outside. I heard them talking about going to a park, at this time of night? And above all it's Sunrise Park. I might not be hear in the summers, but I know what happens in Sunrise park at night. I signed and grabbed my coat, flash night, and cell phone. I followed them. It was an hour, and all they were doing was talking and laughing. I wish I was Elle. Everyone likes Elle. She's perfect, even if she's emo. I signed, it might be stupid, but one of my dreams I was Elle and cool. Everyone talked to me, like I wasn't a nerd and Edward was my friend. I stoped breathing for a second, I thought I seen something moving and hells I was right, their was guy and he was staring at Lisa and Elle. I was about to run away and call Elle to get out of their when I was far away so he couldn't see me, but his eyes glared at the spot I'm in right now. I was scared and didn't know what to do, so I just stood their, like an ideit. I bet Elle would do something and be smart enough to get out of this. But no I'm not Elle, I'm not perfect! Man, I got to stop ripping on Elle in my head, it's not healthy. I was brought out of dream world when I heard Lisa and Elle screaming and running away from the guy. I ran to house, getting their before them. They should've been their before me though. They were closer and way faster at running then I was. I waited for 10 minutes and seen them with someone....EDWARD! I ran into the house hoping they didn't see me and went in my room. I was glad they were safe, but why does Edward get to save her! Why does Edward have to talk to her and be her friend. Why do I rip on her so much and why do I care that edward hangs out with her. I heard the door from the room next to mine close, Elle's room. I didn't heard anything, so I think they went to sleep. Good idea. I changed and went to sleep, only again thinking of being Elle and hanging out with Edward. Comment Please?

‹Kasey;Theonewhostoleyouroreo› says:   30 December 2008   837874  
i didnt read it to long lol.
TwistedxMind says :   30 December 2008   363787  
lmao xDD


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